History cannot be changed. Once it’s done it’s done. It cannot be undone. If I throw a rock and break a window, the window can be replaced, but the breaking of it cannot be undone. It happened. You cannot “unhappen” it.

The same is true for the Civil War and any monuments, sites, and/or locations. Removing them, destroying them, defacing them is not going to change what happened. It happened. It cannot be “unhappened”.

It is part of our national history. If you do not like our national history then ignore it. Forget it. Move on. Look into the future instead of hating the past. Hating the past only perpetuates it. In other words, if you despise racism and hatred, keeping the past in front of you and dwelling on it only makes you a hateful, negative racist. Then the racism continues, because you allow it to continue in your own self. You carry the sickness with you everywhere, hating people who had nothing to do with the past. You infect others with your hatred and racism. It “breeds”. It spreads. It is perpetuated by your own desire to perpetuate it.

Stop being a hateful, racist asshole by insisting remnants of the past be destroyed. You will never eradicate hatred and racism by knocking down a mountain. You can only eradicate such evil by snuffing it out in your heart.

Then you cannot spread it, it will not breed, and your heart will be light as the wind instead of heavy with hatred and evil.

Stop this insanity, black America. Your hatred of Caucasians will not change the past. It will only breed more hatred. Your quest has no end. It will continue forever—unless you put an end to it in your own heart, first.

Can you comprehend this? Are you intelligent enough to understand this message? Or is your hatred so vile, so possessing of your soul that it has slammed the doors shut to your mind?

Ask God—which road should I take. What do you think His answer will be? If you have no idea, pick up that Bible sitting on the table and look for an answer. The Bible is not just a Sunday book. It’s God’s word carrying a message to us for every day of our lives.

Remember: there will be a final judgement.

“Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord.

Not yours.

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Are You A U.S. Citizen? An American?


You live in a country which has more freedoms and liberties than any other country on this planet. Those freedoms and liberties, privileges, and rights were not scattered about the land waiting for the Pilgrims to pick up and use. Those freedoms were bought. Money did not buy them. Shiny metal objects did not buy them. They were bought with the lives of U.S. citizens, pioneers and settlers who fought to gain freedom and escape the dominance of England. Much blood was spilled, many lives lost so that you today can benefit for what they fought and died for.

Revolutionary Soldier

There are many graves more than 200 years old filled with the remains of those people who fought for you, died for you—and all you were to them was a dream.

We are in the process of choosing the next person to be the leader of our country. The next person can and will change many things, and most of those changes will affect you, your job, your family, and your way of life in some way.

If you have no interest in this upcoming presidential election or the candidates—you do not deserve to have the right to vote. People died for you to have the right to vote. They gave their lives. The LEAST you can do for those people is to take an interest in who will be the next president and get yourself to the polling place to cast your vote.

It is pathetic to see how many young Americans are so ignorant of our nation, our history, of who is who and who does what in our government. Such apathy and ignorance is a great shame and those of whom I write about should be ashamed of themselves.

Do you see thousands of people sneaking into China? Russia? North Korea? Syria? Iran? Do you get my point here?

Why do thousands upon thousands of people sneak into OUR nation? Because it is a very great nation, one of which you should be proud.


You have rights AND you have responsibilities. Freedom is NOT free. People/governments don’t just come up to you and say, “You are free. Freedom is yours. Take it.”


Obama 14

These “arrogant” heroes liberated Europe. They died in and for foreign countries, and I wonder how many of those countries still remember that.

Two world wars were fought for freedom.


The Korean war was fought for freedom. Vietnam was fought for the freedom of South Vietnam.


US Flag Waving

God bless the United States of America.

Confederate Battle Flag





The Civil War was fought for freedom. Again, thousands upon thousands died for freedom. Now, you have your freedoms. One is the freedom to vote.




Do not insult those who died for you and your freedoms by not voting.  mousemad


Take an interest in this presidential race, and vote. Do not be an apathetic disgrace. You are an American. Act like one.


A proud American & Disabled Veteran

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Hillary’s 22 Biggest Scandals Ever


22 Scandals

Here is an appetizer:

  • Using the IRS and FBI to target political opponents.
  • Attempts to loot taxpayer-funded items from the White House.
  • Travelgate
  • Chinagate
  • Filegate
  • Pardongate
  • Emailgate
  • Benghazi

Click on the link above to read about them all.

Do you REALLY want that lying bitch Hillary to be your next president? REALLY?


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Clintons Trashed the White House & Staff

Wow, there is some juicy information below about the Clintons.



Throwing lamps, calling Secret Service agents “pigs”, screaming loudly at each other, extremely vulgar language. It’s an eye opening expose of:

The Secret Lives of Hillary and Bill in the White House


The world is at your fingertips. Using your computer, you can find just about everything about anything—if you only made the effort to do so. Here is a magazine article about the Clintons in the White House. For those of you who plan to vote for Hillary, I hope this changes your minds.

An intimate look into the private lives of Bill and Hillary during the Monica Lewinski scandal and the impeachment proceedings.

Click on the link above and read all the dirty secrets “they don’t want you to know.”




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