Proof Blacks Are Far More Racist Than Caucasians

So, you think only white people can be racists? If so, you are a blind fool. Watch these videos and ask yourself, “Would white people be allowed to do this in public?”

Black hatred of whites is a hundred times worse than anything I’ve ever seen in white folks.

To claim all whites are the same and all whites are racists is both stupid and absolutely, undeniably racist. Such a claim is erroneous and made by racist blacks—who claim it is not possible for blacks to be racists. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. You betcha, Holmes.

Spend a few moments watching these videos. ESPECIALLY the first two listed below.  A Black in support of Whites

Why is there no White History Month? Why is there no United Caucasian College Fund? Why is there no National Association for the Advancement of White People? Why is there no Miss White America Pageant? And on and on and on. Because if whites had the same thing as blacks, whites would be called racists—even more than they are now.   Crimes against Whites by Blacks (must see!)  Another Black in support of Whites –

Why won’t the media cover black against white crimes, but have a media field day if a white person commits a crime against blacks? Is it because the media is Liberal and takes great strides to HIDE black against white crimes? The media is biased and it sucks.

I posted this because it must be known there is as much [if not more] racism against whites than racism against blacks. We don’t have white “preachers” telling whites to kill all the blacks. But black “preachers” in churches tell blacks to kill all the whites. Is there something wrong with that?

Damn right, there is!





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Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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9 Responses to Proof Blacks Are Far More Racist Than Caucasians

  1. Tiffiny Shea says:

    I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. First off, there are still white people saying terrible things about black people, it’s just not considered okay anymore for them to do so, and a lot of them live in rural areas or the South and are not in the public mainstream.

    Secondly, the reason why it isn’t okay for white people to dog on black people, but it is somewhat allowed in reverse is because black people have endured a long history of oppression from white people in the past, which was morally reprehensible, but white people have never endured the same kind of atrocities in the reverse.

    I think that the current norms for what is acceptable speech in white society is a way of trying to respect the past and what this group of people have endured, giving them some form of acknowledgement.

    But I also think that there are just as many white people in the world speaking ill of them as there are black people speaking ill of whites. Did you do a search on videos for white racists? Because I’m sure there are still many websites and videos that demonstrate that sort of thing, but I’m not going to waste my time, plus it would be incredibly displeasurable for me to do so.

    Honestly, why are you wasting your time worrying about this topic? Somehow I doubt your life has been severely handicapped by this sort of reverse racism, the way many black people’s lives have been handicapped by real racism.


    • thomlucci says:

      The essence of your comment is saying ‘it is okay for blacks to be outwardly and unashamedly racists, but not okay for Caucasians to show any racism.’ That is ridiculous for many reasons. Blacks stand on public streets and scream ‘kill the crackers, rip their fetuses from their wombs and kill them!’ Now, where do ‘crackers’ do that? If white folks did that, there would be such an outrage it would be on the front page of many, if not all, newspapers and on broadcast TV.

      Blacks are, indeed, far more racist than any white I’ve ever known in my life. They USE their color to their advantage. I drove a taxi for a while. I was ripped off so many times that I began (with the approval of the taxi company and the city!) to require a $20 deposit after dark before I took anyone anywhere. The only ones who protested that requirement were blacks. Maybe because they planned to rip me off. One black guy said to me, “Why? Because I’m black?” I told him, “I don’t care if you are pink with purple polka dots. Everyone pays a deposit after dark. If you don’t want to pay it, get out and call another cab company.” He got out. Where I picked him up was near a church. When I got to the church at night, no one was there. He stepped out from behind a big tree. The tree was in the shadows. Now, what do you think about that? A bit suspicious, maybe?

      The Caucasians have bent over backwards as far as they possibly can to appease the blacks, and the blacks still want more. Blacks holding white folks responsible for what their ancestors suffered is nothing less than ludicrous and insane. You, yourself, cannot be held responsible for what your great-great-grandfather did. Can you? And in my case, my family weren’t even in this country until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They immigrated from Europe. So, I had no family here before then. Holding me responsible is nothing less than bullshit racism against my color.

      Don’t tell me to go to YouTube. YOU go there and look at how many group assaults are made on white people by blacks. They group together and riot. How many white riots have you seen or know about? Is rioting an approved way to show your displeasure with something? It is a sign of uncivilized people. There are many reasons for whites to riot, but do you see us rioting anywhere? Sometimes when riots occur because of some sports team losing it is just as asinine as blacks rioting because of some court decision. All riots are wrong.

      Blacks openly and unashamedly show their racism for whites and scream for the murder of whites on public streets and in their churches. What white preacher do you know who stands at the pulpit and screams, “Kill black people!”? What kind of “preachers” are those black preachers who scream that in a Christian (?) church?

      Yes, it is true blacks are far more racist than whites. They have such a deep hatred for white people that it will probably never ever be fixed. That kind of racism is far worse than any racism in any white. Not all whites were slave owners. Not all whites hate black people, but a vast majority of blacks hate whites. The hatred is a much bigger problem in blacks than it ever was in whites.

      Jesus said in the New Testament, “Physician, heal thyself.” That meant, before you go fixing anyone else, you need to fix yourself.

      Blacks——before you try to eradicate racism from whites, you need to fix that sick problem in yourselves, first. Unless you are hypocrites: claiming you love Jesus when all you really love is the hatred in your hearts.


      • nate says:

        I get tired of The Race Card. Anytime a white person disagrees with a black person one of 1st things is oh it because I’m black. If i was white you wouldn’t think that way. I get so tired of hearing about how my ancestors did all these horrible things to yours. I hate that black people were treated bad along time ago but I nor any of my family ever done anything bad or tried to keep a black person from achieving any goal. Yet I hear that way to much for centuries we been oppressed and treated badly. I don’t know what they expect me or any white person alive to do. Heck the President of this country is black. If whites were so racist do you think a black man would’ve ever made it to President of U.S.? So I think black people are the most racist people their are. They hate white people or Crackers like they like to call us. I also hate how when 1 white person may do something horrible Jessie Jackson AL Sharpton and even the President has to speak of how things need to change. Then something horrible happens and black person kills or rapes white person you don’t see bunch of rallies and people preaching how things need to change they hardly even report it on News. It may be on local news but they rarely give it any national attention.


  2. halftangible says:

    “Who’s more racist? Black people or white people? Black people. Ya know why? Cuz we hate black people too.” -Chris Rock
    Yes, it is utter bullshit that the media has a field day whenever a white person commits a crime against a black person, but ignores black on white. Thing is, anyone with a brain has stopped paying attention to the TV for their news.

    On top of that, sweeping generalizations are not going to convince anyone. The incidents exist, yes, but how does that translate to ‘most black people are extremists who want all white people dead’? You can’t have a majority of extreme opinions, Extremists are outliers. That’s why they’re called ‘extremists’.


    • thomlucci says:

      Thank you for your comment. However, I take offense to the statement that anyone with a brain no longer watches TV news. Millions of people watch TV news. Yes, the Internet gives you much more news, because the time constraints are set by ourselves, not by broadcast networks. Yet, the Internet does not give you the feeling that it is actually “speaking” to you. I, and many others, like to watch the news anchors speak to us and watch the videos and news reports.

      If you read the post again and take notice of the questions: “why is there no. . .”, it will be clear blacks can have what they want, but if Caucasians want the same things (which gives us equality) we are accused of being racist.

      As I said/wrote, I’ve met more blacks who hate a very deep-seated hatred for whites than white who have a problem with blacks. And I’ve never heard any whites blame blacks for what their ancestors did. We don’t hold blacks responsible for what their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers did. But blacks hold whites in this century responsible for what their ancestors did. That’s nothing less than 1) asinine and 2) bigotry.

      I’ve never seen as much hatred in Caucasians as I’ve seen in blacks.

      Physician (blacks), heal thyself.

      Before blacks go around accusing whites of racism, the blacks need to fix that problem in themselves, first. That is what Jesus said. Now your choice is obey Jesus or disobey Jesus. It’s your choice. What choice will you make?


      • halftangible says:

        I probably should’ve said ‘solely’ from TV.

        I choose to hate the sin, not the sinner. A black man kills a white man? I don’t see a racist, I see a murderer. Everything else is secondary.


  3. nate says:

    I totally agree. Shannon Christian and Chris Newsom were tortured raped and murdered he was set on fire and they shoved her in trash can like she was nothing. I never saw 1 small story on any national news about 2 innocent white kids getting killed by 4 blacks yet Trayvon Martin gets killed and whites get blamed on every channel and Zimmerman isn’t even white he’s Hispanic. Whites don’t have WET channel were BET is ok to have.


    • nate says:

      I also forgot to mention that one of the killers was a female. They were from Kentucky and had to to visit ones brother who had just been released from prison. So they decide to carjacking them and torture them. One of the things that made me the sickest was during the court case it revealed the female killer was keeping a journal and she wrote how that weekend they tortured those poor young college kids who were trying to better themselves she wrote that was the best time of her life. That she enjoyed it so much and how she wanted to do it again. You would think a female would feel for the girl and try to stop them from raping her but she didn’t. She just enjoyed it. Tenn. Has Death penalty and if you knew all the facts which it would take days to write them all down there was only one who got the death penalty. I was so shocked and disappointed. If any case deserved the ultimate punishment this was the case. They should have sentenced all 4 to death by lethal injection which I think is punk way out to just go to sleep. They should make them drink bleach before like they did her while she was still alive. They are in process of bringing old Sparky back. I think that to civilized. I think the Christian – Newsom families should be given a list of executions and let them pick which one they deserve. To bad this wasn’t in state of Texas if so this family may have at least got to see the 1 monster that got me death penalty get executed but in Tenn. I doubt either family will have a patent still alive if that execution date ever does come which is a shame. This case has DNA & everything there is no doubt about it yet it will take at least 20+ years to carry sentence out which is a shame.


  4. thomlucci says:

    If you saw the first video, you saw the statistics of black against white crimes. There is an enormous number of crimes against whites by blacks, but how often do you see that reported? However, it becomes national news when a white hurts a black. It is STUPID to hold white responsible for the injustices committed by whites against blacks decades ago, even 100+ years ago. Whites today cannot be held responsible or be punished for crimes committed by their ancestors. For a black to harm a white and state it’s for what happened to blacks before that white person was born is nothing less than pure racism, bigotry, hatred for a race. The violence by blacks against whites is many times more horrific than crimes committed by whites. It is STUPID to “justify” murder by saying it’s because. . .

    Yes, Blacks are much more violent, much less civilized than whites. Blacks show the jungle is still a big part of their character. Violent savages they are. As long as blacks continue their racist vendetta against whites, there never WILL be peace between the races. Blacks need to realize what happened in the past should remain in the past. The deaths of white folks caused by black folks cannot ever be justified by saying, “This is for what happened to my great great grandpappy.”

    Proof, I guess, you can take the blacks out of the African jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of blacks. In order to be treated better, to be respected better, blacks need to become civilized. As long as they prefer to remain murdering savages, they will never be respected.

    And so the war between the races continues—perhaps forever.


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