Sochi Olympics 2014

Sochi Olympics 2014

Sochi Olympics 2014

The Olympics in Sochi, Russia, will be talked about for a very long time, even beyond the next Olympics. Good things will be said, and bad things will be said. There are good reasons to say bad things, but no bad reasons to say good things.

I mean, the Olympics is a big deal for any country. Sochi was once a sleepy (was it?) coastal village, but Russia and President Putin spent millions making it suitable (is it?) for the 2014 games.

Oh, there are always things that go wrong, and losing teams/players always can find excuses why they didn’t win a medal. I doubt there has ever been an Olympic games where absolutely nothing went wrong.

So, I kind of “feel” for President Putin. He must be very disappointed with all the criticism. There are good reasons for the criticism like: dirty water, doors that get stuck, elevators that don’t work correctly, weather that is too warm for skiers, and more.

But I think we need to give Russia and Putin a break. We need to find good things to say about the games, the country, and Russian athletes.

Russia’s hopes were dashed when their hockey team lost to the U.S.A., and then again to Finland (was it?). Then they’ve had bad luck in the ice skating department, skiing, bobsledding, and other sports.

A President's tear.

A President’s tear.

It must be heartbreaking for the Russian people—and Putin.

Then at the same time, there is violence in the Ukraine, controversy about Russia’s/Putin’s anti-gay policy, and accusations that the cost of readying Sochi for the Olympics was over-budget and sick with rampant corruption.

Okay, okay, so it isn’t going as well as Vancouver, Salt Lake, or London, for instance, but still—the Olympics is not supposed to be political policies in conflict with other political policies. It’s supposed to be just different countries meeting for a sporting event.

Criticism is okay, but too much criticism is counter-productive and destructive. It can also be quite humiliating.

So, let’s give Putin a smile, a pat on the back, a handshake, and say, “Good job, President! Sochi had its problems, but it still was a success.”

My sincere wish is that Russia and the U.S. would be allies, not foes. It’s a great nation with a very rich history and heritage. It’s people love their country as much as we love ours. Both the Russian people and President Putin have been embarrassed. We should not compound that and make it worse.

Let’s give them a smile and a break. I have, and I’d like nothing more than to have the opportunity to visit Russia, meets its people, taste a little caviar, some Vodka, and (as impossible as it really is) shake President Putin’s hand.

Maybe they should chant what Robin Williams yells in the commercial: “We’ll win this for Mother Russia!”

President Putin

President Putin

If I had a choice to vote for Hillary or Putin for president:

Hmmm....that would interesting, eh?

Hmmm….that would interesting, eh?

Putin would get MY vote. At least I respect Putin. I don’t have any respect for Hillary.



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