House Republicans voted to fund the government to avoid a shutdown and “defunded” Obamacare. Democrats are pretty angry about that. Gee whiz. Too bad, eh?

Obama Angry

Read the full story by following the link above.

Granted, Obamacare had some good things in it, but there was so, So much other crap in the bill that made it a bad law.

For instance, insurance companies couldn’t refuse to insure for a prior condition. Before Obamacare, insurance companies overwhelmingly refused to cover “prior conditions” when applying for insurance or submitting a claim. That was ONE good thing about Obamacare.

Do you remember Nancy Pelosi saying ‘let’s pass the bill and worry what’s in it later’?

Nancy Pelosi

Now, if that isn’t trying to bamboozle people and trying to hide unpopular stuff in the law, what the hell is?

Good going, Republicans!


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