The Fraud in the White House

Here is a collection of information about Barry Soetero. Who is Barry Soetero? Barack Obama. Is Barack Obama an alias? Tell you what, people. The man who was elected as President of the United States has so much controversy and so much history that has been buried/hidden that it is just beyond belief, and it’s incomprehensible that he was able scam an entire nation into believing he should be elected President. “The Great Deceiver”, the Anti-Christ, Satan himself could pull this off–fool an entire nation into believing he is both qualified and the nation’s best choice for President.

For those people who still believe Barry Soetero should be re-elected as President, I tell you–there is nothing in your life up to now that you have been more wrong about, about which you have been more scammed, and if you are so blind that you do not see that the man in the White House is The Great Deceiver, then you are going to have the most rude awakening you could ever imagine. Barry Soetero is a liar and a deceiver. He is a Muslim. He is not who he says he is. He mocks Jesus Christ and he wants to destroy the U.S. Constitution. Wake up, people!

In the last video, the words of Jesus are translated from English back into ancient Hebrew, and in Hebrew the name of the Anti-Christ is spelled almost exactly like Barack Obama. Is Barry Soetero/Barack Obama the Anti-Christ? Are we in the “end times”? Will December 2012 be the time of reckoning? The end of the world? You decide.


2 Responses to The Fraud in the White House

  1. 1884519019 says:

    Obama Illinois bar application fraud, Obama lied about where he was born lied about drug use another persons social security number, and there are people that will still vote for this Lien



  2. thomlucci says:

    The people who vote for this fraud are as dumb as sheep following the wolf, thinking the wolf is leading them to safety. Idiots. Complete, total, absolute idiots!


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