More Examples of Islam Beliefs and Practices

Sigh. There is SO much that is evil about Islam. How can this so-called religion be so evil and un-godlike? Because it is a religion, but not a religion of a benevolent god. It is the religion of the malevolent Satan.

Think about it. Why should God be the only one with a religion? Haven’t you heard things like for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Or there is both good AND evil? Or there are always two sides to a story?

So, if God has a religion, why not Satan? Islam gives the Devil a way to kill people, mutilate people, torture people, stone people to death, and so on. Islam serves Satan. They both have the same number of letters: five. Perhaps Islam is an acronym: In Satan Lives All Malevolence. 

Take a look at this photo:

Approved by Islam

Approved by Islam

Is THIS a religion of a benevolent god? Or of the malevolent Satan?

You decide.

In Satan Lives All Malevolence



About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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