Another Waste of Our Tax Money

Just what the hell was Michelle Obama doing at the Oscars? Does she think she’s a star?  Maybe she does, thanks to the Liberal Press that ignores anything about the Obama’s worth criticizing, and only promotes stories about the Obama’s as if they were royalty that required the population to fall on their knees and chant “Long live the Socialist Muslim King!”

Perhaps Michelle’s visit to the Oscars was another one of her frivolous “vacations” that we paid for so that she could quiver with glee as she rubbed elbows with stars and starlets.  She probably thought this trip of hers was another way for her to waste tax payer money so that she could go have some fun, ignoring completely the financial bombshell that is looming over the country and will explode on March first.

Should we thank her for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax money to pay for transportation and security during the same time her Socialist Muslim husband is creating a major financial disaster and great fear if an agreement is not reached before March 1?

During Obama’s last term, Michelle took 16 vacations at OUR expense, not her’s, and now she wastes the Treasury’s money by showing her face at the Oscars.  She was tickled pink (?) to be there and figured it was okay, since she is the First Lady and the Press, if no one else, gets on its knees and kisses the Obama’s asses.  They don’t fear the Press.  There are scores, literally scores, of things the Obama’s have done that should be criticized by the Press, but do you see anyone–anyone–criticizing them?  Not CBS, NBC, ABC, but if the President was not half black and married to a Chicago black woman but instead a Caucasian, oh my god—a white president, especially a conservative white president, who was doing the same thing Barack is doing would have been crucified by the Press.

Damn it, Michelle, take an example from all the other First Ladies and start ACTING LIKE ONE!

Stop wasting OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! Stop wasting OUR money!  Just because it is in the Treasury does NOT make it YOUR money free to spend as you damn well please.  Start financing your irresponsible gallivanting around the globe with your OWN money!

Lastly, you Liberal, Obama butt-kissing Press should start being critical of the Obama’s, not worshiping them!  The Press is supposed to be non-biased.  The Press is supposed to report fairly and report both sides.   I studied Journalism in college for a while, and I support the ideals in journalism.  However, ideals in journalism are as real as mermaids in the oceans; they are a fantasy.

Most journalists and journalism organizations take a side and rather than report fairly and let the public decide, they make a concerted effort to influence public opinion, avoiding anything negative about anyone they support.

I call that collusion. I call that corrupt. I call that biased. I think all the journalists who refuse to report fairly should have their credentials taken from them and forbidden to ever work as a journalist again.  It is not the purpose of journalists to influence the public.

The only place an opinion should be expressed or a side taken is on the Editorial pages of a newspaper or clearly stated on TV and radio that the following is an editorial before a single word is uttered.

I worked as a newspaper reporter for a while, and I refused to take a side.  I did exactly what journalists are supposed to do:  report both sides fairly and let the public decide.

I think if that is what all journalists did, the Obama’s would be getting a lot of heat and criticism for Michelle’s irresponsible waste of money we taxpayers had taken from us.  As I said, Michelle, it is not YOUR money.  Stop taking our money like a thief.  Go spend your own damn money.


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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