Pakistan: Woman Stoned to Death for Having a Cell Phone

Here is another case showing the barbarism, the hate, and the evil in Islam.

A woman was stoned to death on July 11 in Pakistan because she possessed a cell phone. Read the full story:

And Muslims want everyone to convert to Islam. Sorry, Muslims, but I will never in a billion million years convert to a hateful, evil, barbaric, and unmerciful, unforgiving cult that worships something that does not exist except in your perverted minds.

When you do things like stone a woman to death for such a petty reason, you show the world why Islam is evil. Perhaps if you tried spreading Islam’s message the way Jesus spread His message, you would get more people to willingly covert.

Stoning to death of even your own family for such a ridiculous, petty, insignificant reason is just barbaric! How can you possibly move your society out of the ‘dark ages’ and into the 21st century when you act like barbarians from around 1200 A.D.?

Look at your countries. All that oil. All those rich Arabs. Billions of dollars! And is any of it going to your infrastructure? You’re still walking around on dirt streets, dressing in pajamas or robes/nightgowns, building homes with water and mud, I guess it is. Your countries are hundreds of years behind the rest of the world, and you are acting like it.

How can you possibly expect people who follow a truly peaceful lifestyle and religions that are far advanced compared to yours’ to deny their beliefs and join up with you? Do you think Americans are willing to start stoning their families for such insane, stupid reasons?

You Muslims are animals! You are savages! You are uncivilized! You are hateful! You are ignorant! You are unforgiving! You are fools to believe that idiot Mohammad spoke to some deity who told him to murder people.

Your religion is evil. There is much evil in Islam. There is much hatred. There is no mercy. There is no forgiveness. There is no “loving” god.

All that makes me believe this:

Every thing we know in this world has an opposite. For instance:

  • hard/soft
  • in/out
  • up/down
  • light/dark
  • wet/dry

And so on. So, it would make sense that if there is good, there must also be evil. If there IS a good god, there must be an evil god.

Christianity is merciful. It does not force people to become Christians. It is forgiving. In contrast, your religion is none of that: the opposite.

In Christianity, we believe in a loving, merciful god, but you don’t, so the opposite of our god is Satan.

God/Satan     Christianity/Islam

I believe Islam is an acronym for In Satan Live All Muslims.

Most of you haven’t even read the Quran. You depend on your religious leaders to read it and tell you about it. How do you know they are not lying or distorting the Quran?

This belief that virgins are waiting to ‘service’ you when you get to your fantasy Heaven is bovine defecation. Your religious leaders told you this. Why? Because they hope if they gave you the idea that virgins are waiting for you to fuck them, you’d go blow yourselves up.

Would you go blow yourselves up if your leaders told you you’d get a new robe? A new Chevrolet or Mercedes? You would be total idiots if you did.

Question: if you are a spirit in Heaven, how are you going to get an erection? A hard on?

You are barbarians and so are your Islamic beliefs barbaric.

I can only say, then:

Death to Islam!



About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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