It’s About Much More Than You Think–or Know!

This presidential election is about much more than Obamacare, abortion, jobs and the economy.  It is about the survival of the United States of America.  Romney and the Republicans won’t come out and say it directly and truthfully to the American people, but I will.

Before you cast your vote for Obama, if that fraud is your choice for President, you need to be made aware of some very crucial information.  Consider the following.

Obama is a Marxist Socialist and is taking our country down the road to Socialism.  He has assaulted the Constitution of the United States numerous times since his Socialist butt has taken up residence in the White House.  His intent is to destroy the very foundations upon which this country was founded.  His intent is to take away as many of your freedoms as he can, and he wants another four years to continue taking them away.  He has you Obama-lovers bamboozled, and by the time you realize what he is doing it will be too late.  He’s like the pied piper who led the rats to the cliffs where they died.  They were fooled.  Don’t be fooled like the rats.

Obama was not born with the name Barack Obama.  His birth name was Barry Soetoro.  He denies any connection with that name.  He denies a lot of stuff about himself.  Google “Barry Soetoro”.

Obama whines about Romney’s tax returns, but Obama has his college records sealed.  Why?  What is Barry Soetoro hiding from us all?  Why are his transcripts and college history sealed?  Ask him.

Obama is a Muslim.  He is in direct conflict with our Christian nation.  He bowed down—HE BOWED DOWN—to the King of Saudi Arabia.  No president in the history of the United States ever bowed down to anyone—until Barry Soetoro, a Marxist Socialist Muslim, was so foolishly elected.

Obama is a bald-faced liar!  He stated he had never met in person or up close Blagovich, the Governor of Illinois, but he did and go to my post > ‎ < to read about it and see the pictures of Obama meeting with Blagovich.

What else has Obama lied about?   Well, his name, his college records, not meeting Blagovich—what more?

He wants to completely disarm American citizens so that only the government and criminals will have firearms, while we, the American people, have only rocks to defend ourselves.  Adolph Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that the way to defeat a nation is to first disarm its citizens.

Take a look at these Obama charts.  They are alarming!  >

A Secret Service agent published a book about what they know about the presidents, and it is stated in the book that Michelle Obama is a racist.  She despises anyone who is not black.  They both, Barack (Barry) and Michelle, hate the military.  Barack throws temper tantrums.  Barack is not trustworthy.  He is arrogant and hateful.

He lies to us all: Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Anglos—to serve his own purposes.  His purpose is to destroy the United States of America from within, just like the Romans destroyed their empire, and how so many other civilizations crumbled: from within.

His racist wife, Michelle, has taken 16 vacations in four years at YOUR expense!  At the expense of our Treasury!  YOU paid for her 16 vacations and for her two rug rats.  Is that not a perfect example of ripping off us all for her benefit?  Is that not unlike a Welfare recipient taking Welfare money while also having a full time job?  Come on—she is ripping us off and making YOU pay for it!  She is gallivanting around the globe having herself a grand old time and making YOU/US pay for it!  No other First Lady in the history of the United States has ever done that, but when you consider what kind of person she is, when you consider where she came from, her politics, her history—it is not surprising she has ripped us off and will probably take another 16 vacations and pay for it with money from our Treasury, our tax money.  Yes, I will say it.  Yes I will.   She is a bitch.

I don’t care if your concern is abortion.  I don’t care if your concern is not getting your butt kicked out and back to the country you left because you came here against the law and therefore are an illegal immigrant.  I don’t care if your concern is your homosexual lover and you can’t get married.  What I care about is the survival of the United States of America, and if you vote to put that bastard back in the White House, you will be killing our nation.

If your homosexual butt wants to marry your homosexual lover, if you want to rip out fetuses whenever you feel like it, if you want to stay here illegally, the thing to do to save the very existence of our country is to get Obama/Soetoro out of the White House NOW and then go about making the changes you want.  At least,  the United States will still be the United States and not the Socialist States of America.

Read my blog!  Real all my posts!  Read up about Obama!  And if you still want to vote for him, then you are not an American citizen, but an ENEMY of a free United States.  I want to live in a free country, and if Obama is given another four years to screw our Constitution and Bill of Rights even further than he has already, we won’t be living in a free United States.  There may not even BE a United States!

Obama is a Muslim, and is friendly to Muslims, Islam and Islamic countries.  So, who are we fighting in the Middle East?  Martians?  Greek gods?  Vampires?  Idiot.  We are fighting Muslims who want to destroy the United States, and so does Obama.

Re-elect Obama and you will have many enemies, including ME!  Anyone who votes for Obama is an enemy of the United States; a domestic enemy.

I have my gun, and the only way it will be taken from me is when I lay dead.  Obama wants to disarm American citizens.  Hitler said to defeat a nation first disarm its citizens.  What do you think Obama is trying to do?

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you are not a racist, you will have to vote for Romney to prove you are not an IDIOT!

Do NOT be an IDIOT!  Of course, the blacks who support and vote for Obama are already idiots for voting for him MERELY because he is not white.  Vote for Obama because he is HALF black, and you are an idiot.

Yes, this post is offensive to many and angry, but the very existence of my country is at stake, so the gloves are off.  There is no time to be “Mr. nice guy”.

Wake up, damn it, and realize what is happening and what WILL happen if that jackass is given another four years.


About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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One Response to It’s About Much More Than You Think–or Know!

  1. Braden Lynch says:

    In tandem with your post, I have to take issue with the Libertarians and their obsession with anyone who is not Romney. They go so far as to say they will vote for Obama since they know him better. Yeah, way to protect your rights…vote against the sane, responsible, respectable, but boring guy, and go for the confirmed socialist, America-hating scum. Really, there is no excuse this time around. The POTUS now has a dismal record on display.

    On a variety of pro-gun blogs they lament that Romney is boring, not much different than “the one who defiles the oval office” (I call it bullshit!), and that they will vote for Gary Johnson. Who the hell is this loser? He has as much chance of winning as I do, maybe even less. Even if both real candidates and their running mates died in a freak global warming catastrophe, he would still be a loser since no one in either party would listen to him. As impotent as a castrated 90 year old.

    This is no time for political purity and staying home or voting third party. It is too close to the precipice of national destruction if the toad is re-elected. I have debated some of these guys. What is so darn funny is they note how the anti-gun advocates ignore facts while they do so in their voting patterns. Has a third party candidate ever done squat? Nope, and unless the whole system changes, they will not be able to do so.


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