Islam Is Evil

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Again, the Muslims unashamedly show the world why Islam is a “religion” of hatred, intolerance, violence, and evil.

I don’t agree with any film disparaging/insulting Mohammad or Islam or any other religion, but the actions taken by Muslims against a U.S. Consulate was the wrong way to show they were offended by it.

Ever hear of the film by Monty Python called The Life of Brian?  The film pokes fun at not Jesus or God, but the people who lived when Jesus lived, and Christians protested the film not by rioting and killing people, but in peaceful ways.

Christians accused the movie of being sacrilegious and insulting the Christian god.  They boycotted the movie, but they didn’t kill people because of the movie.

Muslims tell us Islam is a religion of peace and forgiveness.  That is a crock of bull.

How can Muslims say Islam is a religion of peace and forgiveness then, almost in the same breath, riot, plunder, and kill?

Islam is a savage religion for a savage race.  How is it savage?  How about stoning, beheading, suicide bombers, Jihads, honor (HONOR?) killings, killing millions of innocent people on buses, trains, planes, in buildings, in the streets, and any place else the Muslims can sneak a bomb into.  However, not all Muslims are savages.  I am speaking about the extremists.

Islamic extremists are at least as evil as National Socialism; at least as evil as was Adolph Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and dozens of other Nazis.

Winston Churchill once said, “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.”  Hear, hear!

Islam is fundamentally evil, and Islamic extremists make it even more evil.  Islamic extremists are intolerant, do not forgive, advocate murder and genocide.  Islamic extremists seek to eliminate an entire race; the Jewish race.  Hitler and his Nazi henchmen sought the same end to the Jews: extinction. They shot a young girl in her head on a school bus just because she wants girls to go to school. THEY SHOT HER IN HER HEAD!

Christians have had their extremists and fanatics, as well, but not for centuries.  Some of the worst times in Christianity were the Crusades and the witch burnings.  Just one of the main differences between Christians and Muslims is how intolerant Muslim extremists are to criticism of Islam.  Christianity has its critics, too, but Christians take criticism in stride, without rioting and killing/murdering.  Christianity is a much more peaceful religion than is Islam.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ (who the Jews and Muslims consider to be nothing more than a prophet), preached peace, love, and forgiveness.  He taught tolerance and the concept of leaving justice and revenge to God.  His birth was heralded by Angels, honored with visits by kings of different nations.  He performed miracles like walking on water, healing lepers, raising the dead, turning water into wine, and feeding thousands with only two fish and a loaf of bread.

What, if anything, was miraculous about Mohammad?  The way I understand it, he was just another Arab until one day when he walked out of his tent and proclaimed he spoke to “Allah” and was appointed a prophet of Allah.  Really?  Now, just being a “devil’s advocate” for a minute, it sounds to me Mohammad was suffering from heat stroke and went insane in his tent when his brain was cooked by the heat.

One minute he was an ordinary Arab and the next minute he was a prophet?  He walked into his tent being no different than every other Arab, but came out a Holy man appointed by Allah?  Right.  You betcha.  Whatever.

There is some controversy about Mohammad; some people have claimed he was a child molester.  He married a six-year-old girl and had sex with her when she was nine.  He led a group of Arabs to battle a city and beheaded 600-900 Jews.   He was a peeping “Mohammad”, peering through a window at his nearly naked daughter-in-law then had sex with her.

Oh, yeah.  Quite a “holy” man Mohammad was.

Let’s see—I don’t remember Christ leading a group of warriors to do battle or marrying a child, or peering through windows at any woman, nearly naked, naked or even fully clothed or being accused of any crime other than the Jews accusing Him of a crime by claiming He was the son of God.

If you are a Muslim, bully for you.  I have met some very nice Muslims; some very friendly Muslims.  I have met some very nice Christians.  I have met some very nice Jews.  Yet, there are extremists in all three of those religions.  Again, one of the main differences between Islam, Christians, and Jews is that Muslims are extremely violent.

In Muslim countries the Muslims advocate stoning people to death, beheadings, “honor killings” (what about that is HONORABLE?), murder, suicide bombings, extermination of a race (the Jewish race), placing the importance of camels and horses above the importance of women, treating women as objects—things Muslims own like cattle.

In spite of the fact that there are some very nice and peaceful Muslims, Islam is still an evil lifestyle, a hateful religion.  They want to behead/kill anyone who “bad-mouths” Islam instead of being tolerant of criticism.  None of that is true about Christianity and/or Jews.

Hey, Muslims: You are not ever going to be able to get the entire freaking world to convert to Islam. To believe it’s possible just confirms Islam’s failure to accept reality. The USSR was not able to take control of the entire world. Neither was Hitler, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, the Romans, the Egyptians—it just is not possible to defeat/convert the entire population of planet Earth.

If you want to get people to accept Islam and convert to it, you will have more success showing Islam is tolerant, forgiving, and understanding than by murdering people, beheading people, blowing up people and buildings—but perhaps that is just too damn complicated for you Muslims to understand.

Then, one of the most ludicrous beliefs by Muslims is that they will be “serviced” by 100 virgins when they get to their version of Heaven.  It seems that Muslims do not consider the afterlife to be an existence of spirituality; an existence without a physical body (at least until Christ returns to raise up the dead bodies and reunite them with their souls).  Muslims think they will go to “their” Heaven and their “god”, who tells them to murder people by the thousands, will provide them with some wispy female spirits with whom they will have some sort of sexual relations.  The very fact their existence is of a spiritual nature as wispy spirits pretty much means getting a “hard on” is virtually impossible.

NO OTHER RELIGION in the world professes even ONE virgin is waiting to “service” dead men. That concept of virgins is beyond ludicrous.  It is absolutely stupid!

The Bible states the last war will be started in the Middle East.  The “end days” are upon us.

And what is just as scary is—Barack Obama is a Muslim.  The President of the United States is a Muslim.  And he proudly proclaims his loyalty to his god: Allah and actually believes the child molester and rapist (yes, he raped women as stated in the Quran) Mohammad was a prophet.

Islam, not the United States, is the Great Satan.   And, in my opinion, Mohammad was a fraud and so is Barack Obama, who was formerly known as Barry Soetoro and who filed tax returns using a Connecticut Social Security number.  The only miracle Mohammad performed was getting Arabs to believe him.

The only miracle Barry Soetoro performed was getting his “half black” butt put in the White House, thanks to the blacks in this country who are so stupid they voted for him solely on the basis of .5 mm of dark skin.

Obama is a fraud, a liar, a scammer, a Muslim. No one has taken any serious steps to arrest him or impeach him, because they KNOW the millions of blacks in this country will riot and make an attempt to kill every white person in the lower 48.

Follow this link to read a letter to Muslims written by an ex-Muslim:


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Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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13 Responses to Islam Is Evil

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  2. Freakin' Crazzzy says:

    I must disagree with your assessment that Islam is “not fundamentally evil” and that it is only “extremists” in Islam that are dangerous. There are no less than 109 verses in the Koran that call Muslims to war with non believers and punishments for breaking the law are extreme compared to most civilized peoples. You state: “In Muslim countries the Muslims advocate stoning people to death, beheadings, “honor killings” (what about that is HONORABLE?), murder, suicide bombings, extermination of a race (the Jewish race), placing the importance of camels and horses above the importance of women, treating women as objects—things Muslims own like cattle.” Can you not see the evil of this? The goal of Islam is to impose Sharia upon the world and kill all non believers… not to convince the world to convert but to FORCE the world to convert under threat of death. Using force to impose conversion is not “peaceful” by any means. It is an act of aggression, an act of war.


    • thomlucci says:

      According to this open letter from an ex-Muslim to all Muslims: << Islam was not originally hateful and evil until Mohammad was rejected, not by Arabs, but by those who refused to accept his fantasy "god", Allah. It was then that Mohammad turned evil and hateful. In the beginning, Islam was meant to be peaceful.

      Although much of the Quran preaches murder, terrorism, destruction, violence, and so forth, not all Muslims are evil, hateful, murdering people. The Old Testament in the Bible preached killing enemies of God, sacrifices, and destruction. When Jesus arrived, he put away much of the Old Testament, preaching peace, tolerance, and forgiveness.

      The Quran and the Old Testament are opposites of each other. The Bible started out violent, whereas the Quran started out peaceful. Jesus changed things. Mohammad changed things, too, but opposite of what Jesus changed.

      If all Muslims followed to the letter the Quran, then all Muslims would be murdering, destroying, and so on. But there are many Muslims who do not believe in the ways of the extremists. The extremists use the Quran to justify their actions, thinking it is perfectly alright to murder. If it is perfectly alright to murder according to the Quran, it makes me wonder just what kind of "god" Allah is, if Allah even exists at all.

      I actually do not believe in Allah. I believe Mohammad made up Allah in his head. As I stated in my post, I think Mohammad was mentally ill (went insane), was a megalomaniac, a narcissist, and had visions of grandeur. He just one day professed he was a prophet of a being that he conjured up in his head.

      He justified all his sins by "quoting" this fictional superbeing, Allah. Mohammad was a violent, hateful, evil man, and, also as I stated, the only miracle he performed was getting all his Arab buddies to believe him.

      If Muslims would critically critique the Quran, analyze it, contemplate it, see it for what it really is, I believe Muslims would abandon Islam by the hordes. However, there will always be the extremists who see the Quran as an excuse, a means to justify their violent tendencies. You will never get the really hard-core Muslims to abandon Islam, just like you will never get the really hard-core criminals to abandon their ways. People like stealing, assaulting others, committing fraud, rape, incest, and even murder. It is much easier to follow the ways of Satan (sin) than to follow the ways of Jesus. So it is with Muslims. It is easier and much more fun to hate, to murder, to steal, to destroy things and profess it is blessed by some "god" than to walk the narrow path of righteousness.

      I do not believe Islam is fundamentally evil. At least, not in the beginning. I also believe Islam is not a legitimate religion. It is a following not unlike a cult, the KKK, National Socialism (NAZI) and even the Blacks’ racist organization, the NAACP.

      I have some personal friends who are Muslim, and they are good people; friendly people. I have been invited by some to their homes, and one even invited me to go with him to his home in Jordan to see his country, to meet his family, and even to match me up with a beautiful Jordan woman. LOL! His invitation is genuine and pure, but I don’t think the Middle East is a good place for an American these days.

      I am not discounting your comment. It is easy to understand why you and many others feel that way, but I refuse to condemn all Muslims. I hope you understand my message.


  3. shalieza says:

    Its a shame what this website says about islam. I’m a muslim person and as far as I knw is that islam makes me a good person today. N I’m proud to be a muslim and always will be one. It is true that they say that in the coming days people will turn away from the truth. This is wat is happening nw.


    • thomlucci says:

      As a Muslim, you have turned away from the truth. There is so much violence in Islam teachings; hypocrisy, violence against women, the belief that murdering innocent people with bombs and stoning people to death is approved by your false god, the belief that Muslims must force every person in the world to be Muslim or kill them and so on and so on. Mohammad raped, killed, slept with married women–and you think those are the actions of a “holy man”? Mohammad was a fraud and so is Islam. That is not to say you are not a nice/good person. Perhaps you really are, but if you really want to see Heaven, you won’t get that chance following a heathen religion.


    • thomlucci says:

      So, what do you think about your “religion” when some of your Muslim buddies shoot a little girl in the head trying to kill her for just wanting girls to be able to go to school? Is that the kind of religion you think is the right way? Is that the kind of thing your “god” tells your Muslim pals to do? Your “religion” is way to anxious to kill people. Kill them by stoning for committing a sin. Kill them if they choose not to be a Muslim. Kill people if they want to go to school. Kill daughters if they don’t want to be forced into a marriage. Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill. Is that what your religion is all about? If your “god” is such a blood-thirsty god that he wants you Muslims to kill everyone, what the hell kind of “god” IS he, anyway? I don’t think there IS an Allah. I think it is something that child-molesting, raping, murdering “prophet” of yours made up in his head as his brains were cooking in his tent in the middle of the desert. I think Mohammed was insane.

      It is YOU and your Muslim buddies who are following a false god and are just running about looking for a reason to kill someone else.

      Read the Christian’s New Testament. The NEW TESTAMENT. Jesus preached peace & love, tolerance, forgiveness, and how to be pious and “god-like”. Islam is evil. Allah is probably the “great Satan”, not the U.S.


      • LiamUK says:

        I think this is an appalling response to ask of someone just because they are Muslim. It is not this individual’s fault what happened to the young girl that was shot in the head. There are plenty of “Christian” extreme attacks like this! What about the “Christian” killer at the Batman premiere or the persistent shootings across various US schools on innocent children? And yet, millions of Americans, devout followers of the ever-peaceful Christianity, insist on the need for guns! Why do peaceful people need guns? Why are there campaigns for US schools to be armed with guns? To us in the UK, this is ludicrous! Plain and simple.

        However, it doesn’t mean we perceive all Americans to carry guns and be ready to use them to kill, in the interest of one’s defence. Just extreme views – usually from backward-thinking chauvinistic small towns. It is the same with Islam. I do not believe that Islam preaches evil. There are thousands of examples of extremists from all walks of life and cultures that carry out acts of evil in the name of their religion. It is a cowardly act and these people are hiding their evil intent behind a blanket of delusional reasoning. You can read into any scripture and derive what you want to read from the text. These people are inherently evil, with or without a religion to follow.

        It is religion, like politics, that provokes conflict and anger. It also serves for discussion to rationalise and understand better. Unfortunately, these extremists give Islam a very bad name, which it does not deserve. You could argue extreme Christian groups like the Westbro Baptist Church give Christianity a bad image – which is certainly not the beliefs shared by most Christian people!

        To criticise another person’s belief of Mohammed or Allah is shamefully disrespectful. I personally believe Jesus Christ was a prophet – how can a man walk on water or perform such miracles? In the same way, it is science that created the world and life. Religion seems to fill a gap for those that seem incomplete within their own lives. I fail to differentiate how “Allah” and “God” cannot be the same spiritual entity that two entirely different cultures are striving to appease, in separate ways. This is of course, entirely my opinion and you, along with anyone else, are entitled to their own religious-based view, which I respect.

        However, how dare you disrespect another culture and call that person’s ‘God’ a fraud. As an atheist and a non-Muslim, even I take offence at your complete lack of educated respect and tolerance of those with a different set of beliefs and your obvious need to point the finger at a minority group. It is religious extremists that you should be angry with and you should be able to differentiate those individuals from everyday Muslims that are good people that do not deserve such vitriol and hatred like this.


      • thomlucci says:

        According to Islam/Muslims, the proper way to execute a person found guilty (by Muslim law) of a crime is to stone them to death; a very, very cruel way to put someone to death. The death penalty itself is questioned in the Western world.

        According to Islam/Muslims, even the slightest unintentional error can be construed as being blasphemous, and the penalty for blasphemy is death by stoning. In the non-Muslim/Christian world, differences of opinion and open opposition to Christ is allowed without the fear of being killed for that opposition.

        According to Islam/Muslims, just the very image of Mohammad means the creator of that image is to be murdered. How stupid is that?

        According to Islam/Muslims, if a woman shows her hair it is a sin against God. How is that a sin against God? You want an example of a sin? The killing of innocent children, women, and men by being blown up by an idiot, insane Muslim, is a sin.

        According to Islam/Muslims, the oppression of women is allowed. Women are disrespected, assaulted, raped, and their does not exist any sign of respect toward women. Camels are more important to a Muslim than a woman. Jesus holds all humans to be above any and all animals.

        I agree that the culture of gun violence in the United States is deplorable, however, the theory of freedom relies on the good character of people to be free and peaceful. There are bad people, thanks to Satan (who is not the U.S., by the way). However, if we start taking away the freedoms of all people in an attempt to reduce/eliminate any and all crime, there no longer would be any freedom at all. If people want to be free, they must strive to live in a way that Jesus taught us to live. There will always be people who will choose to do bad things instead of living a good life. There are many, many Brits in prison in Great Britain to prove your choice of society is not as perfect as you would like it to be.

        Christians are not at war with a race, culture, or country just because they follow a different religion or are of a different religion or live a different culture. The Muslim world is at war with Israel and have openly stated they want Israel to be wiped off the face of the Earth. If the Muslims stopped killing innocent people, stopped sending insane suicide bombers to kill innocent people, there would be no war between the U.S. and the Muslims. Any conflict between Muslims and the U.S., Great Britain and other western allies was initiated and continues at the will and choice of Muslims.

        Muslims run terrorist camps to train Muslims how to sneak into places and blow themselves up taking innocent people with them. Muslims teach their followers how to sneak around with the intentions of murdering and destroying. There is not one such place within the United States (or probably England, too) that teaches such things. Muslims are sneaks and cowards. Islam, through its actions, promotes killing/murdering and will never accept that not everyone will want to be a Muslim. Those who choose not to be a Muslim must be killed. That is in contrast to the teachings of Jesus.

        Jesus taught to peacefully teach about the Christian god. Then it is left up to the person being taught to make a choice. If they choose not to follow Jesus, they will have to explain themselves to God when they die; not face the muzzle of an AK-47 in this life.

        Islam, as we see it in this life, is a religion/belief full of violence and hatred. If that is not the case, then why are not the non-violent Muslims taking up the fight against those who are violent and murderers?

        If a Christian cleric is ever asked to say a prayer over the graves of Muslims, he/she would not curse them and call them enemies of the Christian god. Yet, a Muslim cleric asked to say a prayer over the graves of Navy Seal team members did exactly that. He cursed them and right in front of their surviving families. That is the mindset of Muslims?Islam.

        It is my belief Islam is the creation of Satan. Satan gave birth to Islam as a tool to use against Christianity, and that is exactly how Muslims use Islam: as a tool to fight Christianity, including the Jewish religion who are very closely related to Christianity.

        If that offends Muslims, perhaps they should take a loooooooooooooong haaaaaaaaaaaaard look at their religion and its beliefs, including stoning people to death, accusing people of blasphemy for absolutely ludicrous and innocent acts, and accept that Islam started around 600 years after Christ. And toke a looooooooong haaaaaaaaaaaaaard look at that jerkoff Mohammad. What miracles did he perform? Adultery? Theft? Rape? Murder? And you Muslims call him a prophet? A prophet of what? Damnation?

        When Christian men go to Heaven, they don’t expect to be screwing even ONE virgin. It is an existence at a far higher, much more pure plane than this life on Earth.

        Islam is vile, full of sin, and does not allow even a sliver of opposition. It is the religion of Satan.


  4. john says:

    Yes the extreme of this religion is the work of Satan many have been brainwashed to believe in a false God and they are too ignorant to see beyond.

    It is too late now as this evil is going to continue around the world, they are breeding in large numbers and when they really outnumber us, they will take control and chop our heads off in the name of their evil God

    We should have nothing to do with them, do not trade do not sell arms, let them destroy themselves and the world will be a better place, and any in our countries if they do not do as we do, then send them back home at their expense.

    Imagine what would happen if someone blasted their site in Mecca blew up the so called sacred site bombed it to nothing, can you imagine what would happen?

    Islam once had a very thriving civilization, but like all religions they become a distortion of the truth where some despot gains power over the masses.
    Look at the catholic religion they boiled people in oil and burnt them all in the name of religion.

    All religion is wrong it is a distortion of the real truth of God the real truth will be revealed soon and it is going to shake the very foundations of all religions that are when they will collapse.

    Get rid of religion and have the knowledge that we are all a part of the universal conscientious we call God and there will be peace, t is religion that has caused wars, misery you only have to look at history.
    and just look at how wicked they are to their women


    • thomlucci says:

      I agree with part of your comment, however, anyone who can think clearly, logically, and critically about the Universe, our planet, Earth, and life on this planet, can only come to one conclusion: the chance(s) that the world became what it is with all the life that lives upon it merely by accident is so improbable that the number is too big to even comprehend for any human being, taking into consideration the size of the entire Universe with all its galaxies, stars, planets and all the other objects that can be found in it.

      It is more likely that you will win the Power Ball lottery ten thousand times than life on this planet happened by accident.

      There is a Supreme Being, and the Supreme Being, known to Christians as God (because there is only one god) came to Earth in the flesh to give humans, His children, His creations, a chance to live with Him in Heaven for eternity. Before Jesus Christ came to Earth in the flesh, there was no way for us to get into Heaven, because we were so, so, SOOOO far away from God. When Jesus died on the cross, He spent three days in Hell to pay for our sins, and only through Jesus Christ can we ever hope to be in Heaven and avoid the punishment we rightly deserve: eternal damnation in Hell with Satan.

      The best trick Satan ever played on us was making so many of us believe he does not exist. He is watching us damn ourselves and is laughing his ass off in Hell, all the while preparing a place for all of us to burn forever.

      I believe for those who never EVER heard about Christ will find mercy with God, however, those who have heard about Christ and turned away from Him, have until their very last breath to accept Him as their Saviour. If those people never accept Christ, they will be damned to spend eternity in Hell with the Beast, the Great Satan.

      I implore you, your the sake of your soul, to seek someone to teach you about Christ and Christianity. You owe it to yourself. Understand, if you reject God–you will only see Him when you die and hear him condemn you to Hell forever.

      Think about it: F O R E V E R W I T H O U T E N D. It will NEVER NEVER NEVER end. Be sure you know what you are doing and really want to reject Christ. The consequences will be worse than you can possibly imagine.

      I pray God will speak to your heart and you will find Christ and forgiveness, giving you a place in Heaven forever.


  5. Erick says:

    It’s a bit unfair to judge an entire religion based on the actions of a select few terrorist groups, groups that only represent maybe a fraction of a percent of the entire Islamic faith. All religious texts have their share of extremism and radical ideas. The difference is in the attitudes of those who practice them.


    • thomlucci says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. However, I must disagree with you. You see, extremists or not, if you could eliminate all the extremists, there is still, within Islam, the practice of stoning people to death, “honor” killings [what is honorable about them?], the cutting off of hands and heads, the preaching of war/violence, instead of peace, and the absence of any teachings about forgiveness.

      Mohammad did not perform even one single solitary miracle. The story of Mohammad is one of robbery, rape, incest, child molestation, adultery, murder—need I go on? On the other hand, the story of Jesus is dramatically different. Jesus performed many miracles, including bringing dead people back to life. Did Mohammad do that? No. Did Mohammad cure any lepers? Did Mohammad walk on water? Did Mohammad turn water into wine? Did Mohammad heal the blind, the crippled? Any of that? No, Mohammad did absolutely nothing of that.

      And Jesus did not sleep with a woman. He did not marry a child then have sex with her. Jesus did not rob caravans. Jesus did not kill hundreds of people when laying siege on a town.

      So, who IS the “prophet”, the Son of God, the Holy one? Mohammad? You really think so? If you do, you have been brainwashed and led far away from the truth. You have been lied to and deceived.

      Yes, Islam is evil. It preaches too much violence and not peace, no forgiveness, no brotherly love, no compassion, and so on. Islam is a religion of hatred, violence, and evil.

      Again, thank you for your comment.


  6. Thomlucci says:

    The shootings in schools and movie theaters were not about any religion. The shooters never claimed they did their deeds in the name of some god. They had personal agendas. They are just evil, demented people.

    In contrast, Islam extremists kill in the name of their religion and “god”, which is promoted in the Qur’an. They believe murdering innocent people is blessed by some entity that only exists in THEIR demented minds.

    You will not find any words in the New Testament or uttered by Jesus that promote murdering innocent people for any reason whatsoever.

    I do not understand why Arabs and other Muslims cannot see the dramatic difference between Jesus/the New Testament and Mohammad/the Qur’an. In the former, what is preached is love and forgiveness. In the latter, what is preached is intolerance, murder, and violent, savage punishments for even the most insignificant transgressions.

    I understand that if a person is taught from infancy and throughout childhood the beliefs of their family, it is difficult to go against that. But a person who is intelligent enough to read and analyze what they read should clearly see the stark differences between Christianity and Islam.

    Only the ignorant would want to follow a religion that says it’s okay to bury someone up to their neck in dirt then throw stones at their heads until you kill them. Or it is okay to kill someone just because they create a portrait of their prophet. Or it is okay to kill a child just because the child wants to go to school.

    And on and on and on.

    Islam as it is practiced today is evil.



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