Crime in San Antonio Apr 13th – Apr 14th

Source: a local TV station’s web site

In two days—just TWO days! Get a load of these crimes!

  • Assaults – 13
  • Burglaries – 4
  • Robberies – 2
  • Thefts – 36

THIRTY-SIX thefts! I’m certain [after living in San Antonio for the last 23 years] many of those thefts are shoplifting crimes. Shoplifting is a favorite crime for many.

All this in just two days. Thirteen assaults. Thirty-six thefts.

When I go shopping in a grocery or discount store, I am constantly finding items left on shelves in a different department than where the item(s) were found. It doesn’t even matter to many that the item came from a cooler or a frozen area. The scoundrels will leave them, even HIDE them, in an area that might be clothing, toys, hardware—whatever. It doesn’t concern them the item they just left there will rot and have to be trashed. They are just too damn lazy to take it back where they found it. Some people will hide them by stuffing them under clothing or behind other products.

I’ve collected hundreds of pictures on my computer of these irresponsible and appalling behaviors. People (a certain kind of people) just don’t give a damn.

Here is one:

Petty Theft

Petty Theft

Now, I don’t know why these were left here. Perhaps someone thought there were gonna get caught, so they quickly dumped them here.

There are scores of things that I find troubling with the Hispanic race. I’m not going to go into them all here, but I will tell you what one really good Hispanic friend told me some years ago about the Hispanic culture or ‘state of mind’.

He was a very good friend, and I trust him implicitly, so consider that.

He told me Hispanics know companies put away money to cover losses by shoplifting. They also think the companies are so rich they can afford to lose some product by shoplifters. So, their mindset is that there is nothing wrong with stealing. It’s perfectly okay to shoplift.

This adds to my conclusion Catholics are the biggest hypocrites in Christianity. Most Hispanics are Catholics, and most of the crimes committed in San Antonio are committed by Hispanics.

God gave Moses ten commandments. One of those ten states ‘thou shalt not steal’. However, this must be one the Catholics/Hispanics have forgotten all about.

Another one they have forgotten is ‘thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor’.

I lived in California for 11 years where there is also a huge Hispanic population. In all those years, not once did a Hispanic tell a lie about me, especially with the intent to do me harm.

Since arriving in Texas in 1991, I have lost count of the number of times Hispanics/Mexicans have told lies about me with the intent to do me harm. Completely fabricated, hateful, vicious lies. What does that say about Texas Mexicans?

And, being they are considered to be a minority (which is nothing less than ludicrous and laughable), the liars are believed over me, a gringo. Gringo is a derogatory name to describe a Caucasian, like wetback or Ni****.

Not meaning to get off topic, but consider this. Catholics believe when they commit a sin, all they have to do is go to confession and they will be forgiven. That is supposed to be correct, except—

—God will forgive you, but he expects you to avoid committing the same sin again. So, God might say, “Okay, my child, you are forgiven.” Then they go out and commit the same sin again, and go to confession to get forgiven. God might say, “Okay, I will forgive you again, but you must stop committing this sin.” Then, the Catholics go out and commit the same sin again, and go to confession to get forgiven once again.

However, I think God is saying, “No, this time I am not forgiving you, because you don’t really show remorse. You don’t really mean it. You are not sincere.”

But the Catholics think they are, once again, forgiven. They continue to think they can commit the same sin again, and again, and again, and—be forgiven each time.

The idea for forgiveness is you make a concerted effort to not commit the same sin again.

That is why, I believe, Hispanics/Mexicans continue to commit crimes and sins. They think they will always be forgiven. Then, they spend a lot of time praying to the Holy Mother, Mary. Excuse me, but wasn’t it JESUS who died on the cross? Shouldn’t they be praying to Him?

So, anyway, getting back to crime, the Hispanic race is a bellicose race. Violent in nature. Always ready and willing to fight. It’s in their culture.

Yet, they claim to be good Catholics. Right. You betcha.

There is a huge population of “low class” Mexicans in this city. They are illegal immigrants, convicted felons in Mexico, or running away from Mexico to avoid convictions. And there is a huge population of American citizen Mexicans who are also low class.

I am not condemning the entire Hispanic race, because no entire race can be condemned for anything. There are good and bad in all races, including Caucasians, Blacks, Middle Easterners, Asians and so on.

I’ve lived in many countries, because my dad was in the military. However, I’ve never seen the number of crimes, the seriousness of crimes anywhere but in San Antonio. I know about the murder rate in Chicago and, in the past, Detroit which was noted for being the murder capital in the U.S.

But not even in Los Angeles have I seen the number of crimes and the seriousness of crimes as I have here, and San Antonio is MUCH smaller than Los Angeles. I’d have to do some research, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the crime rate here in SA to be near to the rate in LA.

It disgusts me to see products just stuffed anywhere in a store because people are too damn lazy to take them back where they found them, especially when it needs to be refrigerated or frozen. That is just criminal in itself.

I was not afraid to go out at night in Los Angeles. It is ironic I am afraid to go out at night in San Antonio.

The largest population in San Antonio is Hispanic. The percentage is around 68% and maybe even more, since the last time I heard it on the radio. That means this is a Mexican/Hispanic city now. Caucasians and Blacks are minorities here.

I could go on and on about this, but some readers have already stopped reading because they are offended or think this is all just a rant by a racist. I’m not a racist. I am merely stating the facts. If something is a FACT, it cannot be discriminatory or racist. It’s a FACT.

If I had the money to afford a move, I would have left this city years ago. Anyplace out of Texas. Not that I don’t like Texas. I don’t like being a minority in a Hispanic city. It’s too dangerous.

Okay, for those who have read this far, thank you for hanging in there. I guess I just had to get this off my chest.

We all need to ‘rant’ to someone, don’t we? [chucking]



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