Thank You for All Your Donations

The response has been enlightening.

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Jonesy Needs Some Surgery

Hi, all. First, I want to apologize for this self-promotion, but my cat, Jonesy, needs some medical care, and it’s going to cost more than I can possibly afford.

Jonesy, born Easter Sunday morning in 2005.

Jonesy, born Easter Sunday morning in 2005.

The vet told me Jonesy has a bad ear infection. He needs some minor surgery into his ear, and will need to be boarded for a few days for observation.

The cost will be, at least, $500.00, maybe more.

Well, I am a Disabled Veteran, not working, and live just on Social Security and a small disability pension.

I can make payments to the vet, but that is not acceptable for him. I need to pay at least the $500, and can pay the balance in payments. However, I don’t know, yet, what the balance over $500 will be.

He is a sweet cat.

His ear has a large blood clot in it, and drains. I have to keep using facial tissues to wipe his ear and the side of his face. Jonesy sometimes scratches at his ear, causing the clot to bleed, and wow—what a mess that makes.

The vet said he’s not in pain, but that infection needs to be dealt with soon. The infection germs are throughout his body, because of his circulation.

So—I am asking for some help, if you can and are willing.

You ever hear of GOFUNDME?  Here is the link:

I haven’t had much luck raising any money, so far, so I thought I’d try some self promotion on my blog.

Anything you feel you can donate would be wonderful, even if it’s just a dollar. I really need to get him medical care soon.

Thank you in advance, my friends!

Oh, Jonesy thanks you, too.

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Hillary Clinton Is Finished!

The Queen of Deception

The Queen of Deception

Her political career is over!

It’s been reported by CNN Hillary Clinton admitted she erased all her personal emails from her server and wiped the server clean. Then she flatly refuses to hand the server over to anyone.

“The House Select Committee on Benghazi announced that Hillary Clinton permanently deleted thousands of emails from her personal server.”

She is finished. She now doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of being nominated by the Democratic Party to be its presidential candidate.

As I’ve said all along, Hillary is a crook, dishonest, a liar, and now a has-been.

Anyone who still supports her after this revelation can be nothing else but a complete moron.

Good-bye, Hillary. Time for you to ride over the horizon and disappear.

Now, the  only thing left to do is file federal charges against her, prosecute her, then lock her up. The last step would be to throw the key away.

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Negro Murderers

Let a Negro, criminal or not, get hurt in any way by a Caucasian and the Negro population goes into riot mode. They loot, rape, murder, commit arson, protest, and the Nigg**s in the White House have a say in the matter.

BUT—let an innocent white man walking his dog get murdered by three Negro punks, and not ONE Negro in the entire country so much as burps about it.

Murdering punk #1 and murdering punk #2

Murdering punk #1 and murdering punk #2

This racist bitch is probably dancing and saying what wonderful young men the three murdering Negroes are:

A true racist!

A true racist!

Instead of trying and sentencing Negroes to prison, since they are obviously uncivilized and hateful savages whose “roots” originate in Africa, then caring for them, we should send all the Negroes guilty of murder, rape, looting, arson, drug-dealing, burglary, auto theft, and a host of other crimes back to Africa where they can spend the rest of their lives trying to survive in their “native” homeland. That is where uncivilized savages belong—not in our civilized country.

And the silence of white Americans when such a despicable crime is committed really pisses me off. The silence must come to an end. If Caucasians don’t speak up when Negroes murder white folks, it says, “White lives don’t really matter to us.”

The following racist, white hating Nigg**s aren’t saying a damn thing about this crime, either:

  • Barry Soetoro, who calls himself Barack Obama
  • his racist, opportunistic, mooching piece of shit wife, Michelle,
  • the moron known as Al Sharpton (but every tool in the shed is sharper than him)
  • Jesse Jackson
  • the Attorney General, Eric Holder, another racist, white-hating Negro
  • and other racist, white-hating blacks especially in the “entertainment” industry

All lives matter. Not just Negro lives. ALL lives.

It’s been too damn quiet in the Caucasian community in this country. It’s time to start taking our frustrations out on the ignorant, racist, African savages who murder Caucasians with impunity.

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