Smoking Pot and the Effects on the Brain

You’ve seen them. Potheads who look like they are operating with only half a brain. Operating as if one half is in la-la land. I’ve been saying for years drugs, including Mary Jane, f***s up the brain. But potheads claim marijuana is harmless. Well, that figures. They are only using half their brain, remember?

Check this story out:



Published April 15, 2014

Smoking pot & its effects on the brain

Smoking pot & its effects on the brain

Yes, it IS a problem.

Yes, it IS a problem.

“There were abnormalities in their working memory, which is fundamental to everything you do,” Breiter, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, told  “When you make judgments or decisions, plan things, do mathematics – anything you do always involves working memory.  It’s one of the core fundamental aspects of our brains that we use every day.  So given those findings, we decided we need to look at casual, recreational use.”

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You have only one brain. There is no such thing as a brain transplant. When a brain cell dies it is NOT regenerated or replaced. It is gone forever.

So, with that knowledge, why in world would you want to f*** up your brain?

Other ways to screw up your brain:

  1. Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines, etc.
  2. Excessive alcohol use
  3. Voting for Democrats and/or Obama

I hope you’ve learned something from this.


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