Hillary Clinton deleted 32,000 ‘private’ emails, refuses to turn over server

The Queen of Deception

The Queen of Deception

She is hiding something. If she had nothing to hide, why wouldn’t she turn over her ‘private’ server for inspection?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin turned over everything regarding her emails while governor, even her private emails. One of the chief investigators concluded everything was on the up and up. It showed a state government working for the people and not one negative item was discovered.

Now, compare that to this dishonest and crooked Hillary Clinton. Only a moron could still say Hillary is honest and forthcoming.

Read the full story by the Washington Times by clicking the link below:


It seems there is so much controversy and scandals involving Hillary. If she was ever elected president imagine how much more damage she could do with such power. It has been reported that even her fellow Democrats are reluctant to defend her. Why? Because there is just too much about her and her actions over the years that casts doubt into the minds of many of her honesty.

I do not have the slightest doubt of her dishonesty and scandalous involvement as Secretary of State, the Benghazi fiasco, First Lady, First Lady of Arkansas, in the Whitewater scandal, and her other activities.

She is just a crook, through and through.

I seriously doubt she has much of a chance to be elected president, and if she is elected president, it will probably be based on her gender, and many want a female president. That is even worse than electing Obama just because he is half black. That is electing a person not for what kind of person they are, but what they look like. Looks are deceiving, and the queen of deception is ole Hillary herself.


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One Response to Hillary Clinton deleted 32,000 ‘private’ emails, refuses to turn over server

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    Of course she is hiding something. Not just something, something huge. If there wasn’t anything big she was hiding, she would give it up just to make the seekers look stupid. I’m surprised her computer system has actually been totally destroyed; that the server isn’t missing.


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