The Cult of the Suicide Bomber

I recently watched a documentary of the same title on HULU. I highly recommend you also watch it. It is extremely educational. I will not try to tell the entire story here, but only to pass on to you the most important facts that gives a reasonably good explanation of just what the suicide bombers are all about.

First, let me preface this post with my assessment of Islam. It began 600 years after the death of Jesus Christ. However, I have heard (somewhere recently) that Muslims claims it came long before Christ. How can that be? No one ever heard of the criminal, Mohammed/Mohammad until around 600 A.D.

Yes, I said criminal. Mohammad (I will use this spelling) married a child and had sex with her when she was nine years old. Isn’t that child molestation? I mean, a full grown man having sex with a nine-year-old is not only a crime it is also a very perverted act, is it not?

Mohammad robbed camel caravans. He murdered and raped the members of those caravans. He murdered and/or took part in the siege of a city inhabited by Jews. Many were beheaded.

Mohammad slept and had sex with his son’s wife; Mohammad’s daughter-in-law. Is that not adultery?

Mohammad never performed any miracles. Not one! By contrast, Jesus performed many miracles including turning water into wine, walking on water, curing the blind, cripples, lepers, bringing dead people back to life, feeding thousands with only a loaf of bread and two fish (or was it two loaves and one fish? It isn’t important.) Many of you who are better informed than I about Jesus (I am a Christian, but not as good a one as I should be) can probably name even more miracles Jesus performed.

What miracle(s) did Mohammad perform? As far as I know, the only miracle Mohammad performed was getting all his outlaw Arabs to believe his bullshit.

Islam is a religion of contrasts and hypocrisies. It is a “religion” that, according to the Quran, prohibits suicide and claims it is a sin to kill oneself. It also claims that the killing of innocent people, especially women and children, is a sin; a very, very bad thing to do.

Muslims believe just the creation of an image of Mohammad is worth of death. Blasphemy can be committed simply by throwing away a business card that has the name Mohammad on it. THAT is blasphemy? Blasphemy is punishable by death. Stoning people to death is the right way to kill people judged as being guilty of some crime or a sin against Muslims’ imaginary deity, Allah. All a man has to do to divorce his wife is say three times, “I divorce you.” That is a divorce?

Adultery is worth of death by stoning. Yet, Muslims claim Islam is a religion of peace. Muslims are truly all mixed up about their religion; they are hypocrites; murderers; and grievous sinners.

Islam is a sickness the way it is today. Mohammad was not a prophet. Mohammad was a bullshitter. He always referred to the Quran for an excuse to explain away his sins. Who wrote the Quran? I believe it was Mohammad who wrote it and claimed he was inspired by Allah to write it. I believe Mohammad was an evil, vicious, sinful man whose brain was fried in his tent in the sands of Arabia and the result was a megalomaniac.

Now that I have said that, I would not be surprised if some insane, violent and vicious Muslims seek me out to punish me for telling them the truth about their “prophet” and their “religion”.

Back to suicide bombers. It was during the Iraq-Iran war that the very first “suicide” bomber strapped explosives to his body and attacked the enemy. The bomber was a 13-year-old boy. He ran to an Iraqi tank, crawled under it, and blew himself and the tank to pieces. That act halted the Iraqi advance.

Today, there is a shrine dedicated to that boy (whose name escapes me; do not ask me to remember Arabic names). He is not considered to be a suicide bomber, but a martyr. I have to admit, that was one very, very brave child. I can condone his actions in a war to save his country. But that is not what the suicide bomber is today. They are not martyrs. They are nothing more than cold-blooded murderers. They commit sins worthy of an eternity in Hell, not an eternity in what the Muslims think Paradise is like.

This brings to mind another stupid Muslim concept: virgins. They believe when a Muslim man dies, he will be “serviced” by one thousand virgins. First of all, is that a pure and holy concept or one of lust and sin? Is Allah gonna give each one of them 1,000 virgins to screw all through eternity? What kind of “god” is Allah? Where is he going to get so many virgins, anyway? How is a Muslim going to get an erection when he has no body, but is merely a spirit, a wisp of amorphous whatever? Idiots.

That clearly shows what Muslim men think about: sex, sex, and more sex. They have proven that by all the rapes they have committed all over the world. Oh, there are many stories of Muslims raping women, and there is even one here on this blog. It’s here. It won’t take you long to find it.

Since that boy blew himself and the tank to pieces, Muslims have greatly distorted the concept of martyrdom. They think that by blowing themselves up along with their enemy, be they men/soldiers or innocent women and children, will guarantee a place for them in Paradise. They do not consider suicide bombing to be a suicide or even a sin.

The Muslims think they can force people to accept Islam. Again, they are idiots. Let’s consider an analogy. Suppose you are a member of a particular group, be it religious, political, or whatever, and you want others to accept and join your group. If they say, no, are you going to get them to join your group with commitment if you hold a gun to their heads and threaten to kill them? Sure, some will join, but reluctantly, and not be dedicated to it. Many will refuse and will fight you to avoid joining your group.

However, if you show people good things about your group and why it would be of great benefit for them to join, don’t you think more people would be inclined to join it?

That is why Muslims, the radical ones, anyway, are idiots. They will never, in a million years, force everyone to become a Muslim. There will always be people that refuse and will fight the Muslims. Instead of forcing people to accept Islam, they should peacefully entice people to join by showing people why it would be a great benefit to join. But Muslims are too stupid to understand that.

Muslims turn people against them by things they do like shooting a young girl in the head on a school bus merely because the girl thinks all girls should be allowed to go to school. How are the Muslims going to convince people to accept Islam when they do things like that?

So, the concept of suicide bombers is not that they are committing suicide, but that they become martyrs with a guarantee of going to Paradise if they murder innocent people in the belief that by murdering their victims they are doing the same thing that 13-year-old boy did. And Muslims erect shrines to those suicide bombers, even the one who blew up the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon, as an example.

Islam is a very sick “religion”. It is a religion of hypocrisy, contrasts, and twisted ideas. It is a “religion” invented by an insane Arab who was an excellent bullshitter.

I also suggest you watch a video about the attack on the twin towers in 2001. If you watch any video again about the moment the towers fell, doesn’t it seem strange that the towers fell exactly like the planned destruction of buildings to clear the area for new buildings? They fell down upon their own footprints. Isn’t that just a little weird?

Also, there were no Jews in any of the towers that day. They were told to stay home. Isnt’ that, too, a little strange?

After watching that video, I am 100% convinced that whole incident was pre-planned and orchestrated by, at least, one government and perhaps even two: the United States and Israel. It was an excuse to launch a “jihad” against the Muslim world. Not unlike Roosevelt allowing Pearl Harbor to be attacked to give the U.S. an excuse to get into WWII.

I have often said, and recent events involving the IRS, the Benghazi attack, and the seizing of AP records by the Justice Department only tend to prove my words, that sometimes our worst enemy is our very own government.

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