Again, the Hypocrisy of Islam

Source: Me and Islamic web pages found on the www

Okay. I’ve written about the hypocrisy of Islam before, but I feel it is necessary that I write about it again.

I gave Islam an opportunity to change my mind, but it failed to do so. I found, using the TOR browser (refer to post on this blog about TOR – The Onion Router), web sites promoting Islam and for the purpose of teaching non-Muslims about Islam.

I listened. I watched. I read. Yet, not one thing changed my mind.

I listened to Muslims speak about the forgiveness of Islam and of Allah. That is hypocrisy.

I listened to Muslims speak about how peaceful Islam is and how Islam wants to live in peace with everyone. That is hypocrisy.

If Muslims wanted to live in peace with everyone, why do they demand Israel be wiped off the face of the Earth? Does that sound like wanting to live in peace?

If Muslims were forgiving, why do they seek to murder/kill those who criticize Islam? If someone bad mouths Islam, an order is given to slay the person(s) bad mouthing Islam. You call that forgiveness?

If Islam is forgiving, why do Muslims execute people in the most horrific and cruel ways? 1) Why do they stone people to death? Why do they behead people? 2) Why do they murder their daughters for not marrying the man chosen by their family? 3) Why did they try to murder a young girl on a school bus just because she wanted to learn about the world, learn how to read, learn about society, science, etc.?

Why do Muslims hold their camels and goats to be more valuable than their wives?

Why are there no minority rights in places where Muslims are the majority, yet when Muslims are the minority, scream for minority rights for Muslims?

Why do Muslims think murdering thousands of innocent people and themselves will earn them a place in Heaven?

Why do they seek to manufacture nuclear bombs if they would rather live in peace?

Why do they form fatwahs (or holy wars or whatever they call ’em) to kill people for stupid, insignificant reasons?

No, the Muslims have not changed my mind. I find what they say and what they do to be absolute opposites of one another, and I believe people who were once Christians then convert to Islam to be ABSOLUTELY MIND BOGGLING!* They just sold their souls to the Devil and will be greeted by the demon himself when they leave this life.

I still believe Islam is a bunch of crap. It is a lie. Islam is evil in the things that it does. It is not what I’ve heard, read, and watched on the Internet.

Even if Islam stopped doing evil, hateful, sinful things, I still would not want to convert to Islam. A Muslim can come and talk to me until he/she is blue in the face, but it will be a waste of their time.

Islam is the religion of Satan. Only Satan tells his followers to murder, to kill, to rape, to steal. Not one religion in the entire world OTHER THAN ISLAM tells its followers to do such hateful, evil, sinful things.

Only Islam.

Death to Islam!

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