Nothing Is More Blind Than A Democrat

Even before Obama won his first presidential election, he was being accused of not being a U.S. citizen, of being a prevaricator, of being unqualified to be president, of being a Muslim, and other lesser known accusations.

Obama supporters angrily denied such suspicions as being Republican lies and attempts to disqualify Obama.

As each new accusation arose, Barack’s supporters argued again that the accusations were lies.

However, over the years, Obama, himself, scuttled his story and his supporters. It didn’t happen all at once, but during the first four years Obama tripped over himself and his story many times.

On election day 2008, Obama supporters were asked 12 identical questions to see how much they know about Obama, his campaign, and the government in general. Here is the video:

It is obvious from this video that Obama supporters were quite ignorant—and still are.

People who support Obama, including the extremely liberal Media (AKA Liberal Boot Lickers), deny Obama is a Muslim, but on several occasions he openly admitted he was, indeed, a Muslim.

Then there is this one:

So, just what is Barry Soetoro’s history, anyway? Who is Barry Soetoro? Why, Barack Obama, of course:

Ole Barry is as crooked as the Clintons. He is a fraud. He is not qualified to be president. He is a prevaricator. He is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution. He is a Muslim.

He is our enemy!

Muslim Brotherhood

Why would an enemy of Islam put so many Muslims in his Administration?

Barry Google it


Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, will go down in history as the biggest con job ever pulled on the American people, the most unqualified and corrupt, and dangerous man to ever hold an office in our government.

What you have read and seen above is the truth. But the blind Democrats and liberals will protest, because they are not mature enough to admit they were bamboozled, scammed, and wrong. They listened to the forked tongue of a deceiver, a liar, an enemy of freedom, and were made complete fools by him.

No wonder they turn their faces away. They refuse to accept their error and accept the shame for supporting such a despicable person.

The same was true of NAZI leaders. They refused to admit Hitler was evil. It took too much courage to plead guilty, and none of them had that courage.

Neither do the liberals and Democrats have that courage. They are blind, ignorant, cowards, traitors, and should be prosecuted for being such enormous fools.

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The Decline and Death of the U.S.


Even Liberty is disgusted.

This is the absolutely worst election in our history. On one hand we have a pathological liar who has been investigated by the FBI for emails, and now going to be investigated again concerning interactions between the Clinton Foundation and the State Dept.

Hillary is as trustworthy as a rabid skunk. She’ll stare you in the face and lie to you without blinking an eye. I wonder if she actually believes her lies.

Hillary montage

We can trust her? I don’t THINK so!

Then we have Donald Trump, a man who is a very successful businessman, but who has the ability to utter the most stupid, most insulting, most racist, most ludicrous accusations I’ve ever heard from a presidential candidate.

There is much more to running a country than managing a cash register.

Trump meme

If Donald were to win the election, he most likely would anger every country in the world with his moronic rhetoric. That could start a war where we are against everyone else.


If Hillary were to win, we’d have a president who has been proven to be a liar and  investigated about dozens of scandals and conspiracies.

How could we EVER believe what verbiage she would spew forth in the White House? She wouldn’t tell the truth about anything—at least we should not expect her to tell the truth about anything.

She has lied, and lied, and lied, and lied. She has lied so much she would have to make a conscious effort to NOT lie. It is easier for her to lie about everything than to tell the truth about anything.

Rotating Chain

Gary Johnson


The third candidate, Gary Johnson, may be a much better candidate, but he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning the election.


Constitution 1

. . .and a candidate like Hillary Clinton—actually, against ALL liberals.

Hillary is nothing more than a carbon copy of Obama (whose real name is Barry Soetoro). She will make things even worse for our country, especially when she nominates a liberal for the Supreme Court.

Then our country is lost to the bleeding heart liberals, Democrats, whiners, cowards, people who hate the military, enemies of the Constitution—we will no longer be the United States of America with freedom for all. We will be the oppressed.

There are truly pathetic morons who will vote for Hillary, and just like how Obama deeply disappointed those who voted for him, the same will be true of ole Hillary.

By the time the Republicans get another chance to win back the White House, this nation will be so far gone, righting things will be almost an impossibility.

You are witnessing history being made. You are witnessing the death of the United States of America.

Chaos, Martial Law, and civil unrest is following closely behind Hillary. Get ready for it.

US Flag Waving


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Allah Is A Myth

This is not just a hateful attack on the ‘religion’ of Islam, but an analytical conclusion. If Islam had any credibility I would not criticize it, but that is just the problem: it has no credibility.

The first time anyone had ever heard the name Allah was when the thief, child molester, murderer, and adulterer Mohammad stepped out of his tent after taking a nap. Up until then Allah, Islam, and Muslim did not exist.

Muslim criminal

Let’s consider this: Mohammad walked into his tent to take a nap. His tent was located in the desert where we all know the temperatures are high and the only things that grow there are sand dunes, lizards, and sparsely located places called an oasis.

After his nap, he walked out of his tent and said Allah had spoken to him during his nap. I think what happened was his brain was cooking and he had a dream. We all know how dreams work—sort of. We dream things that are not reality and often when we wake up if we remember the dream (which is far less than remembering), we often shake our heads thinking, “Wow. That was weird.” Sometimes our dreams make us feel insecure, shaken, disturbed, and even scared. True?

So, there is Mohammad telling all his Arab buddies about Allah.

If I was one of those Arabs, my first question would be, “Who the Hell is Allah?” As Mohammad talked about Allah, my thought would be this guy is nuts. “You been hitting the goat milk too much, Mohammad?”

Afghan Terrorist Class

Islam Terrorist Class

Mohammad was the only person to ever have any ‘interaction’ with this entity. No one else ever saw Allah, ever spoke to Allah, ever saw Allah, ever heard from Allah.

The only miracle Mohammad ever performed was getting all his Arab buddies to believe him. Now, THAT was a miracle. Either that or all those Arabs were really gullible or stupid—or both.

Based on Mohammad’s dream, Islam was born.

In contrast and ignoring everything about Jesus until he started performing miracles, Jesus raised the dead, healed lepers, made cripples walk, fed thousands with only two fish and a loaf of bread, turned water into wine, walked on water, calmed the wind and storm merely by raising his arms and commanding it to do so.

His miracles were witnessed by thousands. He spoke to everyone, not just his ‘buddies’. Jesus was even raised from the dead, resurrected, and raised up into Heaven.

Mohammad did absolutely nothing but talk. No miracles, no power over nature, and when Mohammad died he stayed dead.

Islam's Image

Islam’s Image


Jesus taught peace and love, forgiveness, and humility. Whereas, Mohammad, from whom the Quaran (Koran, whatever) was authored, spoke about killing the nonbelievers, female genital destruction, stoning to death, honor killings, no forgiveness, no peace, no compassion, forcing Islam upon everyone, having a horde of virgins waiting to have sex with a dead Muslim, and more.

Now I ask you, how does a spirit get a hard on? Secondly, it would seem the Muslims have sex on their minds. Instead of thinking dying and going to Heaven means reaching a level of understanding and great wisdom and knowledge, the Muslims think of Heaven as a new way to have sex.


Violent Islam

Love, Peace, and Forgiveness? I don’t think so.

Islam gives you a choice: convert to Islam or die. The religion is forced upon people. Christianity is not forced upon anyone.

I am unclear as to when Mohammad murdered, committed adultery, married a nine-year-old, and stole things. Was it before or after his dream? He had sex with his son’s wife after peering through a window at her nakedness. Fine guy, ole Mohammad was.

violent Islam 2

Hypocrisy at its finest.

There is absolutely not a shred of proof that Allah exists. None. It all came from an Arab whose brain simmered in the hot desert. And, surprisingly, no one questioned Mohammad about it. They just all believed him. Are you kidding me?

I’ve spoken on the Internet with Muslims about Islam vs. Christianity, and they have their arguments polished. They can make you believe they have some credible evidence that Allah is real and that Jesus was just a prophet, and all his miracles were “slight of hand”.

Muslims have “slight of brain”. The Muslims say when Jesus said to his mother while he was on the cross to cover herself meant she should cover her hair and it is a sin for a woman to show her hair.

What a jump to a conclusion! Perhaps Jesus was telling his mother to cover her bare shoulder(s). It isn’t clear, so to conclude He meant hair and to not do so is a sin is just a leap and an explanation to justify the clothing worn by Islamic women.

Peaceful Islam

This entire ‘religion’ is bogus based on the fact it came from one man and no one else. It came from a man who performed nothing extraordinary. No miracles. Nothing that anyone else could not have done.

It is all based on one man who said it was okay to murder people who did not believe and/or refused to believe. One man.

He said it was okay to mutilate female genitals. He said it was okay to murder your daughter if she ’embarrassed’ you. He said it was okay to stick people in the ground and kill them slowly by throwing stones at them—and they still do that today.

Islam is still in the 7th century. They still wear pajamas as normal daily dress. They have progressed maybe a few hundred years—maybe—but the Middle East is still a backwards, violent, unforgiving mess.

They want to exterminate Jews and Israel. Exterminate. Oh, don’t give me any garbage about the Crusades. If you really knew history, you would understand why the Crusades happened. Before you make any dumb comments about the Crusades, take some time to educate yourself about them.

What other ‘religion’in the world seeks to exterminate an entire nation? Hitler tried and failed. No one in the history of mankind has ever completed their goal to 100% of it.

Genghis Khan did not. Napoleon did not. Hannibal did not. Hitler did not. The Japanese did not. The USSR did not. The North Koreans did not. And on and on.

Yet, the Muslims believe they will get every human on Earth to accept and convert to Islam. Idiots.

If a Muslim offered me the choice of accepting Islam and Allah or die, I’d say something like, “May God have mercy on your soul. Kill me now.”

Everything we know exists has an opposite: hard-soft, fast-slow, up-down, in-out, light-dark. So does religion. If Christianity is the one true religion worshiping the one true God, then what is its opposite? Islam, of course.

Islam is the religion of Satan. I made up an acronym for Islam: In Satan Live All Muslims.

Islam is the enemy of Christianity and the enemy of all people, Christian or not, who refuse to abandon their religion for Islam.

Al Qaeda

Allah is a myth.

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