Some Things Need to Be Said & Contemplated by All

I made a video to upload to YouTube about this, but at 13 GB, the time to upload indicated was 1900 minutes or—31 hours. Are you kidding me? THIRTY-ONE HOURS? So, I am left with writing this down. The disadvantages are you cannot hear the inflections in my voice, cannot see my facial expressions, and you are not able to make fun of my left ear, which kinda sticks out a little farther than my right ear. [chuckling]

However, the message, the meat of this post is the same as the video. I may upset some people. I may encourage some people.  But no matter how you react, I’m sure, if you consider this objectively and not subjectively, you will realize much of this post, if not all of it, makes sense and is factual.

This has been bothering me for a very long time. Being that people usually get angry when discussing the topic and are unable to just discuss it, I wouldn’t say anything about it if I were not with some protection of some sort. Blogging about it does give me a good measure of safety. I hope this post  makes people think and, perhaps, modify, if not completely change, their viewpoints.

So, what is this topic, eh? One that will wake you up and catch your attention: racism.

In a morbid sort of way, blacks (I will not write out African-American every time, so blacks will suffice and cover all the other references to that race) owe the slave traders a debt of gratitude. Not gratitude for the way their ancestors were treated, but gratitude for bringing their ancestors to America. If slave traders had not captured African natives and whisked them away, they would have remained in Africa. Their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren would have been born in Africa. If that had been the case, there would be fewer blacks in this country, much fewer than are in the U.S. today.

So, if the person reading this right now is an African-American, if it had not been for the capture of African natives, you would most likely not be using a computer and probably not even know what a computer is. You wouldn’t be living in a house, but in a thatched hut. So, you see, the slave traders did you a favor, even though they didn’t do any favors for their captives, your ancestors. Those slave traders were white, mostly. There might have been some Frenchmen, Englishmen, maybe even some Hispanic/Spanish/Mexican men working as slave traders. I guess you could safely say most of them were white, right?

That was in the first half of the 1800’s. Those slave traders had kids—probably. Then those kids had kids and those kids had kids and so on. For the sake of illustration and argument, let’s say I was one of the great, great grandchild of a slave trader. I’m not, but let’s pretend for a moment I am. Now, since I was born 100 years after the slave business, would you hold me responsible for what my kinfolk did way back then? How could you? I wasn’t even a dim twinkle in my great, great grandfather’s eye 100 or so years ago. So, how could you hold me responsible?

Well, that is what blacks do nowadays. They blame whites living today for what happened 150 years ago. It is nothing short of ludicrous to hold people today responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago. So, since it cannot be possible to hold whites today responsible, the only plausible explanation for doing so would be hatred of white folks, which can be defined as racism, bigotry, and discrimination.

This, then, contradicts another ludicrous claim by blacks: “Blacks, African-Americans cannot be prejudiced or racists.” Really? Hmmmm. Then explain the paragraph above. Face it, people—we all are human. The only difference is what we look like on the outside, what our upholstery looks like. So, blacks can be just as racist and full of hatred for other races as anyone else.

Jesus said, “Physician, heal thyself.” Do you understand what He meant? He told a physician, paraphrasing now, ‘before you go out and heal others, you need to heal yourself, first.’ Putting that to today’s world/society, blacks have no business accusing someone or some race of being racists and/or are a bunch of bigots. Not until they rid themselves of the very same sickness they want others to abandon. Clean up your own hearts and rid yourselves of the hatred and bigotry before you go seeking others and accuse them of the very same thing you are: a racist.

Are you still with me on this? Is this beginning to make a little sense? Here is something else you should know. My ancestors never reached the United States until the late 1800’s, immigrating from Germany, Italy, and Ireland. Quite a mix, eh? LOL! So, in no way whatsoever can I be held responsible for owning slaves. We were still in Europe during the Civil War and long after. Being hateful and racist toward me because of the slaves is nothing more than hatred and bigotry. Now, if I do something wrong, I can be held responsible. But I cannot be held responsible for what was done before I was born. Right? Good. I think we have that established, now.

Moving on, slaves were not treated as badly as blacks want us to believe. Oh, sure, there were slaves in chains, slaves were beaten, hung, shot, and so on. But not ALL slaves. Many were given an education, well fed, clothed, and had better sleeping conditions than the slaves who picked cotton. Let’s agree to that, shall we? Descendants of slaves were born in a civilized country. Compared to Africa, oh, yes, it’s civilized.

Over the many decades following the Civil War, there was segregation. You know, whites and blacks went through separate doors, had different drinking fountains, sat apart from each other and so forth. This was, admittedly, grossly unfair, but all that started to change when Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus. The word ‘segregation’ was replaced with ‘integration’. Many strides have been made since the 1960’s to improve the status of blacks. Many laws have been passed. The attitudes toward blacks have changed, too, over that time. It is not realistic to expect those attitudes to change overnight. So, be realistic.

Caucasians have made great strides in trying to prevent discrimination and even have gone so far as giving blacks opportunities whites cannot get. For instance, do you think a white kid can petition a college for a seat because there has to be a certain percentage of white kids in the college? And what if the white kid had a borderline C/D average? What would his chances be of being accepted by the college?

But that is exactly what happens when the kid is black. Some black high school graduates get into college for no other reason than the fact they are black. Even with a borderline C/D average. I would call that reverse discrimination, wouldn’t you?

There is the NAACP, but if whites had a National Association for the Advancement of Caucasians whites would be called racists. There is the United Negro College Fund, but if whites had the United Caucasian College Fund they would be called racists. There is the Miss Black America pageant, but if there was a Miss White American pageant, whites would be called racists. Are you  getting my point? Blacks have things whites cannot have.

A black can stand on a street corner and call for the extermination of whites and even calling for a fetus to be ripped out of a pregnant white woman and both killed, but let a white man stand on the corner calling for the extermination of the black race and killing both a black mother and her fetus, how long do you think that white will remain alive? Blacks can do that—whites cannot.

What kind of “preacher” or “man of God” stands in a pulpit in a church and screams, “Goddamn America”? The only time I’ve ever heard anything like that is from a black preacher. And the only reason, I believe, why people didn’t get up and leave at that point is because the congregation agreed with the “preacher”. And this guy uses the name of God in vain and in God’s house!

Blacks wonder why whites shake with fear when more than two or three are in a group. Well, the answer is obvious. Just go to YouTube and watch all the videos of blacks attacking people, flooding into convenience stores and shoplifting, and other crimes. First, those are crimes and perpetrated by groups of blacks. Try and find any videos of white people doing that.

White folks fear blacks and for good reasons.

If blacks are going to carjack, steal purses, assault whites for no other reason than their victim is white, break into or steal cars, burglarize homes, rape white women, and a list of other violent crimes, do you really need to ask the question ‘why do whites fear blacks’?

Then there is Al Sharpton. There is one very racist man. You never see his face when a black or blacks commit a crime against whites, but when some white person or persons do something awful to a black, ole Al can’t get on TV fast enough. Where has he been during all the black on black murders in Chicago? Where was his face when blacks murdered an elderly WWII veteran? Did you see or hear Obama say anything about that crime? No, but, again, let a white harm a black and ole Barry (Obama’s real name) also beats a path to the Media. Isn’t that a display of racism and disregard for people of a different race?

That could change if blacks changed their behavior. Oh, the attitudes wouldn’t change overnight. It would take a generation or two. But if blacks stopped their violent crimes and tried to act like civilized people and stopped screaming for the extermination of whites, there wouldn’t be, eventually, a fear of blacks.

Blacks only have themselves to blame for the fear whites have of a group of blacks aimlessly wandering the neighborhoods.

Yes, blacks, there are racist whites. I will not deny that. But here is something perhaps you should write down: not all whites are racists, just like not all blacks are racists. There is racism in every race, every nationality, and it’s been a part of human nature even as far back as when the Egyptians ruled the known world.

Racism is eternal, apparently. There will always be hatred for people of another color, culture, or anything different. It is a shame, yes, but—what can you do about it? Nothing, really, except don’t be a racist yourself.

I’m a Disabled Veteran, and my father was in the military, so I’ve grown up with and gone to school with people of all colors and nationalities. I have no animosity toward someone who is different than me. What matters to me is what is in their hearts. However, I’ve been innocently riding a bus and have been verbally assaulted by a racist black. They don’t know me. They know practically nothing about me, so their attacks are purely racist. Why be that way? Why be a hateful racist who hates all people of a certain race?

I remember when I was in the military, I was going out with some friends, and a young black friend asked if he could listen to my radio, which was in my locker. I told him, sure, no problem. Just lock up my locker when he’s done, I told him. In that locker and in plain sight was about two hundred dollars. When I got back that night, the money was still there and my locker was secured. Now, if I was a pure racist, I never would have let that young man anywhere near my locker. I trusted him, and he proved trusting him was justified.

I would be tickled pink if blacks would stop being hateful toward white people just because they are white people. I would be overjoyed if blacks stopped screaming “discrimination” if they don’t get what they want or think they deserve.

I also think blacks don’t really want equality. If there was true equality, the blacks would have to shred their “race” cards. If all things were exactly equal, no longer could blacks pull out a “race” card and accuse someone of being racist in order to get what they want.

The way things are now, it seems all blacks keep a “race” card in their pockets and pull it out anytime their feelings are hurt. Even our glorious (?) president and his wife, who are also racists, have pulled their race cards out. It is completely asinine to accuse those opposed to him of opposing him just because he’s black, and he isn’t black. He is half black, half white. Skin color is only .5 mm deep.

The same is true of accusing all whites of being racists. That is purely asinine and a hateful display of the hatred and racism of the person(s) making that claim.

One thing that cannot be taken away from you is the knowledge between your ears. Stuff as much knowledge as you can there. The more you know, the more you will be worth and the more you will be paid for what you know as you climb up the social ladder.

So, do better in school. Learn. Study. Take your revenge out on others by being smarter than others, and, maybe, they will be working for you one day. YOU will be their boss.

Stop rioting, looting, pillaging, burning buildings, overturning cars, and hurting people when something happens you don’t like, like a verdict as an example. Again, that only makes whites fear you, and if you are a decent human being, you don’t want people to fear you. You want them to respect you.

I am writing this because I am tired of being blamed for what happened 150 years ago when my family was still in Europe. I am tired of blacks hating me just because of my skin color. I am tired of being extremely cautious of a group of blacks who are nearby and wandering aimlessly around.

All this racism can be done away with if you blacks, and you whites, stop hating each other just because your skin color is different. Don’t hold me or any other white responsible for what happened looooooooong before we were born. It is ludicrous to do so, don’t you think?

We can get along, people. Heal yourselves. Then go out and smile at each other, shake hands, and realize there are much fewer racists than you previously imagined.

Does this make any sense to you at all? Has anyone changed their attitudes after reading this? I do not expect to be a miracle worker or a peacemaker, but I would like to get people to rethink their attitudes toward others, especially when the difference is merely skin color.

Stop the hatred. Stop the violence. Stop the crimes. If that could be achieved, this society would be a much better place to live in, yes?

God bless all of us and God bless the United States!


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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