History cannot be changed. Once it’s done it’s done. It cannot be undone. If I throw a rock and break a window, the window can be replaced, but the breaking of it cannot be undone. It happened. You cannot “unhappen” it.

The same is true for the Civil War and any monuments, sites, and/or locations. Removing them, destroying them, defacing them is not going to change what happened. It happened. It cannot be “unhappened”.

It is part of our national history. If you do not like our national history then ignore it. Forget it. Move on. Look into the future instead of hating the past. Hating the past only perpetuates it. In other words, if you despise racism and hatred, keeping the past in front of you and dwelling on it only makes you a hateful, negative racist. Then the racism continues, because you allow it to continue in your own self. You carry the sickness with you everywhere, hating people who had nothing to do with the past. You infect others with your hatred and racism. It “breeds”. It spreads. It is perpetuated by your own desire to perpetuate it.

Stop being a hateful, racist asshole by insisting remnants of the past be destroyed. You will never eradicate hatred and racism by knocking down a mountain. You can only eradicate such evil by snuffing it out in your heart.

Then you cannot spread it, it will not breed, and your heart will be light as the wind instead of heavy with hatred and evil.

Stop this insanity, black America. Your hatred of Caucasians will not change the past. It will only breed more hatred. Your quest has no end. It will continue forever—unless you put an end to it in your own heart, first.

Can you comprehend this? Are you intelligent enough to understand this message? Or is your hatred so vile, so possessing of your soul that it has slammed the doors shut to your mind?

Ask God—which road should I take. What do you think His answer will be? If you have no idea, pick up that Bible sitting on the table and look for an answer. The Bible is not just a Sunday book. It’s God’s word carrying a message to us for every day of our lives.

Remember: there will be a final judgement.

“Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord.

Not yours.

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At Your Fingertips


You have at your fingertips the knowledge of the entire world. The only effort you have to put forth are some muscle spasms in your fingers and an arm movement to use your computer mouse.

It has never been easier in all of human history to do research, to learn, to discover, to educate yourself. Ironically, the past couple of generations, including the present one (those in high school and college) are so much dumber than the generations who preceded them.

I am a baby boomer. In my time, I had to do research by going to the library, which meant I had to get my parents to drive me to one and pick me up later. My parents purchased encyclopedias and paid for a newspaper subscription. I had to watch the TV news and documentaries. My generation put so much more effort into our education than today’s students put in for theirs.

Which makes it so ironic that students today are less knowledgeable than my generation. I wish it was this easy to do my schoolwork and research in my time. Everything I ever needed to know is just a few keystrokes away. So pathetically easy!

Additionally, we had to write our term papers on typewriters. We had to use rulers to get the margins right. We could not erase, because it permanently scarred the paper. If we made a mistake near the end of a page, we had to rip the paper out and start all over again.

The typeface had to be clean. We had to use a new ribbon. No smudges allowed. It was much more difficult to do our written homework and term papers than kids face today. We also had to have a dictionary at hand, because there was no such thing as a spell checker.

With all that in mind, it is outrageously appalling that I find people today to be so ignorant of their native language, their country’s history, the way the government works, politicians, mathematics, science, and just about every other subject you can imagine.

The knowledge of the entire world is literally at your fingertips requiring the least effort anyone in history ever put forth.

This brings me to the real reason I am writing this post: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have been actively involved in dozens of scandals, conspiracies, and illegal acts. All their devious behavior is available on the Internet, because people put forth an effort to educate the world about them.

Copy of Hillary history

16 Most Notorious Hillary Clinton Scandals

Yet, unbelievably, Hillary supporters deny the acts of the Clintons and scoff at those who speak/write of their dishonorable history. Instead of taking some time to find out for themselves, they prefer to troll Facebook making completely ignorant comments, insulting those who know more than her supporters. They insult those who oppose Hillary. In so doing, they are affirming to everyone just how stupid and ignorant they are.

They are lazy. They get handed a high school diploma not because they actually earned one, but because school funding depends on receiving government subsidies, and if the schools do not graduate a set number of students, the school is considered to be doing a substandard job at education, and the funding stops.

Hence—ignorant students going on to college where they can tell you about all the games they play on their iPhones, computers, X-boxes, what celebrity is having an affair with what other celebrity, how funny they thought the previous night’s sitcom was, but—they cannot tell you who won the Civil War, who the Secretary of Defense is, or on which side of the Mississippi Louisiana can be found.


If you, reader, support Hillary Clinton you need to 1) finish reading this, if you can stand the admonishment, 2) close WordPress, and 3) take some time to look up information about Hillary, Bill, and the Democratic Party.

During the 2012 Democratic Party convention, the Democrats booed God. THEY BOOED GOD! Don’t believe it? I saw it happen. It’s on the Internet.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed and when the Constitution was ratified, there was no such thing as the Democratic Party. It came along later.

Tomb 2

Now, is that a prophecy or not?

Tomb 1

Notice date of death.


All I am trying to put forth is some inspiration to go to the polling place educated. Do not be an ignorant voter. Do not make the wrong choice merely because you were too lazy to learn the truth about your candidate.

By now, those of you who are still refusing to accept the truth and prefer to spew forth vulgar insults toward those who oppose Hillary, you assume I am a Trump supporter.

You could not be more wrong.

I became of voting age in 1966. In all those years since, I have never seen such a sorry selection of presidential candidates. Hillary and Donald are the best the country can come up with ? These are the choices of the American people? My God, the populace is more pathetic than I ever imagined.

I have a Constitutional right to vote, but I look at it more as a privilege. I served my country. I am a Disabled Veteran. I gave something back to my country and proudly, because my country gave me so much for which I am thankful. Also, millions of Americans who came before me give their all, even their lives, to ensure I had the freedom I enjoy today. They did not know me, but they had a love for country and freedom. They fought, and millions died, to preserve this great United States.

So, when Election Day arrives, yes, I will be voting, but if you comprehend this—I will not be voting FOR Donald. I will be voting AGAINST Hillary.

It will be a vote for the lesser of two evils.

I never joined any political party. I always voted for whom I thought would be best for the nation, whether Democrat or Republican.

However, because of my background, my service to the nation, I must say I am definitely a Conservative. Not a bleeding heart Liberal. But if the Democratic Party has a better candidate, I will vote Democratic. In this case, both candidates suck, but if one of those two must be in the White House, I’d much rather have it be Trump than that scandalous skag Hillary.

Now—go do those other two things: close WordPress and do some research on Hillary.

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Remembering Cassius Clay

Muhammad Ali fight

Muhammad Ali intro

by David Remnick, New Yorker Magazine


I remember Cassius Clay. I saw him fight on TV when I was in military service, and disliked him for avoiding the draft. Although I disliked him, I enjoyed watching him fight.

I had planned to write something about the man, but I found an article written by David Remnick of the New Yorker that would make anything I might write look like a first grader just learning to write the alphabet. If you would like to read it, here is the link:


He was a good man. I will miss him.

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Be Afraid, My Fellow Americans!

Be VERY afraid!

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election, she will be “gunning” for you!

Copy of Hillary history

Watch this:

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She has the contacts, the resources, the files on us all, and she can/will do more damage to you and our nation than Barry Soetoro (who calls himself Barack Obama) has done, and ten times over!
If you laugh at this, I promise you will not be laughing later. People scoffed when Obama was predicted to be a bad president. People are no longer scoffing at that accusation.
WATCH the video.
Copy of Hillary history
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