Thoughts About Religion

Look, you have your religion and I have mine.  I don’t care if you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an atheist, an agnostic, a Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah’s Witness, a Mormon–I don’t care.  If people (Muslims in particular) want to ridicule Christianity, I am not going to hunt down Muslims and kill them for it.  I will be happy to share Christianity with anyone who wants to hear about it, but the Christian god does not tell his followers to kill anyone who won’t convert to Christianity.

Religion is as deep in one’s being as their bone marrow.  What someone believes about a Supreme Being depends a great deal on where that person was born and the religion of their parents.  It is a fact of life that not everyone in the world will convert to only one religion.  It just won’t ever happen.  So, trying to MAKE everyone accept one religion or another is an impossibility and ludicrous to believe it can/will happen.

The most important thing is this:  If any god is a loving and forgiving god, then that god will not tell his followers to kill everyone who rejects Him.  God has the power to punish people who reject Him.  He doesn’t give that power to His followers.  God loves us all, no matter what religion you believe.  He created us.  We are his children.  He doesn’t want us to go to Hell.  He wants us to get along; live in peace together; and be good to one another.  It is not up to us to kill everyone who doesn’t want to accept our religion, whatever that religion is.  The Christian god, and perhaps other “gods” say killing is a sin.  It is a sin to kill another human being.  We did not give each other life.  God gave us life, so only God has the right to take that life away.  Life does not belong to us.  It belongs to God.  Life is a gift from Him to us.

I wonder what kind of god would tell his followers to kill everyone who won’t follow Him, whomever that god is.  God does not say, “If anyone will not accept that I am the only god they should worship–KILL THEM!  MURDER THEM!  STONE THEM TO DEATH!  CHOP THEIR HEADS OFF!”  I mean, what kind of god would that be?  It sure doesn’t sound like a loving, forgiving god.

Perhaps there is only one god, but we all see him a little differently.  I believe God has/had many prophets.  There is a question about where Jesus was for many years.  In the Christian Bible, there is a space of time when the whereabouts of Jesus is not clear.  Perhaps he went to other places to preach.  Perhaps God picked more than one man to spread the word about Him.

It is very likely that humans kind of got the message a little wrong.  I mean, you know how one guy gets a story and tells another guy and that guy tells another guy and that guy tells another guy and so on and so on.  By the time the story has been told a couple of hundred times, the story is not exactly the way it started out.  We humans get things wrong.  We often distort things, and often it is unintentional, but we do.  Then when something in one language is translated into another language, there often is no exact translation, so the closest thing to the original language is chosen.  There is an example of something getting a little distorted, but unintentionally.

I believe that Catholics, Protestants, Hebrews, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and lots of other religions are all wrong in some ways, partially right in some ways, and exactly right in other ways.  I also believe when we die and meet God we will find that none of us have it exactly right about God; not even Muslims.

The right way to tell others about your religion is to just tell them, then let them make a decision about it.  The wrong way is to point a gun at their heads and tell them if they don’t accept your religion you are going to blow their brains out.

If we just treat each other with love and kindness, if we don’t do things like steal, murder, covet, and other sins and try to live a good, loving, peaceful life, God will have more mercy on us and favor us more than He will if we kill each other or steal from each other, or have sex with another person’s spouse, or abuse children, and so on and so on.  It is more important that we do things that are considered good and with the approval of God than going around killing each other for stupid reasons.  Well, I doubt there are many good reasons to kill each other.

So–I highly recommend that before anyone else goes out to kill someone or a group of people, that they think about whether killing other people is the right thing to do.  If people believe their god says it is okay to murder people, especially innocent women and children, then I would say, “What kind of god would tell you that?”  That kind of god is not the kind of god I would want to worship.  I would prefer to worship a god that is forgiving and loving and condemns the killing of people.

I am not aware of any religion in the world that says it is okay to kill people–except Islam. If Islam is the only religion in the world that says murdering masses of people is okay–perhaps there is something wrong with Islam.  Who was this guy who wrote the Koran, anyway?  Just some guy that stepped out of his tent and said, “I am a prophet, cause I say so.”?  Could he have been someone who was a little pissed off at the world?  Maybe had a violent nature about him?  I don’t know.  I am just thinking lots of different things about this.  I can tell you for certain, though, that going around killing masses of people just because some religion says it is okay to do that is terribly, terribly wrong!

I wish Muslims would think about all this and ask themselves, is killing all these people really the right thing to do?  How are we going to convince everyone to be a Muslim if what they see us doing is murdering thousands and thousands of people?

When I was working as a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service back in the 1990’s, a Supervisor gave me an application to be a Supervisor; to get into Management.  My answer was, “If being a Supervisor requires me to be an asshole, then I don’t want to be a Supervisor.”

The same is true for Islam.  If being a Muslim means I must condone the murdering of thousands of women and children (and men), then I don’t want to be a Muslim.  I don’t want to murder anyone or say it is okay to murder people.  Even if you held a gun to my head I would not agree to convert.  You might as well pull the trigger.

If Muslims want to convert the entire world to Islam, Muslims need to change their approach.  Try showing love, compassion, and mercy.  It is an old saying, but “It is easier to attract bees to flowers than spinach.” Okay, okay, so that is not how it goes, but you get the idea.  I would be more interested in a religion that preached kindness, forgiveness, and love than a religion that says it is okay to kill thousands of people because they don’t believe in that religion, so they are infidels and deserve to be murdered.

I am totally turned off by Islam because they are so ready and eager to murder people.  Muslims murder because some cartoonist drew a picture of Mohammed, but nobody knows what he looked like.  Why is that?  So the FBI can’t put his picture on its Ten Most Wanted list?  Muslims are eager to kill soldiers because their Koran was accidentally burned.  Christians would not be out killing people if the Bible was burned.  Muslims refuse to hear any criticism of Islam.  Hey, every religion in the world has its critics, but you don’t hear about Buddhists murdering thousands of people because some guy criticized Buddha.  You don’t hear about Jews murdering people because someone criticized Judaism.  The same is true for Christianity and all religions–except Islam.  Muslims are looking to kill anyone who publishes anything that is critical of Islam.  What other religion does that? Not one! Just Islam.

Instead of attracting people to Islam, Muslims are turning people away because of its inherent violence.  If Islam’s techniques are not working, then perhaps a new approach should be considered.

Is that so hard, so difficult to understand?

Well, I am going to step off my soap box now.  I have said about all I can think of to say right now.  I only hope what you have read makes a little sense to you.  Murdering thousands of innocent people–makes no sense at all.

May God, whomever you believe is your God, bless you and give you peace.


5 Responses to Thoughts About Religion

  1. thomlucci says:

    First, you are ignorant of the Bible. There are two parts to the Bible: the Old Testament and the New Testament. Granted, there was much violence in the Old Testament, but then Jesus, the son of God, came to us and taught us differently. He taught love, forgiveness, compassion, love your enemies (not KILL them), and performed many miracles.

    On the other hand, Muslims are STILL murdering/killing. They know nothing about loving their enemies, forgiveness, compassion or anything else Jesus taught. Muslims are/Islam is violent. They are unforgiving. They are intolerant of criticism, which Christians are not, and extremely gruesome in how they kill people, even innocent children. Muslims cannot take criticism nor can they point out even ONE—ONE miracle performed by Mohammad. Mohammad was an adulterer, which Jesus was not. Mohammad was a child molester, which Jesus was not. Mohammad murdered, which Jesus didn’t do. Mohammad was a thief, which Jesus was not. Mohammad slept with his son’s wife, which Jesus did not. Jesus was tempted by Satan, but ignored Satan. Mohammad did Satan’s bidding. Jesus walked on water, which Mohammed did not. Jesus raised the dead, which Mohammad did not. Jesus healed the sick, which Mohammad did not. Jesus made the blind see, which Mohammad did not. Jesus made cripples walk, which Mohammad did not. Jesus fed thousands with just two fish and a loaf of bread, which Mohammad did not. Jesus turned water into wine, which Mohammad did not.

    Comparing Jesus to Mohammad—which one is holy and which is not? Is killing holy? Is adultery holy? Is child molestation holy? Is sex outside of marriage holy? When Muslims brutally rape women, is that holy?

    So, the ignorant one here is YOU, my friend. You are ignorant of what is holy and what is not, AND ignorant of exactly WHO was a holy man/messenger of God and who was not.

    I stand by my claims that Islam is garbage, violent, sinful, unforgiving, without compassion, a religion of Satan and NOT a religion of any holy god.

    Put THAT in your hookah pipe and smoke it.


  2. thomlucci says:

    When Jesus was born, he replaced the Old Testament teachings with the New Testament. The ways of the Old Testament were put away. However, that does not mean there is nothing to be learned from the Old Testament.

    Your reference to killings are FACTIONS, radical parts of the Christian religion. Islam’s teachings to kill non believers is the whole freaking ‘religion’, not a splinter group. Christians do not seek to murder non believers. Christians forgive. Islam does not.

    Bush attacking Iraq and Afghanistan began after Muslims started this war with two airliners on Sept 11, 2001. MUSLIMS started it. Now, if you don’t like the retribution, temper your cowardly murders and cease your chanting of slaughtering non believers. Christianity does not seek to murder non believers. Christians, if they were to kill, would not be as cowardly as Muslims. Muslims are cowards from the day they first get the idea to blow up people with hidden explosives. Muslims will not face the United States on a battlefield, because the U.S. would kick your camel worshiping asses.

    And your claim that what Jesus did were fantasies is just your refusal to believe that God is all powerful. Your “ALLAH”, if such an entity actually exists, gave your fraud Mohammad no powers whatsoever. Let’s go back to what Mohammad did: murder, adultery, steal, child molestation, and more. Are any of those things a sin in Islamic teachings? If so, then Mohammad sinned, did he not? Yet, you worship Mohammad. So, Muslims worship a terrible sinner. What kind of ‘prophet’ is Mohammad then? A prophet of Satan?

    However, Jesus did none of those things. Jesus was Godly. Jesus committed no sin, yet Mohammad committed many sins.

    To worship such a sinner as Mohammad only means your “ALLAH” must be Satan. Only Satan would tell you to murder millions of completely innocent people if for no other reason that they refuse to make Satan their god.

    If you want to reject Jesus and continue to worship Satan, it’s a good thing Arabs live in the desert. They can prepare for the unimaginable fire waiting for them in Hell.

    Lastly, no religion except Islam claims there are virgins waiting to screw your brains out when you die. Anyone who believes that has got to be the most stupid people who ever popped out of a womb in the history of mankind. That includes all you stupid Muslims.

    Now—that’s it. End of conversation. Got it?


  3. thomlucci says:

    The person to whom I was responding, removed their comments. I guess that’s what happened, because they are not here, now, but I didn’t delete them. I do remember their comments were anti-Christian, hateful, and did nothing to promote Mohammad or explain Mohammad’s actions. The thing about Muslims is they cannot justify the crimes Mohammad committed. They prefer to avoid answering questions about Mohammad’s behavior by accusing Jesus of being a fraud. You cannot get a Muslim to answer any questions that question Mohammad. They cannot justify their murderous behavior, so they skirt questions about that and their “prophet”, whom I believe was just a super con-man and a very evil man. Muslims who believe Mohammad was a prophet and a “holy” man are not being taught the truth about their religion. They listen to the same idiotic clerics who tell them when they die they will enjoy sex forever. The clerics tell them that so the Muslims will go out and kill people. If the clerics told them the truth [there are NO virgins waiting for you], they could not then convince the idiots to go blow themselves up along with thousands of innocent people. Islam, I tend to believe, is the religion of Satan. Just search the internet for all the rapes committed by Muslims. They rape more than any other group of people on the planet. And they are horrific in their raping. Muslims have pornographic minds. All they can think about is killing people and raping women. Wow. Some religion, huh?


  4. bullright says:

    Good essay. One thing has been eating at me for years: when has one group been able to speak for all Christians and Christianity? Nope. But Cair and the Mo-bros do just that.


  5. thomlucci says:

    Thank you, and I agree with you heartily. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend!


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