The U.S. Youth of Today Are A Disappointment

For at least the past ten years, I have taken notice of how “ignorant” recent high school graduates are in this country.  When I say “recent”, I mean those who graduated after 1980 A.D., at least.

If those high school graduates had to meet the criteria for graduation that I had to meet in 1966, I am willing to bet a vast majority, perhaps as many as 80% of high school seniors—would fail miserably!

I know not all high school graduates, not all young people out of high school, are ignorant—but a significant number of them are.  I just am constantly amazed at how stupid some of them are when it comes to their own language; their native tongue!  Foreigners speak and write English better than American kids with HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS!

There is even a college graduate on television here in San Antonio, a weatherman, a person with a college education that says on TV: “. . . it depends on where you’re at.”  OMG!  Isn’t English a required course in college?  How did this college graduate pass English?  “It depends on where you’re at.”  Kill me now.

The fact the TV station allows him to speak like that just reinforces the belief in young people that ending a sentence with “at” is perfectly acceptable—which it isn’t!  So, the egregious error is reinforced and continues.

I sent a letter to the local bus company here in San Antonio, Texas, and pointed out the same error in their recorded greeting to callers: “Be prepared to tell us where you’re at.”  Oh, God, how awful!  All that needs to be said is, “Be prepared to tell us where you are.”  Know what their answer was to me?  “We don’t believe it is bad English grammar, so we won’t change it.”  You mean to tell me that a multi-million dollar corporation has no one in its employ that realizes how egregious an English grammar error that is?  Is no one employed by VIA Transit intelligent enough to realize the error?  Or is it because everyone there in control is Hispanic and either English is a second language for them or they just don’t give a damn, which is just as egregious as the grammar error.

I immediately lose respect for someone who speaks like that or who writes something like these mistakes:

  • your going to fast
  • you will loose it if you don’t lock it
  • there are to many of them

and other stupid mistakes.

I asked a question on Yahoo Answers about the lack of intelligence in America’s youth, and this was the best answer I received:

The educational standard in the US has decreased significantly in the past few years. The politically correct coddling system has created a generation of children who are doing well to make toast.

We tell kids too often, “You’ll have this! And That! And the other thing!” But, we do not prepare them to WORK for it.
That is part of what is creating the self entitled attitude. Children are not being taught anymore that they must work in life to succeed.
And since the parents of their generation felt their parents were too mean, they coddle their children. They sue schools and start campaigns that are intended to stop children from getting their feelings hurt by failure.

This has lead to the most disgusting failure of the US school system. The “no fail” policy. Some schools in the US will allow you to graduate even if you had all failing grades by the end of the year.

It is understandable that parents want to protect their kids from pain. But life has pain, and if you can’t fail you have no reason to work to succeed.
The system we have now doesn’t prepare children to work, or think, or succeed. It is preparing them to be slammed down once they enter the real world and leave the coddling grasp of the school system.

Exactly. The “no fail” policy.  Then they cop the attitude “the world OWES me a living”.  I am very thankful I was born long before the invent of the PC and before the bleeding heart liberal policy of “time out” instead of a good swat on the butt when needed.

If the intelligence of our youth continues to decline, it won’t be long before a large family of chimpanzees who have been trained to use simple firearms invades, defeats, and controls our country.  We won’t have to wait for a nuclear war like in “Planet of the Apes.”  Our children are already well on their way to being apes.

Recently, I saw a young girl, perhaps a high school student or freshman college student wearing sun glasses with the Confederate battle flag on the lenses. I asked her if she received any negative comments about it. She asked, “Why?”

I asked her, “Well, you’ve heard about the Civil War, right?”

“Sort of,” she replied.

“SORT OF? SORT OF? It’s U.S. history, for crying out loud! Did you not hear of it in school?”

“A little bit.” Then she got off the bus.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DID SHE REALLY SAY THIS? Oh, my God. Either she was funnin’ me, or the curriculum in high schools today must be spending more time teaching gay lifestyles and evolution vs. religion and all other kinds of crap than what they SHOULD be teaching. Good God Almighty. I am DAMN grateful I was born so much earlier and received a decent education. Surely, what I learned in high school was a helluva lot more and educational than what schools teach today.

I am sorely afraid the youth of today are pretty damn stupid, for the most part. And they are supposed to be our future leaders? God help us!

Texas just reduced the number of tests a student has to take to pass from 15 to FIVE! FIVE!  That is why I say a good many high school students today would fail miserably if they had to meet the criteria I had to meet to graduate.


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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2 Responses to The U.S. Youth of Today Are A Disappointment

  1. magentmama says:

    If you think American youth are ignorant, you should see Italian students! I won’t even begin to tell you how little they know. Especially here in Sicily. You wouldn’t believe the narrow-mindedness on top of ignorance.


    • thomlucci says:

      LOL! Yes, I would believe it. I spent many years growing up in Europe, and I found British and German kids to be quite intelligent. However, I have had some dealings with Italians (I am Italian) from Italy and yes they can be arrogant, narrow-minded and very poorly informed.

      Thank you for you comment. 🙂


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