The Fiscal Cliff & the Politicians

The situation:  We the American people scurry about our daily lives while the people that control our near future argue among themselves over their ideologies.  The Democrats & Republicans are not as fearful of the fiscal cliff as we are.  They are financially secure; rich, even.  Their wealth is a large reason why an agreement, a compromise, cannot be reached.

On one hand, Obama wants to spend $1.7 Trillion more on top of what the government has spent the past four years.  Obama wants to make major cuts in Medicare, yet not take any cuts in entitlements.  Entitlements.  That played a large part in Obama winning re-election.  Giving the lazy more benefits.  As if Welfare recipients don’t have it good already, he wants to give them more.  Obama has put more people on Food Stamps and Welfare than any President in the past thirty years or so.  He gives free cell phones away.  He allows illegal immigrants to stay and take advantage of our nation.  He literally bought votes and is still buying votes.

On the subject of illegal immigrants, here is an example.  Let’s say there are one million jobs available and one million native Americans needing a job.  Then one million Mexicans sneak into our nation and using false documents, forgeries, take jobs, get free medical care, receive Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid and so much more.  So, now there are two million people seeking jobs, but only one million jobs are available.  The jobs normally pay ten dollars an hour, but the Mexicans are used to either making pennies a day or making nothing.  So, they are willing to do the work for half of the normal pay: five dollars an hour.

You are the employer.  The only thing that matters to you is money; nothing else.  So, are you going to hire someone at ten dollars an hour or someone who you can pay half that much to do the very same job?

Obama wants the rich to pay a little more in taxes.  The Republicans, the rich Republicans, don’t want the rich to pay a little more in taxes, even though the rich can afford, better than the rest of us, to pay a little more.  The Republicans claim taxing the rich a little more will cost jobs.  Don’t believe it.  It’s bull.  Political bull.

The left wants this, and the right wants that.  They refuse to actually take this matter seriously enough to sit down and spend however much time it requires to work out a compromise.  Obama has offered not just ridiculous suggestions, but stupid, idiotic suggestions.

The Republicans have not done any better.  They all sit up there in Washington refusing to get along, refusing to compromise, and allowing the nation, the people, the taxpayers, to suffer the consequences.  We are the “acceptable casualties”, the “collateral damage”.  If we go over the fiscal cliff, you can be sure the politicians will not suffer as terribly as will we.

It’s as if we are all against the wall, blindfolded, hands tied, unable to do anything but wait for the command, “FIRE!”  While the politicians argue.  And if the command is given, the politicians may suffer only a scratch or two from bullet fragments or ricochets.  We, the blindfolded, will do all the suffering.

You know what needs to be done?  We need to kick all the politicians out of Washington, including the fraud who is still residing in the White House.  We need to get fresh people in Washington; people who have suffered, people who want to work for the improvement of our people, our nation.  We need to get native-born Americans in Washington, not immigrants who grew up someplace else and came here just to take advantage of whatever they can get.

We need a revolution, perhaps.  We need to kick the rich fools out of Washington and get people in Congress and in the White House who are willing to compromise, to work together to get this country back on the right track.  We need to get people working. We need to take our country back from China.  We need to make Welfare recipients do some work for what they get and take drug tests before they get any money.

There is plenty of work for Welfare recipients to do.  “Welfare recipients, listen up.  Okay, so you need money. Fine.  But instead of sitting on your fat behinds, watching TV and smoking dope while waiting for the next welfare check, get to work.  Do some work for the money.  For instance, clean up the litter in your city.  Clean up the graffiti.  Fix the potholes.  Help the elderly by cutting their grass, fixing up their homes, delivering meals to the elderly and shut-ins.  Form neighborhood patrols to discourage crime.  Go out and do something; be productive, not a blood sucker.”

This entire country needs a serious overhaul.  There is so much corruption, greed, selfishness, and crime AND too many people demanding “entitlements” and believing the world owes them a living.   There is nothing wrong with the U.S. Constitution, but there is a lot wrong with the worthless, blow-hard attorneys in power.  Maybe they need to be taken out of power and replaced with patriotic Americans who have had enough of the politicians and their bulls***.

It’s obvious what is in Washington now is not fixing anything.  No progress is being made.  Even the President is a worthless, Socialist politician.  It’s time we had a revolution; a bloodless revolution.  I’m not advocating hurting anyone.  We just need to fire the lawyers in Washington and put them in the unemployment lines, then fill all those empty seats in Washington with people who will actually do something and work together to make our country great once again.

Don’t you think so?


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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