Could Obama Steal A Third Term? Will He Try?

Source: Newsmax

From a Newsmax sponsor, Stansberry Research

What has the leftist media so upset…?

We recently published a presentation explaining why and how President Obama is like to seek a third term.  Our critics like to pretend that we don’t understand the 22nd Amendment.  Of course, nothing is further from the truth…

The truth is… there are simple, legal ways around this prohibition… And these same maneuvers have been used by other leftist governments around the world to hold power…

In fact, there’s a direct link between Chavez in Venezeula, Putin in Russia and the Kirstners in Argentina… All of whom broke through Constitutional barriers to retain their power for more than a decade…

We believe the same thing is happening rigth now, in America.  One mainstream liberal TV pundit recently warned this could be the ‘tipping point’… U.S. News and World Report warned that our research would enrage some viewers… and quotes an anonymous critic who says it borders on treasonous libel…

See our presentation for yourself.  It’s free.

And then, decide for yourself.

One man’s warning is another man’s treason.


Porter Stansbery, Founder, Stansberry Research



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