And the Trend Continues

Instead of trying to sound like some professional journalist or blogger, I’ve decided to just be down-to-Earth and “talk” to you as if we were at the breakfast table having a little chat over coffee—or tea, if you prefer.

What trend? Well, ole Hillary, of course.

She is one woman who just can’t escape controversy, conspiracies, and not-quite-honest behavior. Almost every day, every week, at least, we hear about either a new scandal she’s involved with or more information about scandals already reported.

There is no way feasible, no possible way, I could ever trust this woman to hold a public office, especially the presidency!

It seems her life, both personal and pubic, cannot escape some sort of controversy, some scandal, some conspiracy.

She cannot stop lying, either. Remember how she stated (was it 2010 or 2012?) she and her husband were flat broke? Then we find out she is receiving literally thousands of dollars for appearing as the featured speaker at some events.

Another lie.

Then there was the Whitewater scandal.

Then there was the Benghazi scandal.

Then there was the email scandal.

Then there was the political contribution scandal.

How is it possible for anyone in their right mind to want her to be the country’s supreme leader?

She cannot be trusted!  She is the epitome of political corruption.

Now, after all these scandals, controversies, and conspiracies she’s been connected to over the years going back as far as when her hubbie was the governor of Arkansas, do you really think she is going to “turn a page”, to change her behavior if she is elected president?

If you think she will change or she is a good candidate for president—you are a moron.

This woman  is bad news, really bad news. Obama has already screwed up this nation almost irreversibly since 2008. Putting her in office will finally be the end of the U.S.A. as we, who are referred to as baby boomers, know it and wish it was again.

The disgust, the disdain, the total revulsion I have for her is only surpassed by the same feelings I have for Barry Soetoro, who calls himself Barack Obama.

They are both enemies of our country. They are domestic enemies, because they have no intention of helping this country restore its self-respect, pride, and global standing. Their agenda is to bring this nation down and closer to Socialism, perhaps even as extreme as Communism.

(Now, I am going to imagine I’m at the breakfast table.) She is a total bitch.

Thanks for the coffee. Have a nice day. See you next time.

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We’re On the Down Side

There was a time when this country was strong, proud, patriotic, hopeful, respected, and even feared.

There WAS a time. Past tense. I remember the fifties. I grew up in the fifties. I remember clean TV. I remember children minding their manners, as taught by their parents. I remember the “good times”, but people older than me, the generation before mine, can remember even better times.

Our nation is not what it used to be, obviously. I’ve taken some time to reflect on that and came up with some milestones that changed or foretold change in our nation.

It started, I believe, during the Vietnam war. Police action, really. Never really was a war. That was when the liberals, the Democrats, the unpatriotic started to change things, and the change was allowed, because “the silent majority” remained silent.

Then came cell phones and the Internet. The Internet has been as devastating to our way of life as were the Huns who took action against the Roman Empire. There is so much disrespect nowadays. So much vulgarity. So much really crappy parenting.

This is not a civilized nation any longer. It is a nation of vulgar, disrespectful, lawless teens and young folks. There is so much vulgarity on television. So many moronic programs.

Girls did not speak with toilet mouths when I was going to school. Even boys were not vulgar in large numbers. Oh, yes, there were the ignorant bullies who had more muscle than brain, but they were the minority. The worst that could happen to you after school is you get into a fist fight. You didn’t worry about some jackass coming to school and shooting people. You didn’t see students assaulting teachers. You didn’t have any experience with some moron selling drugs in school.

The entire nation has descended practically into total chaos, pandemonium, depravity, murdering fetuses, queers marrying other queers and given the same rights as a man married to a woman. [The very reason God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.]

We never had a president who acted like a dictator and gave the middle finger to the rest of the nation while enacting Executive Orders left and right. We never had a president who traveled  the world apologizing for our nation. We never had a president who was a blatant, unashamed racist. We never had a First Lady {LADY?} spend so much of our nation’s tax money on herself while she took sixteen [yes, SIXTEEN] vacations during the president’s first term in office.

We never had a president who was surrounded by so much controversy regarding his birth, his pot smoking activities, his Socialistic preferences, his sexual preferences, his racist views, and who spends as much time out of the office hitting a small white ball around with a stick.

This nation has sunk into depravity, egregious sin, disrespect, lawlessness, vulgarity, and a total lack of appreciation for the nation and its flag.

I can see it, but people born after 1960 probably do not, because they never lived in better times as I did and millions of other citizens who grew up during or before the fifties.

Ever hear of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”? You are witnessing “The Rise and Fall of the United States”.

I would like to live a long life, but I don’t want to be here for any of the following:

  • a race war
  • a nuclear war
  • invasion by another country
  • the take over of the U.S.A. by Muslims/Islam
  • a population majority of homosexuals
  • a population majority of illegal immigrants
  • a totalitarian government
  • a dictatorship
  • or when God has had enough and decides to punish us for our iniquities

I’d rather die before any of those things happen. I never want to see any of those things listed above actually happen.

This post was inspired by the riots in Baltimore, abortion, giving Social Security to illegal immigrants, allowing homosexual marriages, the impact Islam has had on our nation, the FACT that our “president” is himself a Muslim.

This is all so very depressing. If you are not as despondent, but actually can dredge up some positive hope for better “times”—I commend you.

I’ve seen this nation slide into a dark, sinful pit. I don’t see any hope of it rising up again. I’ve seen how females/women/girls have developed mouths as dirty as an unclean toilet. When I was growing up, girls who talked like that were called “sluts”. Guys avoided talking dirty in the presence of girls.

Guys did not have surgeries to become a woman. Women did not have surgeries to become a man, or cut their hair and dress as if they were a man. Children were not identified as being “transgender” or little boys by birth, but little girls psychologically. And vice versa.

The military did not make concessions for homosexuals. Today, I would be quite afraid to be in a barracks with guys who are openly homosexuals. Or on the battlefield, fearing they will run away like little girls screaming for their mommies.

This is a very sick nation. I mean really a sick nation. There is depravity everywhere, and it won’t be long before God becomes totally fed up with us and does to us what he did to those two ancient Biblical cities.

This site is my opportunity to get things off my chest instead of keeping it all inside to fester.

I can only hope, pray, life is like a pendulum and the pendulum has almost reached its maximum swing toward Satan and sin, and when it does reach that point I hope and pray it begins to swing back toward respect, patriotism, righteousness, and become once again the very great nation it once was, the way I remember it was.

I am almost—almost, but not quite—ashamed to be a U.S. citizen. In one hundred years, this will just be another Hispanic country. The national language will be Spanish. Hamburger joints will be replaced by taco joints serving refried beans and manudo.

It’s happening right now, right in your face. The Hispanics, especially Mexicans, reproduce like cockroaches. I was married to a Mexican national for a while, and wow—they are really messed up in their thinking.

Question: what other race hangs an object in the air and gives a child a stick to beat the Hell out of it, promising they will be rewarded if they bust it open? Is that not a subconscious message that it is okay to beat the shit out of people and animals?

Hispanics are culturally violent. They are bellicose by nature. I’ve seen how one city USED to be a safe place to visit, to tour, to enjoy an evening with a date, but now, after the population became more than 65% Hispanic, became a very dangerous place to live.

Yes, I am very depressed, very despondent, and have lost all hope of our nation becoming once again the great nation it once was. And I blame immigrants for the changes, as well as liberals, Democrats, Socialists, Muslims, homosexuals, lesbians, racists, sexual deviants, atheists, and really piss poor parenting.

Dear God, listen, please. I want to live a long life, but before you destroy this nation, before this nation suffers a catastrophe sparked by Satan’s followers—please take me. I don’t want my heart to break watching my country become a wasteland, a haven for the unjust, sinful, and those who have turned their backs on you. I’d rather die and my soul arrive in your Paradise.

May God have mercy on us all.

God bless America—the way it USED to be.

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A Change Is Coming

This blog gets many hits from all over the world. I’m sure it’s somewhat informative for those in countries other than the U.S. However—

—almost no one takes the time to comment or “like” a post.

WEEKS go by before anyone bothers to make a comment. So, how am I supposed to know if:

  • you agree or disagree?
  • you like or dislike a post?
  • you have any suggestions or criticisms?

So, I often feel like I am just wasting my time.

I read other blogs about current events, and many try to be “poetic” or use twenty-five dollar words and expressions in order to impress.

My blog is not meant to be that way. I write in a down-to-Earth method. I express my opinions, feelings, principles, ethics, and bias for all to take in. I unashamedly speak what I believe to be the truth. Sometimes I’m called out for that, corrected, even chastised. But hey—I’m not trying to PLEASE the reader. I am just being honest. Take it or leave it.

So, since it seems no one wants to comment, I am going to change what I write about and how I write it.

I am not going to close this blog, because then all the previous posts I’ve written would be lost for good.

I am just going to change starting this weekend. Hopefully, you readers will take a moment to “like” or comment.

Even though I may not continue to write about current events, those of you who have read most of my posts should know the following:

  • I despise the Obamas
  • I despise Biden
  • I TRULY despise ole Hillary
  • I am 100% against ILLEGAL immigration.
  • I am 100% against terrorism
  • I am 100% against homosexuality
  • I am 100% against Muslims trying to take over my country
  • I am 100% against Islam
  • I am 100% against people who are hateful racists, like blacks who claim blacks cannot be racists, and whites who hate blacks just because of their skin color. The same goes for blacks who hate whites for no other reason than skin color.
  • I am 100% against blacks pulling the race card

I am against other things, too, which may make you think I am against everything, but that is just not true.

ILLEGAL immigration is a crime, and criminals should not be rewarded. My German ancestors came to the U.S. in the 1870’s, and my Italian ancestors came to the U.S. before 1910. They were immigrants, but they immigrated LEGALLY.

With that information immediately above, it is nothing more than pure racist hatred to blame me for slavery back in the first half of the 1800’s. My family wasn’t even IN the country back then, so don’t be a racist ass by blaming me for what happened 150 years before I was born. Morons.

I also believe blacks whine and bitch and pull the race card if they don’t get what they want, so they decide to say, “I’m a victim of prejudice.”

I’m also against the riots committed by blacks, the arson, the looting, the robbing, and so on.

If you want to be a violent and ignorant savage, go back to Africa. There are peaceful ways to protest, and those peaceful ways are both provided for and protected by the Constitution. If you want to be a hateful, violent, racist mob, do it in Africa, and piss off the lions and rhinos, not law-abiding U.S. citizens.

I am a Disabled American Veteran who served my country once and would serve it again if asked. . .if allowed. I am a patriot. I thank God, other patriots, our military, and our ancestors for giving us the freedoms we have in this country.

If the chance presents itself, I will beat the Hell out of anyone disrespecting the flag of our nation. If you don’t like it here, there is no anchor tied to your ass. Leave.

Or—make changes the legal and proper way.

I could go on, but I think you have a pretty good idea of what kind of person I am.

Again, since I cannot inspire anyone to comment, I am going to change what I write about and how I write about it.

Oh, a couple of other things: I have no patience for stupidity or U.S. citizens who were born here, raised here, graduated from high school here, yet are really ignorant of their native tongue.

If you have a high school diploma, there is no excuse for writing:

  • your instead of you’re
  • to instead of too
  • loose instead of lose
  • and so on

If you don’t know the difference, where did you GET that diploma? From a box of Wheaties?

Have a good day.

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