Billboards to Go Up in Tennessee

These electronic billboard displays will begin displaying on October 1, 2014, on Hwy 321 near Lenoir City, Tennessee. It is a private project funded by private donations.

There is truth in every single one of these electronic displays.

There is truth in every single one of these electronic displays.

Billboard 2 Billboard 3 Billboard 4 Billboard 5 Billboard 6 Billboard 7 Billboard 8 Billboard 9

I particularly like the one with the Communist hammer and sickle. Obama has taken us closer to socialism/communism than any president in our history. Do you understand that? We are very close to the edge where our freedoms disappear and socialism takes over.

If you want to live in a socialist nation, elect Hillary Clinton. It won’t be much of an effort for her to continue the direction Obama has taken. She will drive the final nail in the coffin that buries the freedoms we have enjoyed since 1776.

Some things about Hillary:

  • she’s a prevaricator (look it up in a dictionary)
  • she’s involved in several scandals including Benghazi, fund raising, and others
  • she has some connection with a slew of murders in her political career (refer to other posts on this blog about Hillary)
  • she accomplished NOTHING as Secretary of State
  • she’s involved in the Benghazi scandal/conspiracy
  • she’s made a score of very stupid comments, which clearly defines her as a socialist
  • she is a Democrat (which is the party of treason) – refer to the picture of the monument at the gravesite of a man who died in the 1860’s; the picture is posted on this blog.
  • she has a really nasty attitude (refer to Hillary posts on this blog)
  • she has a filthy mouth (refer to Hillary posts on this blog)
  • she treats her entourage like trash (refer to Hillary posts on this blog)
  • In the matter of four Americans killed in Benghazi, her comment directed to not just the Congressional committee, but to all Americans was, “What difference at this point does it make?” (What difference does the death of four Americans make? Are you KIDDING me?!)

Hillary Clinton is a lying, untrustworthy, un-American, nasty and wicked bitch who has a very uncomfortable connection to people who were murdered and had some association with her and/or her husband.

PLEASE view all the posts here about Hillary. You will find some shocking videos about her and her hubby.

May God have mercy on our nation during the next presidential election. I pray we can reverse all the harm that fraudulent, lying, unqualified, incompetent, Marxist, Muslim, and homosexual did to our country. And we can finally say good-bye to that stealing transvestite bitch Michelle and that dishonest, lazy, incompetent Attorney General Eric Holder. He’s a worthless piece of manure, as well.



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2 Responses to Billboards to Go Up in Tennessee

  1. Nobody Smith says:

    The hammer and sickle billboard has a typo. The election is Nov. 4 this year. It is not on Nov. 6. That’s what it was in 2012. I hope that doesn’t confuse voters. It would be bad if they showed up two days late to the poles.


    • thomlucci says:

      Yes, you are correct. However, you, too, have a spelling error. You see, people don’t go to light poles to vote, or telephone poles, or flag poles, or sign poles. There is no such thing as a “vote pole”. The word is “poll”. You go to the polls, not the poles.


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