Our Postal Service Is A Govt Funded Travesty, Rotten with Corruption

I despise Obama with every fiber of my being. There are several other things that come in tied for second. One of them is the United States Postal Service.

A really screwed up government agency

A really screwed up government agency

I used to be a Letter Carrier, so I know what goes on behind the counters where you buy your stamps and ship your packages. You would be appalled at how your mail is handled. Maybe I’ll start a new blog here focused on my experiences as a Letter Carrier. I have volumes of information for you mail customers.

Now that I am just a regular mail customer, I can only guesstimate what goes on inside any post office, but can see clearly how totally screwed up their delivery system still is even years after I left the corrupted agency.

Using the telephone to contact the USPS is a fuse to your health. Trying to speak to a human, live, breathing person is so frustrating it can cause some people to suffer strokes and heart attacks.

First you get a computer voice that offers you options again and again, but it fails to understand you if what the voice offers does not apply to why you are calling. The USPS does NOT offer you the option: “Speak to a human being.”

If I could strangle that computer voice, I couldn’t be accused of murder, right? It’s not a living thing. [Insert image of me strangling that damn computer until its circuits blow.]

If you have a local problem with a post office or Letter Carrier and want to speak to your neighborhood Delivery Supervisor or Station Manager—good luck. The only phone number listed is the nationwide 800 number. So, you’re back at that now strangled computer voice.

I even tried calling 411 on my cell phone and 1-411, but, again, I got a majorly frustrating computer voice. It, too, couldn’t understand what I was searching for when I said, “Airport Mail Facility”, which is open for customer service by phone until 8 p.m. The computer kept offering me, “Southwest Airlines”, or “American Airlines”, “USPS Screw You Airlines”. . .

I then searched the Internet Yellow Pages. I found the local number to the Airport Mail Facility and had to call it twice before someone answered. It was 6:30 p.m. when I spoke to someone (the man didn’t identify himself, which in itself is against proper phone protocol).

As of 6:30 p.m., the apartment complex where I live still had not been visited by a Letter Carrier. No mail was delivered—no mail was picked up. The mysterious man on the telephone explained he still had carriers delivering mail. The carrier will be there shortly, so he said. I made sure he had my address, and told him I have mail that needs to go out today.

It is now after 7 p.m., and still no Letter Carrier has blessed our neighborhood with a visit. This is not the first time this has happened. I’ve lived here two years, and this has happened quite a few times. I have called twice about it and even to the Postmaster General in D.C. by letter, but the person that complains the most and most frequently is an elderly woman who lives near me.

The other thing that is so frustrating is the continuing delivery into my mailbox letters that are addressed to people who haven’t lived here since I moved in. I’ve complained about this, as well, by phone and by letter. Yet, it continues.

How damn difficult is it for Letter Carriers today to read the name inside the mailbox and ensure only mail pieces with that same last name get put into that box? Especially after so many complaints have already been made?

What should have been done inside the postal station where my mail is taken out by the Letter Carrier to me is an ‘alert’ card is placed at the sorting bin for that particular route. That alert should bring to the attention of the Carrier who is assigned to that route that misdeliveries must not be made. Particular attention should be paid to that particular address. But—I am talking about one of the most inefficient and corrupt government agencies in this country. What should I expect? Accuracy?

Additionally, it’s been two years since anyone but me has lived here, so the U.S.P.S. has had all that time and all my complaints to get this straight. Only ONE name lives at my address, and it ain’t a Hispanic name. Two years—and they still cannot get it straightened out.

Thinking back to the time I worked as a Letter Carrier, I am inspired to start a new blog and transfer my manuscript, which I offered to several publishing companies but I was told the story is too controversial [lmao!], to the new blog and let you read about things like falsified government documents, falsified charges against Letter Carriers, open discrimination against Letter Carriers, intentionally misplacing forms sent by me to the Main Post Office, lying to the Postal Inspectors about me, making absolutely ludicrous and laughable accusations, and even physically striking me on the workroom floor, which is an immediate termination of anyone, including (so the U.S.P.S. says) supervisors and managers.

Yes, the story is a true story, a factual story with documented evidence and witnesses, and I agree the story is one helluva controversial one. I mean, who wants to piss off the Postal Service? If you think your mail delivery is bad now, just piss ’em off and you’ll never get mail on time again.

Yes, reader, I think I will start that blog soon, and I guarantee you a really good read. You will be appalled, as I wrote earlier, at how your mail is handled.

It is now past 7:30 p.m., and still no mail.

It is 7:45 p.m., and I just spoke with a different man at the local post office. I was told all the Letter Carriers have returned to the station. So, readers, we at this apartment complex did not receive any mail nor was our mail, some of it needing to go out today, picked up. It’s still sitting in the outgoing box. The man said he would leave a note on the delivery supervisor’s desk. I told him, be sure to add to the note I will be contacting the main post office 800 number tomorrow and writing the Postmaster General in Washington D.C.

Then I hung up.


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