History cannot be changed. Once it’s done it’s done. It cannot be undone. If I throw a rock and break a window, the window can be replaced, but the breaking of it cannot be undone. It happened. You cannot “unhappen” it.

The same is true for the Civil War and any monuments, sites, and/or locations. Removing them, destroying them, defacing them is not going to change what happened. It happened. It cannot be “unhappened”.

It is part of our national history. If you do not like our national history then ignore it. Forget it. Move on. Look into the future instead of hating the past. Hating the past only perpetuates it. In other words, if you despise racism and hatred, keeping the past in front of you and dwelling on it only makes you a hateful, negative racist. Then the racism continues, because you allow it to continue in your own self. You carry the sickness with you everywhere, hating people who had nothing to do with the past. You infect others with your hatred and racism. It “breeds”. It spreads. It is perpetuated by your own desire to perpetuate it.

Stop being a hateful, racist asshole by insisting remnants of the past be destroyed. You will never eradicate hatred and racism by knocking down a mountain. You can only eradicate such evil by snuffing it out in your heart.

Then you cannot spread it, it will not breed, and your heart will be light as the wind instead of heavy with hatred and evil.

Stop this insanity, black America. Your hatred of Caucasians will not change the past. It will only breed more hatred. Your quest has no end. It will continue forever—unless you put an end to it in your own heart, first.

Can you comprehend this? Are you intelligent enough to understand this message? Or is your hatred so vile, so possessing of your soul that it has slammed the doors shut to your mind?

Ask God—which road should I take. What do you think His answer will be? If you have no idea, pick up that Bible sitting on the table and look for an answer. The Bible is not just a Sunday book. It’s God’s word carrying a message to us for every day of our lives.

Remember: there will be a final judgement.

“Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord.

Not yours.

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Be Afraid, My Fellow Americans!

Be VERY afraid!

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election, she will be “gunning” for you!

Copy of Hillary history

Watch this:

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She has the contacts, the resources, the files on us all, and she can/will do more damage to you and our nation than Barry Soetoro (who calls himself Barack Obama) has done, and ten times over!
If you laugh at this, I promise you will not be laughing later. People scoffed when Obama was predicted to be a bad president. People are no longer scoffing at that accusation.
WATCH the video.
Copy of Hillary history
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The Clinton Murders

I just watched a nearly two hour documentary on the incredibly corrupt story of the Clintons. It is beyond belief just how corrupt and guilty they are of conspiracies, murders, scandals, cover-ups, bribery, business dealings with the Chinese government, Chinese criminal organizations, prostitutes, political/character assassinations, and on and on.

However, every time I try to post the video here I get a message saying the video does not exist, but it does! I just watched it. The URL is:


but put the “https://www” before the dot in front of “youtube.com”. This appears to be the only way I can direct you to this video.

If you can get to it (I did, and have it in my “watch later” list), you will be absolutely blown away, totally shocked, in disbelief that these Clintons are still not behind bars in a maximum security prison.

There is no way in Hell, on Earth, or in Heaven the bitch known as Hillary Clinton should be president of the United States.

On the other hand, neither should Donald Trump be president. That leaves Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Now, you might not like either of them, but once you watch this video about all the murders linked to the Clintons, you will agree Bernie and Ted are better choices than Hillary and Donald.

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Just How Much (or little) Do You Know about Hillary Clinton?

I would gamble a guess that more than 50% of voters who support Hillary Clinton are completely ignorant of her record as a politician and, less illustrious, her performance as an attorney.

For instance, did you know as an attorney she was fired  for ethics violations? No? Then I suggest you take a little time and get yourself properly informed about her before you make a stupid mistake by voting for her.

Copy of Hillary history

Here: I did the research. All you have to do is read.



TEN scandals you may have forgotten about or never knew:


Alexis Isabel Moncada

Alexis Isabel Moncada, the 17-year-old founder of Feminist Culture, a popular blog, was not old enough to remember the 1990s, but lately she and her thousands of young female readers have heard a lot about the scandals.



Rotating Chain

There are many more links to all the crap surrounding the Clintons, but the two I’ve given you will give you plenty to think about.

Vote for Hillary only if you want to permanently alter the Constitution and lose the United States and our freedoms as we know them now.

Don’t be an uninformed voter and make a horrible and deeply regrettable mistake. Vote for ANYONE but NOT Hillary! She’s a liar, cannot be trusted, and she’ll tell you anything just to get elected. . .then screw you later.

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