Childhood Innocence Lost

I am both flabbergasted and deeply appalled at the depravity of having young girls aged from six-years-old to thirteen utter filthy gutter language in a rapping video meant to address child molestation by creating a video with graphic shock value.

It matters not what the message is or for what purpose the video was made, such a despicable production is nothing short of child molestation itself. The video is a model example of just how far our society has sunk, abandoning all concepts of morality and decency.

The “molestors” include anyone who was connected with the production of the video and especially the person(s) who had the final power to approve/disapprove the video. Included in this band of child molesters are the parents who ALLOWED  their little girls to star in the video and speak such filth. No child should be uttering such vulgar language, and knowing that kind of language and using it voids childhood innocence. A child cannot be both innocent and vulgar at the same time.

The parents who were complicit should not only have their children taken from them for permitting  this vulgar behavior, but also undergo a medical procedure to prevent them from ever breeding again.

I feel as if I, along with an ever decreasing number of decent folks, are in a batch of rotting tomatoes, and it is the rotten tomatoes who view the still uninfected tomatoes as being not “in sync” with the rest of society.

I hope the grocer comes soon to remove the still fresh tomatoes and dump the rotten ones into the fiery pit.

My God, how could anyone conceive such a video then actually produce it?

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Michelle Obama Openly Expresses Her (its) Racist Tendencies Toward Caucasians

Source: American Overlook

Just when you thought you’d seen it all from First Lady Michelle Obama, this video surfaces.

In this short clip of an interview of Michelle Obama, she goes on a rant displaying hatred and bitterness towards white people.

She discusses a black inferiority complex and claims that African Americans across the country are dealing with the psychology that they are held back by their race. She explains that this is why many people did not vote for her husband, Barack Obama; she thinks the legacy of racism has led them to believe that he couldn’t win because of his race and discouraged people from supporting him during the election.

“Black America is going to wake up,” Michelle Obama said in the interview. Conversely, in this statement she assumes every African American is a racist and will eventually wake up and vote for Obama solely based on his race.

It’s ironic to hear an administration that has only benefited and thrived off of racial division and the “race card” share these thoughts.



It is an embarrassment to both races, white and black, that such racist, white-hating bigots  were put in the White House. Isn’t that ironic? They both hate white people. . .but did everything they could, even lying to both races, in order to take up residence in a WHITE house.

There are Blacks, African-Americans, Colored People, Negroes, then there are—I’ll let you finish that.

I hope history will be VERY unkind to both those despicable bigots.

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Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia


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Originally posted on The Contemplative Thinker:

rotunda-capitol-7-1-11At the risk of sounding rude I openly state that what is happening in the Middle East and Northern Africa regarding what little civil rights that are being tolerated is sickening. These nations bearing the theology of Islam are surely incompatible with humans from the West or those who simply want to worship God.

Some of the article below became available to me through and Benjamin Weinthal, an inside member of The Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

As for us here at The Contemplative Thinker, we are entirely in disbelief. For those of you readers who are not aware of the antidiscrimination law suits being initiated upon just about every major school district in America; still worse, is the amount of preferential treatment given to these people of different faith and beliefs by the United States Department of Justice all the while working with CAIRa special interest and…

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