My Blog, My Planet

My Planet

My blog, my planet.  If you will allow me to draw a parallel, a comparison, or even an analogy, you may see the Internet and everything on it in a different light.

This blog, my blog, is my planet, and you have come to visit it.  Welcome.  Using either Star Wars or Star Trek as an example, not all planets are hospitable.  Some welcome while others are inhospitable; aggressive even.  Depending on your point of view, your personality, “where you come from”–what might be aggressive to you may not be aggressive to others and vice versa.

As you travel my planet (browse through my blog), you may find content you like, content that is neither good or bad, and content with which you find “inhospitable”.   The same might be true of your planet, should I decide to visit it.  If you don’t like my planet or if I don’t like yours, we are both free to leave and journey to another planet.

All I ask of you as you visit my planet is that you do it no harm.  I will do the same for your planet.  Browse, read, view pictures, leave a comment, a “like”, answer a poll, give feedback, follow an outbound link, bookmark, follow–whatever you like.  Just keep in mind this is just one of millions of planets on the Internet.  There is no entry fee, no cost to visit.  You are welcome to visit again any time.  But if you find my planet inhospitable to you, if you disagree with my posts, my comments, remember–you are free to leave at any time.  There is no need to do my planet, or anyone’s planet on the Internet, any harm.  How would you feel if someone “attacked” your planet or left a “latent virus” there waiting for you and all your visitors?  Would you be pleased?  I hardly think so.

More Planets to Visit

You and I–we are the Masters of our planets.  We take pride in them.  We work on them, nurture them, maintain them and want to show them off to the Universe; to other visitors. Not all visitors will be hospitable.  Some will find our planets offensive to them, while others will find joy and entertainment.  It is for the joy and entertainment of others that we created our planets, and for an opportunity to share our thoughts, our convictions with others.

We both know there are some visitors whose only purpose in visiting is to do harm, and for whatever twisted pleasure they get from doing harm to others, we hope they will someday get richly rewarded for their evil actions.  Perhaps the Klingons will mete out their punishment or maybe even the Borg.  We can only hope, eh?

I welcome you to my planet.  Please enjoy your stay and take advantage of all the information, the polls, the outbound links–everything that is here for you to explore.

Live Long and Prosper.


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