A Message to Muslims

If my negative opinions and comments about Islam, Allah, and being Muslim offends you, do not read any further. Go someplace else. If you continue to read, blame yourself, not me.

Allah does not exist outside of your screwed up brains. If he DOES exist, his other names are Satan, Lucifer, Devil. And it is him you worship.

Mohammad was a fraud. Mohammad was a megalomaniac. Mohammad was a rapist, thief, liar, murderer, child molester, and adulterer. WHAT—WHAT is HOLY about that?

Islam appeared six hundred years after Christ. The only miracle Mohammad performed was getting all you Muslims to believe him. By contrast, Christ raised the dead, turned water into wine, walked on water, healed the sick, made cripples walk, made blind people see, fed thousands with two fish and a loaf of bread.

I challenge all of Islam to mention ONE, even ONE, miracle Mohammad performed other than getting you Muslims to believe him.

Jesus taught love, compassion, peace, and forgiveness. It seems to me the only thing Mohammad/Allah taught was war, murder, hatred, intolerance, violence, and forgiveness was never mentioned. It is as if the word forgiveness was stricken from your language, your vocabulary.

Muslims want to kill people who do not believe in Allah, Islam, or Mohammad.

Jesus never taught anyone to kill/murder those who do not believe in Him or His father, the Christian god.  Our God, the Christian God, gives you the opportunity to choose, and if you do not choose Him, he does not murder you. He waits until you are at His throne to judge your life.

In Christianity, women are not treated like cattle or less than animals. However, in the Islamic world, women are treated like they have less worth than your dirty camels. You rape them, you beat them, you murder them. Then you go to other countries and rape the women there. Is rape not a crime in Islam? Do you get medals for how many women you rape? Will Allah reward you for having raped the most women or for committing the most brutal rape of all? What is holy about that? Do you think raping women is what your imaginary god, Allah, wants you to do? Is raping women and little girls okay with Allah? If so, what kind of shithead god is Allah? If all that is okay with Allah, I have a news flash for you: Allah is Satan, and he has fooled you all into thinking he is a god. I guess Satan IS your god.

You bury people in dirt up to their necks for even minor crimes then throw stones at them until they are dead. Do you rapists suffer such a death? NO? Why not? Again, is raping okay with “Allah”? It is with Satan.

You murder your daughters for talking to a man or for not wanting to be forced into a marriage you arranged.

You call those murders ‘honor killings’. What is honorable about that? Did Mohammad tell you to do that?

Mohammad walked into his tent one day when it was really hot! Then, a few hours later, he walks out and claims he spoke with Allah. What REALLY happened was the heat cooked his brain. He walked into his tent a normal man and exited with a brain that looked like over-cooked meat loaf, but you couldn’t see his brain. So, idiots that you are, you believed his hateful, violent, Satanic words.

You Muslims want to destroy Israel. Why? Because Israel kicked your asses a few times and embarrassed the Hell out of you?

You want to destroy the United States? Why? Because we have freedom? Because we are a nation that forgives? Because we are a nation that always come to the aid of those who need it? Because we feed the hungry? [Even though we ignore our own citizens here who are hungry.] Because we give billions and billions of dollars to countries? [Even though we have citizens here who are homeless because they can’t afford a home, cannot afford medical care, go hungry because they can’t afford a meal.] We give money to foreign countries so you don’t starve, while allowing our very own citizens to beg for food.

Islam is GARBAGE!

You stupid Muslims think there will be virgins to ‘service’ you when you die. No other religion in the history of the world has had such a belief. You Muslims have such sexually vulgar minds that you cannot give up your lust for sex even after you die. You think you will go to your imaginary paradise and spend eternity screwing some wispy, non-tangible female spirit. You cannot accept going to the next ‘life’ is a step up, a step into a greater consciousness. You think it’s a step into a brothel.

You Muslims are the greatest threat to human existence ever. Never, not even the atomic bomb, nuclear weapons, are such a dangerous threat to life on this planet as you Muslims are.

You cannot accept the Earth is a globe, a sphere, as are all planets and the sun in this solar system. You are so stupid to believe your collection of hateful, idiotic, Satanic lies you call the Quran disproves the Earth is round. If it is flat, how come none of you have ever fallen over the edge?

You Muslims who want to destroy everyone who is not a Muslim and the U.S. and Israel and everyone/everything else are nothing more than servants of the great Satan who is in Hell waiting to greet you once your dirty, hairy asses die here.

Islam is a LIE!

You Muslims are the worst people who ever inhabited this planet. You are the most hateful, violent, and dangerous humans who ever existed.

Your brains are just as over-cooked as was Mohammad’s. You are bound for an eternity in Hell, burning forever for your hateful and violent behavior. You are making Satan dance with glee, because he will have millions and millions of you Muslims to torture for all eternity.

The only thing I can pray for is that someone in your false religion will be touched by the Holy Spirit and be a prophet greater than your unholy Mohammad and teach all you Muslims that Islam is the wrong way. I can only pray that all of you suddenly realize how terrible your religion and your beliefs are and realize that Jesus was the true son of God and if you want to spend all eternity in Heaven, the only way to get there is by accepting the Holy Spirit in your hearts.

And, by the way—there won’t be any virgins, no women at all, ready to screw your brains out in the Christian Heaven. If that bothers you and you don’t like that, then be prepared to greet Satan at the gates of Hell.

I’m sure he will have plenty of pig blood to pour over your sorry ass souls.


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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4 Responses to A Message to Muslims

  1. spookchristian says:

    Reblogged this on Christian Spook.


  2. So you’re claiming that Allah is a myth, but your christian god is a fact ? One cannot be selective about believing in fantasies.


    • thomlucci says:

      There is abundant evidence that a Christian god exists, but absolutely NO evidence Allah exists. Jesus’s birth was heralded by angels. Wise men came from miles away. Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, made cripples walk, made the blind see, walked on water, turned water into wine, fed thousands with just two fish and a loaf of bread, all in the presence of many, many people.

      What did your ‘holy’ Mohammad do? NOTHING!

      Jesus did not say ‘kill non-believers’. Jesus did not commit adultery. Jesus did not marry a six-year-old then have sex with her when she was nine. Jesus did not sleep with another man’s wife. Jesus did not steal. Jesus did not kill anyone. Yet, all those things Mohammad did.

      What kind of ‘god’ would your Allah be if Mohammad was a ‘messenger’ of Allah?

      All Mohammad did was step out of his tent and proclaim he was a prophet. That’s IT! He did NOTHING to prove he was anything but a fraud. And you idiots believed him. If I were there at that time, I would want proof. Any person who was not a stupid idiot would want to see some proof, some evidence.

      Mohammad could not be a ‘holy’ man if he committed adultery. He could not be a ‘holy’ man if he had sex with a child. He could not be a ‘holy’ man if he stole and murdered. SHOW me ANYTHING, ANY MIRACLE AT ALL that Mohammad did. Show me ANYTHING AT ALL that would indicate Mohammad was even in the least bit ‘holy’.

      The ONLY evidence that you Muslims have that there is actually an ‘Allah’ is what came out of the mouth of Mohammad. THAT’S IT! Nothing else.

      Mohammad was a liar and a fraud, and you Muslims are incredibly stupid to believe Mohammad.

      No, Allah does not exist beyond your idiotic minds. If he DOES exist—show me proof, show me EVIDENCE, not just what that fraud Mohammad told you.

      Jesus showed proof. Mohammad did not. All Mohammad had was his mouth.


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