History cannot be changed. Once it’s done it’s done. It cannot be undone. If I throw a rock and break a window, the window can be replaced, but the breaking of it cannot be undone. It happened. You cannot “unhappen” it.

The same is true for the Civil War and any monuments, sites, and/or locations. Removing them, destroying them, defacing them is not going to change what happened. It happened. It cannot be “unhappened”.

It is part of our national history. If you do not like our national history then ignore it. Forget it. Move on. Look into the future instead of hating the past. Hating the past only perpetuates it. In other words, if you despise racism and hatred, keeping the past in front of you and dwelling on it only makes you a hateful, negative racist. Then the racism continues because you allow it to continue in your own self. You carry the sickness with you everywhere, hating people who had nothing to do with the past. You infect others with your hatred and racism. It “breeds”. It spreads. It is perpetuated by your own desire to perpetuate it.

Stop being a hateful, racist asshole by insisting remnants of the past be destroyed. You will never eradicate hatred and racism by knocking down a mountain. You can only eradicate such evil by snuffing it out in your heart.

Then you cannot spread it, it will not breed, and your heart will be light as the wind instead of heavy with hatred and evil.

Stop this insanity, black America. Your hatred of Caucasians will not change the past. It will only breed more hatred. Your quest has no end. It will continue forever—unless you put an end to it in your own heart, first.

Can you comprehend this? Are you intelligent enough to understand this message? Or is your hatred so vile, so possessing of your soul that it has slammed the doors shut to your mind?

Ask God—which road should I take? What do you think His answer will be? If you have no idea, pick up that Bible sitting on the table and look for an answer. The Bible is not just a Sunday book. It’s God’s word carrying a message to us for every day of our lives.

Remember: there will be a final judgment.

“Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord.

Not yours.

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Science Facts & Whiners

A scientific fact cannot be racist. It is a fact. It is proven and carved in stone.

For instance, it is a scientific fact the sun is brighter than the moon. It is a scientific fact water is softer than a rock. Get the idea?

So, I am writing this because I am damn well fed up with all the cry babies, whiners, and racists who live on this planet with me.

Let’s begin by making it a scientific fact I am not a racist. I was an Air Force brat because I grew up with a father who was in the U.S. Air Force. I went to school with kids of all races. One of my best friends in high school was (I hate to use this term, and I will explain why later) an African-American.

I went to boot camp with teens of all races. We learned to be a team, a cohesive, dependable team.

After boot camp, I dated a black woman for a while. She was funny, sweet, kind, and intelligent. I liked that. I had no fantasies of us getting married. I just wanted to enjoy her company before I was shipped overseas.

So, I am writing this just as someone who is, as I stated earlier, damn fed up with the freaking sissies, cry babies, racists, whiners, and those who hate people because of their skin color.

I don’t care if you are the president of the United States or the president of Russia. If you are a whiner and cry baby, I have nothing but contempt for you. I have no respect for you.

You need to grow tfu.

The American Indians are cry babies. Oh, gee whiz, there is a football team named the Washington Redskins. Oh, boo hoo. Gimme a freaking break. So what? They should be pleased a professional football team associates with Indians and represents them.

The blacks are cry babies. Heck, they call themselves so many different names the rest of us have no idea HOW to refer to them:

  1. African-Americans
  2. National Associate for the Advancement of Colored People
  3. United Negro College Fund
  4. People of Color
  5. Black Chamber of Commerce

So, just WHAT THE HELL are we supposed to call them? If you call one a Negro, oh my gawd—stand back! Same thing if you call one a colored person. WWIII!!

The term “African-American” is a misnomer. They are SO FAR REMOVED from the Africans who were brought here they are as much an African as I am Chinese.

I am a Caucasian whose ancestor (only 2 generations ago) came directly from Italy. I am a 2nd generation Italian-American. I am more Italian than any African-American is African.

The American blacks are the only group of people on the planet who have so many words to describe themselves. Why can’t they just decide on one and stick with it?

“Whites” is also a misnomer. Caucasians are not white. I am a Caucasian, but I am not white. Only albinos are white. I have an olive skin color. So, I AM A COLORED PERSON! Blacks are not colored.

Scientific Fact:

Black is the absence of all color. There is no color in black. White is the presence of all colors. Between black and white are millions upon millions of different shades of color.

I am not white. I have a shade of color less than white. So, do not call me a white. I am not an albino.

Since my ancestral roots are publicly known, I have been called a WOP. Do you know what WOP actually means?

Often, Italians immigrating to the U.S. would arrive with no papers. So, papers would be issued to them and stamped, “WOP”, which means “Without Papers”.

Do you think I got upset? No. I laughed. I laughed at being called a guinea, a greaseball, a Mafioso. I can still laugh at that. Why? Because I am not a cry baby. People call me those names to inspire a reaction. I don’t react. What’s the point? If they are kidding, so what? If they are NOT kidding, it just shows how damn ignorant they are.

I do not get upset.

If I was a black and someone called me a Nigger, I would not let that upset me. So what? I know what I am. I know what kind of person I am. I would not let some letters in the alphabet put together to form a sound spark a reaction in me.


Whatever you are, whatever race, whatever group—whatever—don’t let someone’s ignorance bring you down to their level of existence. Don’t be a cry baby.

Have you ever been called a pansy or sissy? I have. But it didn’t bother me. Why?

I served during the Vietnam War, which actually wasn’t a war. It was a police action. I was trained to fight and defend myself hand-to-hand. After military service, I worked for the Texas Dept. of Corrections as a Correctional Officer after graduating from the Correctional Officer Academy. I’ve been face-to-face with murderers. I was not afraid.

While as a Correctional Officer, I won a marksmanship award with a revolver. All the inmates heard I was a damn good shot, and they didn’t mess with me. The truth is every time there was an escape I was not on duty! (lmao!)

I got bored with the same thing day in and day out. Same ole same ole. So, I left to work as an armed security officer. I was assigned a night position in a rough neighborhood. The other officers did nothing. They worked alone and stayed in their cars doing nothing. Not me.

I once confronted about six young men who thought they were bad asses. They weren’t. One of them said, “If you weren’t wearing that badge—”. So, I took the badge off and threw it on the ground. He stared at me for about another 15 seconds, which really is a long time, then turned and walked away. I heard someone yell behind me.

“You’ve just been punked!”

You know what I got from that? RESPECT. I got respect from them and I returned that respect. I no longer had to threaten people to obey the rules/regulations. They obeyed without objection as long as I showed them respect, and they showed me the same in return.

So, someone calling me a pansy shows they do not know me. They just want to inspire a reaction. They want to see the term hurts my feelings and watch me get upset. I upset THEM by NOT getting upset. I know what I am, and I am not a pansy or sissy.

Don’t f—k with me.

I could go on and on, and I’m sure you have your own anecdotes relating to this post, but the point I want to make is it seems everyone gets their feelings hurt way too easily. They are sissies, cry babies, and whiners.

Don’t let some jerk*** ruin your day. So, they call you a name. Big deal. You know what you are. Upset the accuser by not reacting.

Lastly, it seems if the blacks don’t get what they want, the first word out of their mouths is “RACISM!”

They USE their color to get what they want. They often get what they don’t deserve just because they call others racists.

I admit and agree there exists racism. I understand life is not fair, and there are people who just vehemently hate people because of their skin color.

Sigh. That is unjust and ignorant. There are times when discrimination requires some action.

But what bothers me are the babies, whiners, sissies, and pansies.


Stop complaining about stupid, childish crap. Stop WHINING. I repeat: GTFU.

PLEASE, STOP BEING BIG BABIES! It really pisses me off.


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Good Idea – Controversial Content

The first president to use Twitter and other media apps to connect directly with the general public is President Donald Trump.

It’s a good idea to connect directly with voters. However—the content can either be supportive or destructive. And once a tweet or other post is published on the WWW—it’s there forever.

When you review all the accomplishments by President Trump, only a fool would say the president accomplished nothing and/or Donald Trump is not the right man to be president.

Trump’s Accomplishments in Four Years

President Trump has texted some controversial content on social media. He texts before he thinks, I suspect. He doesn’t consider what the fallout will be.

And his history of controversial content is damaging and may result in his defeat.

I think President Trump has done a bang-up job as President. Keep in mind, President Trump is not a career politician or even a lawyer. He has been a businessman. Every president of our country were all politicians, and it has been the politicians, both Republican and Democrat, who have thoroughly screwed up our nation.

So, instead of sticking another politician in the White House, (my gawd, imagine if it had been Hillary Clinton!), why not give a businessman a chance to run the country as if it were a business?

The Democrats have been overwhelmingly ticked off at Trump for defeating Hillary from day one to the present. They have tried a sham impeachment, used the Media to smear Trump’s reputation, accomplishments, and character.

They are not confident Joe Biden will win. They remember how Hillary won the popular vote, but was clearly defeated by the Electoral College. There could be a repeat performance in this election.

I fear if Joe Biden wins the election and is our next president, it will be the beginning of a socialist government.

The Democratic Party believes in big government, massive regulation, gun control (perhaps even the elimination of the 2nd Amendment), and will probably put liberal judges on the Supreme Court to gain an unfair advantage.

Biden might shut down the country, continue his friendly relationship with China, who is actually our enemy on the world stage, and take many other unpopular liberal actions.

In four years, our government could be an entirely socialist government. If that happens, it will be nearly impossible to regain a free country and overthrow the Socialists in D.C.

This election is, indeed, the most critical election in our history.

Ever hear of The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire?

Could we be witnessing The Rise and fall of the United States?

Please—share your thoughts about this post, President Trump, Vice President Biden, this election, and any other thoughts you may have about this subject manner.

I sign my emails with:

Disabled American Veteran

God & Country Above All Things

I took an oath to protect our country even if it meant losing my life. That oath has no expiration date.

God Bless America!

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So Much Hatred! So Much Animosity!

Never in my life have I seen so much hatred from the Media towards a president. Any president.

I am 72-years-old, so I’ve been around for many presidential elections. For a period of time, while I was in college my major was journalism.



  • It is the major source of information for the people in this country
  • It claims it is unbiased, tells the truth, the whole, and nothing but the truth
  • It is a government watchdog

And that was all true until—Barry Soetoro, who is better known as Barack Obama.

Ever since that fraud was elected, things changed. The Media acted like it was a supporter of the Democratic Party and Barry Soetoro, ignored his wrong-doings, did not tell the truth, ignored the wrong-doings of his transvestite partner, attacked anyone who opposed Barry, and just shredded all of the list above.

I was so disgusted with what happened to the Media, to Journalism in general, I dropped out of Journalism. I finished my college course, worked for several newspapers, but quit when Journalism prostituted itself.

Instead of telling truth and allowing the public to decided for itself, it slanted stories, it was anything but unbiased.

This all started with Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Are you familiar at all with all the conspiracies and scandals associated with Hillary? Dozens!

Are you familiar with all the conspiracies and scandals associated with Barry/Barack?

Now, with President Trump in office, I have never seen SO MUCH HATRED for a man in my entire life.

The source of this hatred involves Hillary, who was majorly pissed off she lost the election to Trump, George Soros, who is an immigrant, a Billionaire, and hell-bent on destroying the U.S. and its Constitution, the Democratic Party, and the Obamas.

The Democrats tried everything to unseat Trump even with an attempt to impeach him. Strangely, Trump was found to be innocent, and every other attempt by the Democrats to destroy Trump also failed. Time after time after time they tried—and failed every time.

Instead of working for the people who put those bastards in office, the Democrat lawmakers spent millions of tax dollars (money you paid the IRS) and an enormous amount of time attacking a Republican president.

Take a look at these photos with a prophetic message long before even the 20th century:

Now, is that a prophecy or not?
Notice date of death.

The Democratic Party – the party of treason.

I used to highly respect the Media, but now I despise the Media, I do not trust the Media, I believe it has an agenda to join George’s attack to end our beloved country.

If you watched the “town hall” with Savannah Guthrie (a woman overflowing with hatred for Republicans and unable to be more biased than she already is) on October 15th, you could see the hatred oozing from her ears, eyes, nose, and other body orifices.

Yet, with all the **ck-ups in the Obama administration, the Media hardly touched on them, practically ignoring all of them.

Instead of me wasting time reminding you of all the **it pulled by Barry Soetoro and his transvestite bed partner, I challenge you to search the Internet for all that. If you do not, you, too, are biased. You refuse to enlighten yourself about all the scandals and conspiracies surrounding Barry, Michelle, and Hillary.

Do you remember that transvestite saying publicly when her husband was chosen as the Democratic nominee it was the first time in her life she was proud of her country?


When Joan Rivers said publicly Michelle Obama was a transvestite, it was only a short time later—Joan Rivers mysteriously DIED! Died in a dentist’s chair!

How CURIOUS is that???

Barack Obama said the Muslim’s Call to Prayer in the morning was the most beautiful tune in the world!


Remember that???

I could go on and on and on and. . .

But it is pointless. If you are old enough to remember the Clinton’s in the White House, Ronald Reagan in the White House, and the Obama’s in the White House—you are old enough to take an unbiased look at how the Media reported on all the presidents that have ever been.

Media is a synonym for the following words:

sedition, hate, prejudice, socialism, anti-American, anti-U.S. Constitution, bias, anarchy, and many other words. I could spend time looking in a thesaurus, but time is precious.

It sickens me to see SO MUCH HATRED coming from the Media. They are not being fair to both sides, no matter WHO is the president and who is the opposing candidate.

You cannot get an unbiased story from the Media any more. You cannot find neutrality in journalism any more.

Our country is under attack and has been for a long time. Ever since Barry Soetoro was president. His election to the White House was the biggest scandal, biggest trick ever pulled on our country, on our fellow citizens.

It will be after I am long gone before the truth comes out. Much like who actually shot John Kennedy.

It will come out when the Media feels the truth can no longer hurt them.

We may be seeing the death throes of our nation. This could be the life-and-death struggle of our nation as intended by our forefathers against the followers of Lenin, Stalin, Putin, and all socialists wanting to destroy the freedom of individuals.

Socialism will be the death of the United States of America. Once socialist, it will NEVER be a free country again. It would take a civil war, another revolution to restore our nation to capitalism and freedom.

I am a 70% disabled Veteran who loves this country above all things. I sign my emails and letters:

God & Country Above All Things

There has never been a better country in the history of mankind. It would be nearly impossible to make it even better.

In conclusion, if the enemies of my country want my guns—they are going to have to kill me to get them—if I don’t kill them first.

God Bless America

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