Our Federal Government Rewards Criminals

Source: Some me, some the San Antonio Express-News

Let me state the obvious. The United States of America is a country. It’s a nation with borders like every other nation in the world. Every nation in the world has both federal and local laws. Every nation in the world strives to protect its sovereign borders and, usually but not always, protect its citizens. Except the U.S.A.

We have sovereign laws, as well, but it seems the United States of America doesn’t give a damn about protecting its borders, laws, or its citizens. Instead, the U.S.A. rewards people who violate our sovereign laws by entering the U.S.A. illegally. Without permission. Without the government’s knowledge. The federal government, instead of enforcing its laws, gives money, benefits, and opportunities to these criminals that even its natural-born citizens cannot get!

What is wrong with that picture?

We have trouble feeding and housing our own native citizens, so why are we giving food, free medical care, and shelter to people who break our laws by crossing over into our country illegally and by so doing becoming law-breakers, criminals?

Coming by the tens of thousands

Coming by the tens of thousands

The people who come here from Mexico and points south are not do-gooders. They are not saints. They are not engineers, scientists, physicians, lawyers, or any other highly educated people. They are uneducated, very poor, unwilling to assimilate into our society, refuse to learn English, and continue breaking laws by stealing, assaulting, murdering, selling drugs, driving drunk, burglarizing, and so on.

When immigrants entered our nation in the 19th and 20th century, they came here legally, and they made it a point to assimilate into the American way of life and society. They learned English. They worked hard to better themselves and their children.

Oh, sure, there were people like Capone and the Italian Mafia, but the majority of immigrants [Irish, German, Italian, French, British, Danes and others] came here to be productive and not a burden on the U.S.A. and its taxpayers. They did not beg for handouts and free this and free that.

Popping out kids as soon as they can get pregnant again

Popping out kids as soon as they can get pregnant again

As a long time resident of San Antonio, Texas, I can confidently say this:

I have seen the population of Caucasians [Anglos] shrink and the population of Hispanics [mostly Mexicans] increase dramatically. There was a dramatic increase in the population of African-Americans after Katrina, as well. It was about 2008 I heard on the radio the population of San Antonio was around 61% Hispanic. That was five years ago. Considering the continued illegal immigration of Hispanics and considering how rapidly they multiply [often having more children than they can support because the ‘Pope’ says birth control is a sin], the population is around 70% now.


This is not an American city any longer. This is a Mexican city. Anglos and Blacks are now minorities in their own city.



Then the Mexicans get free emergency care in hospital emergency rooms. They get food stamps. They get Medicaid. They get hand outs. They get housing. They get more than native-born citizens can get.


I do not have a problem with immigration—if it is done within the law. My very own paternal grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Italy, but he did it within the law.

I DO have a problem with all the Mexicans getting all kinds of free stuff from our country, ultimately from taxpayers like you and me who paid money into the national treasury.

As a side note, I also have a problem with Michelle Obama spending our tax dollars to pay for her damn global excursions, which have been MANY!

The difference between Class and No Class

The difference between Class and No Class

I am 100% opposed to immigration reform, not kicking out illegals, giving illegal immigrants free stuff, and special considerations like tuition at the same rate as citizens.

Excuse me, please, but I must say this: The way the U.S. is handling the immigration situation is total bullshit.

I have some personal and unpleasant experiences with Hispanics, being that I’ve lived here so long. Once I used to drive a taxi, but due to my disability getting worse, I can’t do that anymore. One day I picked up a Hispanic lady in a rather well-to-do neighborhood. She had a very thick Spanish accent. It was so thick I couldn’t understand the name of the street she wanted to go to because of her pronunciation. SO—I gave her a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to write down the name of the street. When she finished and I read the name, I said, “Oh, Oh! Okay. I know the street now.” She said, “That is why I don’t like English speaking drivers.” I pulled the cab to the curb, stopped, turned around to face her and said, “There are a helluva lot of people in this country who speak English. If you don’t like dealing with English speaking Americans, I suggest you pack your bags and go back to where you came from, so you won’t have to deal with us again.”

Boy, I was pissed at her!

Damn good question

Damn good question

I’ve had other problems with Mexicans who think this is their country and/or we U.S. citizens should accommodate them instead of them trying to assimilate into our society.

Now, from the San Antonio Express-News:

The headline reads: More ‘dreamers’ get in-state tuition rate

So, these kids who were born here but their parents are illegal immigrants not U.S. citizens  are getting the same tuition as kids whose parents are legal citizens, even Veterans who served our country. Is that not bullshit?


We have U.S. citizens we can’t take care of, so why are we busting our balls to take care of these illegal immigrants? These criminals who don’t want to be Americans, but expect Americans to allow them to continue to be foreigners?

To HELL with accommodating these damn immigrants! Seal the border with Mexico and mine it!


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