History cannot be changed. Once it’s done it’s done. It cannot be undone. If I throw a rock and break a window, the window can be replaced, but the breaking of it cannot be undone. It happened. You cannot “unhappen” it.

The same is true for the Civil War and any monuments, sites, and/or locations. Removing them, destroying them, defacing them is not going to change what happened. It happened. It cannot be “unhappened”.

It is part of our national history. If you do not like our national history then ignore it. Forget it. Move on. Look into the future instead of hating the past. Hating the past only perpetuates it. In other words, if you despise racism and hatred, keeping the past in front of you and dwelling on it only makes you a hateful, negative racist. Then the racism continues because you allow it to continue in your own self. You carry the sickness with you everywhere, hating people who had nothing to do with the past. You infect others with your hatred and racism. It “breeds”. It spreads. It is perpetuated by your own desire to perpetuate it.

Stop being a hateful, racist asshole by insisting remnants of the past be destroyed. You will never eradicate hatred and racism by knocking down a mountain. You can only eradicate such evil by snuffing it out in your heart.

Then you cannot spread it, it will not breed, and your heart will be light as the wind instead of heavy with hatred and evil.

Stop this insanity, black America. Your hatred of Caucasians will not change the past. It will only breed more hatred. Your quest has no end. It will continue forever—unless you put an end to it in your own heart, first.

Can you comprehend this? Are you intelligent enough to understand this message? Or is your hatred so vile, so possessing of your soul that it has slammed the doors shut to your mind?

Ask God—which road should I take? What do you think His answer will be? If you have no idea, pick up that Bible sitting on the table and look for an answer. The Bible is not just a Sunday book. It’s God’s word carrying a message to us for every day of our lives.

Remember: there will be a final judgment.

“Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord.

Not yours.

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Ignoring A Problem Won’t Fix It

Recently, I watched a segment on Sixty Minutes about race and racism. A man from the Middle East (Pakistan or Lebanon) came to the U.S. with his parents many years ago. After reaching adulthood, he opened a restaurant in New York City.

He mentioned he was the subject of some racism as he grew up and did not want it to be present in his establishment. He and his employees sat around in a semicircle and discussed how they would treat different customers of different races.

It was all so simplistic and simple-minded. The problem of racism/discrimination/bias goes much, much deeper than that.

Being that we are human and have human frailties and faults, the truth is—there always has been discrimination and there always will be.

It is valiant of people to consciously avoid being biased, but the real problem is ignored. It is like a bad word that no one will utter. The name of some ogre that will come eat you if you mention its name.

I am not going to tell you I have the solution, the answer to the problem of racism, but I will tell you some reasons why it not only exists and survives—it flourishes.

When people see how African-Americans destroy their neighborhoods like in Ferguson, as one example, it sends a message that African-Americans are inherently violent. When people see news reports of a large group of Blacks entering a convenience store and blatantly steal products while the majority of the group is there to cause chaos and cover for the thief/thieves it only sends a negative view of African-Americans as being thieves, troublemakers and just asking for an excuse to tear the place apart.

Those are just two examples of what is seen on television.

When was the last time you saw any other race do the same? Caucasians? Hispanics? Asians? Middle Easterns? American Indians? I don’t recall ever seeing any race but Blacks commit such despicable crimes.

Why, then, do people wonder why Caucasians, especially, become apprehensive, even terrified when they see African-Americans walking down a street in a group? They may be perfectly fine, law-abiding citizens, but there is no sign hanging around their necks saying, “We are perfectly fine, law-abiding citizens.”

The Black community as a whole is hurting themselves, their image, but are incapable of standing off to the side and taking notice of their behavior.

A good example would be an uncle who likes to jump out and scare his nephew every time the nephew visits. Naturally, when the nephew visits he is going to be apprehensive, expecting his uncle to jump out and scare his pants off. It’s a conditioning created by previous actions.

So, when Blacks sell drugs, rob stores, riot, burn, pillage, murder, steal cars, rape, assault, and hang around in groups (maybe for protection because they are too scared to wander alone) it is perfectly normal for non-blacks to be concerned for their safety. It is conditioning and a normal human state of mind.

Then, I have formed the opinion Blacks are far, far more racist than any Caucasian, Hispanic, or any other race I’ve ever encountered. The hatred in the hearts of African-Americans is so deep, so evil, it is eating them alive from within. And they either do not realize it or they feed on it.

Sitting around in a semicircle of wait staff discussing how they would treat customers of different races is going to do absolutely nothing to eradicate race hatred.

The problem is much, much deeper and ignoring the problem is not going to fix it. This little article of mine is just scratching the surface of a hardened steel problem. I haven’t even begun to get into the nitty-gritty of the race problem.

Kudos to those who strive to remain unbiased, who do not judge by color, race, religion, creed, nationality and a host of other categories. Kudos.

But the problem remains and will never die—until an entire race takes notice of their image and takes strides to improve it.

Do nothing and nothing will change.

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What Do You African-Americans Expect?

I just watched 60 Minutes tonight on CBS. There was an episode where a black man was shot by police because the police were in fear for their lives.

Then some black dude criticized non-blacks for being afraid of “a black man walking around at night”. Really?

It is YOUR fault, African-Americans, blacks, people of color, whatever you choose to call yourselves at the moment.

Why is it your fault?

If your black males stopped burglarizing, raping, robbing, carjacking, murdering, stealing, and other crimes, perhaps we wouldn’t be afraid of seeing “a black man walking around at night”.

It is a matter of self-preservation, of fear, of what can be expected. Since you African-Americans cop such attitudes toward those in authority and toward non-blacks, you create in others a fear of you.

You blacks riot at the drop of a hat, and not peaceful riots. You burn, loot, destroy property, attack any non-black that comes near, including police and private citizens. You riot when it is obvious the “black victim” is guilty.

You USE your color, and that is despicable. You carry a race card around in your pocket. You know all you have to do is scream, “DISCRIMINATION!” and people will rush to your aid giving you anything you want just to appease you.

If you don’t get what you want you can get it by screaming, “RACISM! DISCRIMINATION! RACIAL BIAS!” You pull out your race card and wave it in the face of non-blacks.

You consume crack like it was corn flakes. You consume marijuana and Heroin like they were aspirin.

You embrace a deep hatred for Caucasians. You say you want to end racism, but it will never end until you get rid of it from your own hearts. Do you expect everyone to put an end to their prejudice while you continue to embrace your own?

The worst racists ARE the African-Americans. Even your “celebrities” utter deeply racist comments and go unpunished, but, by God, if a Caucasian were to utter the same racist comment(s) you demand they be tarred, feathered, and hung by their testacles until dead.

Even Oprah Winfrey is a hateful racist. She said [paraphrasing] she wished this entire generation of whites would just die. Racist, ungrateful bitch.

Dual standard? You’re damn right it is.

Get your hateful, violent, racist, felonious children in line at school. Start teaching your rug rats respect for everyone. No more stealing. No more raping. No more murdering. No more robbing. No more crack. No more racist, violent, hateful acts committed against innocent people

Once people in general, society, sees your males behaving much better, there will be less fear of them.

If you do not like being a target, do make yourselves a target.

You were born in a civilized country, but you remain violent, hateful, uneducated. You act like you were born and raised in a damn jungle.

And let me make one point very clear: we, in no way, can be held responsible for actions taken by people who lived long before us.  So, blaming people today for slavery more than 150 years ago just proves you are ignorant and a hateful group of racists.

My family, both paternal and maternal, weren’t even in the U.S. until the early 1900’s. So, it is absolutely , 100% impossible for us to have anything to do with slavery.

Dr. Martin Luther King did much for your race, and if he could see your race today, I am certain he woulld be deeply ashamed.

You have disgraced his memory.


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Maybe Someone Said This:

This is a corrected version of a post previous to this one. This pictures were, apparently, too small to be seen by some visitors. So, these should be large enough.









Just some photos I came across and added my thoughts on what might have been said.

archie bunker.gif

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