The Radicalism of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama seen as she really is—a racist Marxist.

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The Radicalism of Michelle Obama

Like Bill Clinton’s female counterpart Hillary, Michelle Obama is arguably more radical in her outlook than her husband. Leon Puissegur at Freedom Outpost is in the midst of compiling what can be gleaned from Mrs. Obama’s light historical footprint, and what he has compiled from her younger days is illuminating.

More recently, Mrs. Obama’s February 2008 reaction to her husband’s breakout performance in the Democratic primaries may have been the most direct window into her soul we will ever see.

Her husband Barack’s presidential candidacy had turned an important corner earlier that month. He outperformed rival Hillary Clinton in a slew of contests on February 5 and 12, establishing a significant lead in Democratic Convention delegates and a clear perception of unstoppable momentum. To Mrs. Clinton’s chagrin, the “first black president” was in the process of completely trumping the “first woman president.”

So what emotions should one…

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