I Am Almost Ashamed to be a Protestant

Source: San Antonio Express-News & New York Times

[Story source from newspapers above, but the post is my words.]

You probably know the Pope (obviously a Catholic) recently visited South Korea. I am a Protestant, but I have no problem with Catholics until they push their denomination on me. Oh, I have my opinions of Catholics, and some of them are not nice.

BUT—I certainly wouldn’t call the Pope, the Catholics, or the Catholic religion “idol worship” and “satanic forces”. That is what the Rev. Song Choon-gil, a Presbyterian pastor in South Korea, said during a rally of Protestants.

“The enemy king has appeared at the center of our nation!” Choon-gil shouted.

An expert on Korean religions said, “The Catholic church enjoys a greater level of public trust than the Protestant side.” The Protestants feel a deep sense of resentment toward the Catholic church.

Buddhists and Confucians, the nation’s two major non-Christian religious groups, are also expressing their displeasure with the Pope’s visit.

I mean, come on! Give me a break. Holy frijoles, isn’t there enough strife in the world without “men of the cloth” slapping each other like challenging each other to a duel?

Jeez. This is such infantile behavior.

Isn’t the center of both Christian religions Jesus Christ, the Savior? Well, sometimes I think Catholics put the Virgin Mary above Christ. Anyway, believing in Christ is the main point. The denominational differences are certainly not worthy of calling any one of them “satanic forces”.

It’s like cars, as just one example. Why are there so many different makes, models, colors, and accessories? Because not everyone is going to want the exact same thing. How boring would that be?

There are some Christian religions I think are way off the mark or truth, and that is why I won’t have anything to do with them. I’ve been to Presbyterian churches, Methodist churches, and others, and I’ve learned what they believe. It’s sometimes radically different than what I believe.

Yet, I won’t go publicly saying they are “satanic forces” or call the leader an “enemy king”. That is truly infantile.

South Korea has many more problems than a visit by the Pope. I think the Protestants, Buddhists, and Confucians could find better things to do, like feeding the hungry, helping the homeless and so on, than protesting the Pope’s visit.

Don’t you?


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Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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