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Who Really Was Behind the 9/11 Disaster?

I have often said sometimes our worst enemy is our very own government. Our government has been involved in many conspiracies since 1776 including the JFK assassination, Benghazi, Watergate, the IRS scandal, the possibility Roosevelt knew about the attack on … Continue reading

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An Email Sent to the NBA

Source: Me African-Americans, Blacks, Colored People, Negroes—whatever they want to call themselves, demand equality, right? So, here is an email to the NBA concerning equality: ************************************************************************** Donald Sterling was having a private conversation in his home, and it was recorded … Continue reading

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Universities Cheating Students Out of Genuine Education

This is something to which I’ve alluded more than once: people with college educations who are less educated than high school graduates of my generation. Now, a university employee is speaking out about how universities and the NCAA  cheat. Universities’ … Continue reading

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