American Women: What Is Your Problem with Romney?


I just heard on the news that support among women for Romney is down 35 points because they think Romney doesn’t understand the problems of women.  I have an opinion about that.

I am a Conservative, and damn proud to be one.  To be a Liberal means leaning toward Socialism.  I am a Disabled Veteran who loves this country unconditionally and would gladly serve my country again on the battlefield, if I were asked.

Make no mistake about this:  I am against needless abortion.  This is what I think about abortion:

Abortion is okay if a women is raped, a victim of incest or if the health of the mother is at risk.  I am against abortion for women who spread their legs willingly at every opportunity to have sex and gets pregnant, then decides to have the fetus ripped out so they can continue having unprotected sex.

Planned Parenthood is bullsh**.  It is just a vehicle for having fetuses ripped out at the will of women.

If women were not allowed to have abortions just because they had sex with some guy and got pregnant, perhaps women would use some method to prevent getting pregnant when they felt like spreading their legs so frequently.

When a woman gets pregnant, that fetus is a human fetus.  It is not a dog, a cat, an elephant, a fish, and so on and so on.  It is HUMAN!

To rip out a human fetus just because a woman finds one of her unprotected sexual encounters got her pregnant is, as far as I am concerned, nothing less than murder.

Millions and millions and millions of human fetuses, human embryos, have been ripped out and murdered by women who care less about their potential babies than their driving skills.

Why do you women want abortions?  Because you fornicated and got pregnant?  Because you cheated on your husbands?  Because you want to screw every man you meet at a bar, a party, at work?

If you want to have sex at every opportunity, use protection.  Think about the consequences.  Think about murdering the human fetus that is spawned inside you.  Think about murder.

Think about what you will tell God after you die and He asks you why you killed all those human embryos that He gave you.

Abortion is murder.  There is nothing wrong with Romney saying women should not have an abortion every damn time they get pregnant.  If you are old enough to get pregnant, you are old enough to accept the responsibilities that come with pregnancy and being a mother.

You teenage girls need chastity belts attached.  Over the past few decades, teenage girls, and even younger, have become loose and “easy”.  The morals of our nation have not only declined, they have fallen into a very deep pit; a pit so deep it may take centuries, if not forever, to climb back up to common decency.

If you women want to spread your legs for some lust-hungry man, use protection or face the consequences.  Don’t run to some abortion clinic asking them to kill the human fetus inside you.

Romney is decent and religious.  He is moral.  You women who have abortions just because you refused to take some steps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy are not moral.

You should be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourselves.  If you get pregnant because of the reasons I stated at the beginning of this post, then I have no problem with you getting an abortion.  But if you get an abortion because you are a slut or cheated on your husbands, suffer the consequences with your pregnancy and motherhood.  Or keep your legs closed.

Go find some morals.



About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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17 Responses to American Women: What Is Your Problem with Romney?

  1. bellytobabyandbeyond says:

    You’re free to your opinion definitely, but then so are all those women you so clearly despise. If you force a woman to have an unwanted child then shouldn’t the forcer be held responsible when she tries to have an abortion illegally or that child ends up a victim of abuse or neglect? Tout and praise adoption but since there are thousands of children who are in the system and never get adopted it doesn’t really seem like thats a working option either does it. Also, why are you only singling out females as loose and easy? Men are just as slutty and by not aknowledging it you’re exhibiting the very same attitude women find so repellent in the man you’re typing about. Men are just as to blame as women when a child is produced, yet YOU men seem to think only a woman should have to take precautions. Step up and be men and step off your high horse when as a MAN you have NO clue what is going through a woman’s mind when she is having or contimplating having an abortion.


    • thomlucci says:

      I agree men are as immoral as women, but nevertheless–women can insist on a condom or take a birth control pill. Or they can just stop spreading their legs so frequently, especially if they take no steps whatsoever to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

      The question remains: What are you going to say to God? If you are going to take the risk, suffer the consequences. If you know an abortion is not as easy to get as hairspray in a drugstore, perhaps women will take steps to prevent the pregnancy altogether, whether it be by protection or abstaining from loose sexual behavior.

      Yes, a man is just as responsible, HOWEVER–a woman can insist on a condom. No condom, no sex. Easy answer. If women were not as loose today, but tried to be more respectable/moral as in my generation or even before, there wouldn’t be this abortion issue. If people realized an abortion kills a HUMAN fetus, not a cow or giraffe, perhaps they might give a little more thought about getting pregnant in the first place.


      • bellytobabyandbeyond says:

        Except the bible states a baby Oscar not alive until they take their first breath… Now I’m not saying women should able to have one at any stage but doesn’t that sort of point to the fact that the bible has a more fluid view on human life the baby of the people using it to batter others with their opinion? So wouldn’t a woman who chooses to go through with one for whatever reason be mostly exempt from ‘Gods’ wrath then as well as taking the financial burden off tax payers as opposed to if they birthed the child and abandoned it?


      • thomlucci says:

        Did you intentionally ignore God (the Bible) also condemning fornication, adultery and behavior of a loose woman (or whore, if you prefer)? If women stopped spreading their legs at every opportunity that presents itself, perhaps we wouldn’t have this problem of millions of women seeking to rip out fetuses.

        Stop trying to justify the immoral behavior of women with paper-thin excuses. A fetus, even though it has not yet take a breath, is not dead. It is alive.

        The question STILL remains: How are you going to explain immoral behavior, adultery, fornication, and the repeated killing of fetuses to God? You better spend a GREAT deal of time coming up with a damn good answer.


      • Psalm 139:13-14

        13 For you created my inmost being;
        you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
        14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
        your works are wonderful,
        I know that full well.

        Jeremiah 1:5

        5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
        before you were born I set you apart;
        I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. ”


    • thomlucci says:

      I am blaming women for not insisting on a condom. I am blaming women for even allowing the issue of sex with a man. I am not absolving men. The issue in question here is not what a woman thinks about before an abortion. The issue is why did she even allow herself to be impregnated in the first place.


  2. I am a woman, I support Romney (although he was not my first choice), I am Pro Life, I will adopt a child without a home…I have and would again. The problem isn’t with the willingness of people to adopt, if the government wasn’t as involved in the adoption process, I believe it would be a lot simpler. If men and women would both value the act of sex and not see it as a game, there would be far less abortions to even debate.


  3. CitySnacks says:

    Your opinion, but not all women who get pregnant are sleeping around. I’m in a stable relationship, engaged actually, and on birth control, but I’m also making more money and a pregnancy could compromise my career. If I were to get pregnant, despite religiously using birth control, now I would abort to protect my career and the ability to properly and comfortably look after my family and any future children we may potentially have. Being ‘loose’ is not the only way women get pregnant.


    • thomlucci says:

      I found it ironic that you used the word “religiously” in your comment. If you were being in the least bit “religious”, you would not be fornicating in the first place, as it is, according to the Bible (which is God’s word, i.e., God speaking to us) a sin.

      Secondly, you have given money a place of more importance than human life, which I find morally appalling. If you wanted to be 99.9% sure of not getting pregnant you would insist your fiancee use a condom in addition to your use of birth control pills. If you wanted to be 100% sure of not getting pregnant, you would not have sex–period.

      If I put myself in your shoes, I still cannot be the kind of person you are. I would not be able to choose money over human life. If human life were AT LEAST as important as money is to you, you would find a way to make having a baby and a career work. Millions and millions of other women have been able to do that. Why can’t you? Or are you just not willing to even try? Is money more important to you than the baby you and your fiancee created? Shame on you.

      Your priorities are morally wrong. Until you get them right, delete the word “religious” and all its variations from your vocabulary.


      • CitySnacks says:

        I meant ‘religious’ as in I am very careful. You may want to check up on your colloquialisms. But, since you seem to want the information, I do not believe the slightest bit in the Christian god. I see the Bible as an interesting piece of literature showing the way of life and moral code for a nomadic peoples in ancient times, not as some bastion of truth and morality.

        I choose a good life over a potential life. We do use a condom, but I feel that a sexual relationship is important to the romantic relationship. I feel that is part of the reason abortion is a good thing- mistakes happen even when people are having sex responsibly.

        It’s not just money I’m choosing. As I’ve said, I’m choosing a good life for myself over a potential life. As a woman, a glass ceiling appears if a pregnancy is known to employers, because one can become a liability to the company. I’m choosing my CAREER over a potential life as well, because that is what I’ve worked sweat, blood, and tears into. My career and family are my life, I don’t feel the need to make room for anything else, especially something that could be a liability.

        Not only that, but there are genetic anomalies in my fiancee that could be passed on. It’s something we’ve decided on together, he and I. And it’s the loving decision for us. I feel that’s what matters.


      • thomlucci says:

        You might want to “check up” on writing clearly to avoid misunderstanding. If you are going to use colloquialisms, make it clear you are using them to prevent a misunderstanding.

        It is a very sad thing that you do not believe in God. It is particularly bad for you (as believed by those who regard the Bible as being the Word of God), because you have rejected God; rejected Christ. You’ve heard about Christ. You had the opportunity to accept Christ. Yet, you reject Him. It is particularly bad for you, because if you die without accepting the Christian God then realize you were sadly mistaken, it will be too late, and God/Christ will reject you. It is stated so in the Bible. I happen to believe the Bible is the Word of God, but then we are all entitled to our own opinions.

        “Abortion is a GOOD thing” ?? Every abortion? For any reason whatsoever? Being that you refuse God, I am not surprised that you have so little respect for human life. Just rip those little suckers out each time there is a mistake.

        All I can add to this is: I pray you find God someday; someday before you die; someday before Christ returns. May God bless you and have mercy on your soul.


      • CitySnacks says:

        If you didn’t understand the colloquialism from the context I really don’t even know how to respond. It was fairly obvious.

        I was raised Protestant, and by boyfriend and his family are very Catholic. I felt as if I had to ‘try’ and ‘pretend’ to believe in a God that I never connected with. Believing in myself, the people around me, and the incredible world I live in has left me more fulfilled than any religion ever has.

        I haven’t actually had to have an abortion, so I haven’t ripped ‘those little suckers out’, because I am careful. I am happy to have the option to, after being careful, have an abortion if I were to fall pregnant. I care about human life once it’s already here. I believe that if a woman wants an abortion for ANY reason (and yes, I believe that not wanting ones lifestyle to change is a valid reason) at ANY time she should be able to obtain one. Personally, I would have one as early as possible, but each woman has her own reasons. However, I also believe in viability. Remove the baby, but place it in the system if it’s alive. My problem is not with fetuses or babies, but with women being forced to incubate unwanted progeny.


      • thomlucci says:

        Honestly, I understood your use of “religiously”. I just found it ironic that you are not religious, but used that word instead of some synonym.

        I am not against a woman getting an abortion in the case of rape, incest, or if the health of the woman is at risk. I am against abortion for those women who are not as conscientious about getting pregnant as you profess to be. There are women who take no steps to prevent a pregnancy. There are women who spread their legs at almost every opportunity; when they are drunk, high on drugs, etc. They get pregnant and say something like, “Oh my God! I am pregnant. I don’t want a baby, so I’ll just go to Planned Parenthood (even though I didn’t even spend a microsecond planning about it) and have them rip the fetus out. That way I can continue screwing around.”

        Indiscriminate abortion is just plain wrong.

        Lastly, don’t you think it is hypocritical to not lead a moral life, yet you say you look at the Bible as being just a bit of literature that gives you a guide to living morally? I mean, why do you even BOTHER to read/refer to the Bible? It is easier to be bad than to be good. Therefore, it is easier on your conscience to reject God and the Bible and fornicate than to accept God, the Bible, and try living like the Bible says you should.

        It is easier to be bad than good. Living the kind of life your creator, our God tells you to live is not easy. To tell your fiance you do not wish to have sex anymore until you are married would be very difficult; even may drive your fiance away. But–you have a choice. with God or against God. Make your decision wisely.

        Now, I really don’t wish to continue this thread any further, as it serves no purpose for the blog. God bless.


  4. bellytobabyandbeyond says:

    Sorry I took a bit to reply again. It’s funny how you and a few other responders liek to quote the bible for your rebuttals and hold it up as the height or moral eptitude and yet unless you all follow it to the letter you’re no better then any other us immoral bloggers. So you eat fish or meat? DO you wear blended fabrics?
    And let me add a few Bible quotes into this mess.
    Exodus 21:12, for example, reads:
    Whoever strikes a person mortally shall be put to death. If it was not premeditated, but came about by an act of God, then I will appoint for you a place to which the killer may flee.
    But Exodus 21:22 reads:
    When people who are fighting injure a pregnant woman so that there is a miscarriage, and yet no further harm follows, the one responsible shall be fined what the woman’s husband demands, paying as much as the judges determine.
    Odd isn’t how killing a person outside of a woman’s body was punishable by death but the death of a fetus is only a fine. A clear difference in severity. The Bible is a constant back and forth on what’s ok vs not ok. There are many instances where the Bible is not pro-child or woman.
    Telling a woman to not have sex because they don’t want a child at the moment is the stupidest reply you could have come up with. Unless you have NEVER had sex for anything but procreation don’t use that as a rebuttal.


    • thomlucci says:

      I take offense to your misrepresentation of my comment and accusing me of making “the stupidest reply you could have come up with.” (BTW–tis bad English to end a sentence with a preposition.)

      About the Bible: People make many mistakes when they “use” the Bible to justify their misunderstanding of it. When Jesus arrived, much of the Old Testament was no longer valid. Not ALL of it, but much of it. For instance, animal sacrifices to God were no longer justified. Another mistake is taking a verse out of context.

      My statement, which you so rudely and offensively commented about, really meant if a man or woman wants to have sex just for the enjoyment of sex but don’t want to wind up with a human fetus as a result of unprotected sex, it is only morally and ethically responsible to take steps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. To be so irresponsible as to take no preventive steps, the choices are: have the baby. That’s it. To KILL a fetus because a couple screwed (lol–pun not intended) up is nothing less than murder.

      IF the couple does not want to use protection and are so callous as to choose to kill the fetus, then–abstain.

      Sex is, among humans only, an act of pleasure. Over the past two or three generations, immoral sex is rampant. People did not “shack up” in my parents’ generation. Oh, it happened, but not to the overwhelming degree that it happens today. People are less responsible, lacking morals, and place sex, be it moral or immoral, on the same level as greed, with God taking, at best, second place.

      Sex is no longer an act of love between a man and a woman. (I won’t even touch homosexual sex with a ten foot pole in this reply.) It is often meaningless, save for the satisfaction of the desires of flesh. It has been cheapened. It has lost its real meaning. It is as valuable as some trinket one finds in a drugstore.

      What is in the Old Testament is often repeated in other places in the Bible, but worded differently giving more than one interpretation of the initial verse. The only way one can get a reasonably accurate (if being accurate about anything in the Bible is possible) understanding of the verse in question is to find all other verses that speak about the same topic and contemplate the full meaning of the subject. Only those “scholars” who study the Bible in an institution of higher learning, i.e., a Seminary, really have a good grasp of the meaning of many passages in the Bible. Laymen, such as yourself and me, are not able to grasp the true/full meaning of God’s word in many places in the Bible.

      So, to quote the Bible to justify your point of view, or mine, can be and often is inaccurate/wrong.

      Two of my many convictions are 1) sex should be held to be more substantial than taking care of your being horny, and 2) understanding the possible consequences of sex, the people involved should be mature enough and responsible enough to deal with the consequences in a moral fashion–not by murdering a baby, which they created.

      My abhorrence of abortion is as deep in my soul as my bone marrow is in my skeleton. As I stated earlier, if a woman is raped, a victim of incest, or if the pregnancy is life-threatening to the expectant mother, abortion is acceptable. But to rip out a fetus because the mother just doesn’t want it and by having it removed she can continue her immoral behavior with every opportunity that is presented her is nothing short of murder. It is immoral and criminal.

      Now—I really do not care to discuss this matter further. I believe I have made myself quite clear about this subject.

      Have a good day.


    • You were the first one to use the Bible, I just gave specifics from the Bible that counteracted your statement. That one verse is used often in defense of abortion but it says nothing at all of a fetus not being alive…there are great assumptions because of the punishment given…the fine can be anything the husband deems…anything.

      Also, if you want to talk Bible…know the Bible…if you read it in its entirety you would know it is okay to eat fish and meat.

      Acts 10:11-16
      New International Version (NIV)
      11 He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. 12 It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles and birds. 13 Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.”

      14 “Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.”

      15 The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”

      I believe that if a woman or man is going to have sex they need to be prepared for the outcome. It is pure carelessness and selfishness to sacrifice the life of a baby at any stage for the pleasures of the flesh.

      Saying all that…I also have to say that I have no room to think myself better than anyone else. My sin is no less than even the worst offender, so therefore, as much I hate abortion, I would not hate the person who had the abortion.


      • thomlucci says:

        And who said anything about hating the person that had the abortion? Certainly not I.

        I never said I was ‘better’ than anyone else. We are all sinners, however, some sins are undeniably more egregious than others and finding excuses for them is more difficult than finding the Holy Grail.

        And stop searching Bible verses to post here in an attempt to sound ‘righteous’ and ‘well-informed’, because you are not.

        I doubt you have any concept whatsoever about the millions of people who are much better versed about the Bible than either you OR me, and also condemn abortion no less than me.



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