DAMN Them!

I am SO ticked off at the corrupt, inefficient, autonomous, and we-don’t-give-a-damn United States Postal Service!

I’ve lived at my present address since February 2013, and in all that time I’ve complained about the mail service, but my complaints seem to be completely ignored.

My complaints are ignored probably because the Postal Service just doesn’t give a damn.

I continually receive mail for someone who hasn’t lived here since before February 2013. I’ve spoken to a female Letter Carrier about this, and she told me the Postal Service doesn’t care about the names. All the USPS cares about is that mail is delivered to the address on the mail piece.

That is a crock of bullshi*! How do I know that? Because I used to be a Letter Carrier, and she was trying to BS me. Mail delivered either to the wrong address or to a person who no longer resides at the address is classified as a misdelivery. Period.

My mail is continually crushed when it is delivered. [photos below].

Just a few days ago I saw where an envelope was opened before I received it. My mail was opened! Unless I’m wrong, that is a federal crime! I had a difficult time finding the phone number to the Postal Inspectors. When I finally did find the number, a female Postal Inspector took my call. I told her how my mail had been opened. Conversation below:

Postal Inspector: “Who opened it?”

Me:   “How the hell should I know? I didn’t follow the envelope from the time it was initially dropped into a mailbox. I’m certain the business mailing the envelope did not open it after sealing it, then dropped it into the mailbox again, and since the mail is in the possession of the Postal Service until delivered, it had to have been opened by a Postal employee.”

Female Postal Inspector:  “Well, I suggest you contact Customer Service. Do you have that number?”

Me:  “Contact Customer Service? Are you kidding me? I’m talking about a federal crime here. I used to be a Letter Carrier, and I know opening the mail addressed to someone other than yourself is a crime.”

Female Postal Inspector:  “Well, I can’t help you.”

Me:  “But this is a federal crime, for Pete’s sake! Are you telling me the Postal Inspection Service no longer cares about crime?”

Female Postal Inspector:  “Sir, you’ll have to call Customer Service.”

At that point, I was pulling the phone from my ear to hang up, but she heard me say, “What a bunch of worthless assholes in the Postal Inspection Service!”

Just what is becoming of the United States Postal Service?!  When I was a Letter Carrier, I was also a Union Steward, and I saw the corruption, bigotry, and inefficiency of the USPS first hand, and it is a sorry-ass federal bureaucracy. It is autonomous, and it needs either a complete overhaul from the top down or eliminated altogether and replaced by a private company with close oversight.

I’ve written a book about the USPS from my point of view while working as a Letter Carrier, and the story is explosive. I tell all the secrets about 1) how your mail is really handled, and 2) the staggering corruption within.

Well, today I opened my mailbox and found my mail as shown in the photos below:

Crushed mail view 1

Crushed mail view 1

Crushed mail view 2

Crushed mail view 2

Crushed mail view 3

Crushed mail view 3

Crushed mail view 4

Crushed mail view 4

Do you also see a large white envelope that is stamped in big red letters? Those letters spell out “DO NOT BEND“. So, is the Letter Carrier 1)illiterate, 2)not an English speaker, or 3)a moron who doesn’t give a damn?

I’ve complained about my mail being bent when it’s stated “Do Not Bend” at least half a dozen times in the past, but as you can clearly see, it is again bent.

About the only thing I hate more than the worthless USPS is Barry Soetoro and his transvestite bed partner.

Dammit, why is this happening to my mail? I’ve even written the Postmaster General in Washington D.C., and the ONLY response/action taken was to send me an email that says, this matter has been referred to the Rio Grande Postal District.

That’s like taking a complaint about some rogue fox killing chickens in the hen house to the fox’s den and sharing the complaint with the other foxes. I’m sure the other foxes wouldn’t give much of a damn, either.

I doubt it will ever happen, but the USPS needs a complete overhaul and retraining.


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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