Lunacy of Italian Courts and Judges



Amada Knox 1

Amanda Knox - Killer?

Amanda Knox – Killer?

First, the Italian court and judges found Amanda and her boyfriend guilty of murdering Amanda’s roommate.

Next, upon appeal, there was not sufficient evidence to convict either Amanda or her boyfriend, so the conviction was overturned.

Recently, the Italian court and judges again found Amanda and her boyfriend guilty.

It appears to me as if the judges were angry that their verdict was overturned, so they thought by again finding those two guilty, they would flick their noses at the verdict reversal.

Now, if there was not enough evidence to convict them in the first place, how could the judges convict her a second time? Either they found new evidence (highly unlikely) or they just didn’t give a hoot about the lack of evidence.

They wanted the last say in the matter, and they have no other suspects. So, in order to save face (but from what I’ve seen of the judges, who would want to save those faces?) the judges ignored the findings in the appeal and convicted her and her boyfriend again.

I am of Italian descent. I am proud of Italy’s history during the time of the Roman Empire. They did much in the way of social advancement like inventing the toilet that works similar to what we have today. They built bridges and roads that have lasted to present time. The coliseum in Rome is still standing. Well, part of it is, anyway. They were advanced militarily.They offered much to the world like plumbing, a sewer system, among other things.

Italy produced geniuses like Leonardo Di Vinci and Galileo. Italy is the source of spaghetti and pasta. Italy gave us Italian-Americans like my father. Italy gave me the idea for one of my email accounts: whatsamattaforyou@*********

However, Italy in the 20th century is a joke. Want to buy an Italian rifle? It’s only been dropped once.

I say the Italian judges got their feathers ruffled and are ticked off about it.

I do NOT think Amanda and her boyfriend are guilty of murder.

However, on some occasions in this life, as hard to believe as it is, I have been known to be wrong.

God Bless the United States---and have mercy on us all!

God Bless the United States—and have mercy on us all!




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