One Easy Way to Wipe Out Poverty

Why are so many people dirt poor?  Barely making it?  Hungry?  Starving?

Well, there are many reasons for those problems, and I could probably write a book about it, which many authors have already done.  I’m sure each of you have your own ideas and solutions to those problems, but to date—no one has been able to fix these problems.  We continue to have the unemployed, underemployed, homeless, starving, and so many more. No one, not even the rich jackasses in Washington D.C., the President included, has a solution.

However, there is one man, at least, living in this country that could fix all those problems—and maybe create some new ones as a result of fixing the old ones.  I don’t think this one man (who I will mention shortly) has any desire to fix the problems of poverty, hunger, and homelessness, although he is probably the only man who can fix those problems.  On the other hand, if I could do what he could do, I would do it. I could, with his resources, fix all those problems and do so willingly, not for fame; not for fortune; not for any selfish reason. I would fix those problems because I don’t want anyone to be hungry, homeless, poor, or struggling to get through life.

The one man in this nation, in our country who could fix all those problems and not be negatively affected by his actions is Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffetworth 52 BILLION dollars!

Warren Buffet
worth 52 BILLION dollars!

Yes.  Warren Buffet.  The man is worth 52 Billion dollars.  FIFTY-TWO BILLION DOLLARS!

He could give every adult 18 and older one million dollars and it would only appear as a mini blip on his balance sheet.  There are more than 300 million people in this country, but that is including children under 18.  So, giving $1M to only those 18 and over would cost less than $300M.

Fifty-two billion dollars is fifty-two thousand million dollars.  One million dollars fifty-two thousand times!  So, 52,000 less (say 250 million people) 250 is 51,750.  Fifty-one thousand, seven hundred and fifty or fifty-one billion, seven hundred and fifty million OR $51,750,000,000.

He starts out with 52,000,000,000 and gives away 250,000,000 and ends up with 51,750,000,000

He spends 250 million dollars and still has 51 billion, 750 million.  Peanuts!

Now, how could he give one million dollars to everyone 18 and over?  Well, I am not a financial adviser or analyst, so the details would left up to attorneys (of course the damn lawyers wouldn’t let that happen without their greasy hands getting into the deal), the IRS, and the courts, but I am sure it could be worked out.

I would first make damn sure any money I gave away would be to only legal U.S. citizens, not to any illegal immigrants–people who broke this country’s sovereign laws to get here.

I would not give money to people in prison or who are awaiting trials for laws they broke.  Now, you might think the fact that everyone else gets a million dollars but criminals would make the criminals even more intent on breaking the law to get some of that money.  But i already figured that out.

Those criminals already in prison but in for life with no chance of parole would get nothing.  Their crimes had to have been very horrendous or numerous, proving they are incapable of being rehabilitated.

Criminals in prison who one day will be released would have one million dollars held in escrow that they could collect  if they stayed out of trouble for the rest of the time they wee in prison.Those people waiting for trials for their crimes would have one million dollars also in escrow which they could collect if they didn’t get a “life with no parole” sentence once they completed their sentences.

People on “wanted” lists, fugitives, and so on would get no money until they, too, served their sentences.

This money put in escrow would be an incentive for good behavior.  Certain criminals like child molesters and sex offenders would be doled out a maximum of $25,000 a year from a trust fund set up for them as long as they remained law-abiding citizens.  Once they break the law (and all criminals that collected and yet broke the law again), they would forfeit every penny of their gift.

Mentally challenged people, i.e., mentally retarded, insane, and so on, would also have a trust fund intended for them to ensure they never go hungry or homeless.  People in asylums (insane and so on) would have their money managed by a board consisting of an odd number of appointees to ensure there would not be any “evenly split” vote.

Military members would have the option to remain in the military and have their money in a trust fund, which would give them $25,000 a year if they stayed in the military or, if they left the military merely to collect their money would receive only $15,000 a year. If they stayed in the military until their Honorable Discharge, they would receive the balance of the million plus interest.  If they re-enlisted until they served 20 years minimum, they would receive (upon discharge) all the money in the trust fund plus and additional $100,000 dollars as a “thank you for serving” bonus.

A requirement for all other recipients would be that they employ a financial adviser to help them manage their money sensibly.  They would be required to hire a financial adviser.  If they spent their money like an idiot and wound up broke again—oh, well.  They would not get another chance.  Once they are broke, they are on their own again.

Those people under age 18 would be/should be cared for by their parents, and any parent that did not set up a trust fund for their children with the money they received would be penalized by forfeiting half their million dollars, which would go into a trust fund for their children.

Now, I understand that there will be con men and thieves and so on out to rob money from other people, and there will be parents who blow their money without taking care of their children and so on and so on.  But, before this $250M would be doled out, a system, a structure would have to be set up to make sure things are done fairly and equitably.

I am sure many of you have other ideas or can think of many other problems with this idea, but several things to keep in mind: 1) many homeless people would no longer be homeless, 2) hungry people would  no longer be hungry, 3) unemployed/underemployed would not be struggling to survive.

Then the question arises: if everyone is a millionaire, who would want to work anymore?  All the people would walk off their jobs.  The country would collapse.  I have a solution.

The only thing the million dollars is for is to make sure everyone has a place to live and food to eat.  If people just up and quit their jobs, they wouldn’t get the million dollars.  The million dollars could be a trust fund for all people from which they could draw money. But if anyone wanted to quit and spend their million dollars, that wouldn’t be allowed.

I know this presents more problems, but there are a lot of geniuses out there who could figure out the right way to do this to benefit everyone.

The REAL question is:  Why won’t Mr. Buffet do this?  He has 52 thousand million dollar gifts to give out.  FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND!  So, why won’t he give away just 250 of them?



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