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Nothing Is More Blind Than A Democrat

Even before Obama won his first presidential election, he was being accused of not being a U.S. citizen, of being a prevaricator, of being unqualified to be president, of being a Muslim, and other lesser known accusations. Obama supporters angrily … Continue reading

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Allah Is A Myth

This is not just a hateful attack on the ‘religion’ of Islam, but an analytical conclusion. If Islam had any credibility I would not criticize it, but that is just the problem: it has no credibility. The first time anyone … Continue reading

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Is It Audacity or Stupidity?

Can you believe after all the scandals, after all the controversies, after all her lies, ole Hillary is running for president again? Her decision to run must be fueled by her question: “Don’t you someday want you see a woman … Continue reading

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