Nothing Is More Blind Than A Democrat

Even before Obama won his first presidential election, he was being accused of not being a U.S. citizen, of being a prevaricator, of being unqualified to be president, of being a Muslim, and other lesser known accusations.

Obama supporters angrily denied such suspicions as being Republican lies and attempts to disqualify Obama.

As each new accusation arose, Barack’s supporters argued again that the accusations were lies.

However, over the years, Obama, himself, scuttled his story and his supporters. It didn’t happen all at once, but during the first four years Obama tripped over himself and his story many times.

On election day 2008, Obama supporters were asked 12 identical questions to see how much they know about Obama, his campaign, and the government in general. Here is the video:

It is obvious from this video that Obama supporters were quite ignorant—and still are.

People who support Obama, including the extremely liberal Media (AKA Liberal Boot Lickers), deny Obama is a Muslim, but on several occasions he openly admitted he was, indeed, a Muslim.

Then there is this one:

So, just what is Barry Soetoro’s history, anyway? Who is Barry Soetoro? Why, Barack Obama, of course:

Ole Barry is as crooked as the Clintons. He is a fraud. He is not qualified to be president. He is a prevaricator. He is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution. He is a Muslim.

He is our enemy!

Muslim Brotherhood

Why would an enemy of Islam put so many Muslims in his Administration?

Barry Google it


Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, will go down in history as the biggest con job ever pulled on the American people, the most unqualified and corrupt, and dangerous man to ever hold an office in our government.

What you have read and seen above is the truth. But the blind Democrats and liberals will protest, because they are not mature enough to admit they were bamboozled, scammed, and wrong. They listened to the forked tongue of a deceiver, a liar, an enemy of freedom, and were made complete fools by him.

No wonder they turn their faces away. They refuse to accept their error and accept the shame for supporting such a despicable person.

The same was true of NAZI leaders. They refused to admit Hitler was evil. It took too much courage to plead guilty, and none of them had that courage.

Neither do the liberals and Democrats have that courage. They are blind, ignorant, cowards, traitors, and should be prosecuted for being such enormous fools.


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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