Chick-fil-A Is A Christian Business


Chick-fil-A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Chick-fil-A controversy began when the restaurant’s president Dan Cathy told the Baptist Press that the company, which puts faith ahead of profits by closing on Sundays, was “guilty as charged” for backing the “biblical definition of a family.”

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There is no grey area here.  No “no man’s land”.  There is only black and white; with God or against God.  You can’t sit on the fence.  Which side are you on?

Any man or woman who thinks they will be alright by taking a stance against God should be nominated for a chance to win “The Most Stupid Person Who Ever Lived” award.  We are mortals.  We are not gods or supreme beings.  Anyone who thinks they will not be punished for taking a stance against God will discover the absolute truth when they are judged by the very God they choose to oppose.

God said in the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination unto Him.  He even destroyed two cities because of the “coming out of the closet” by homosexuals (which includes lesbians).  If homosexuality is an abomination unto Him, it is also an abomination unto me.  And I cannot think of anything more perverse, more grotesque, more disgusting than two people of the same sex having sexual relations with each other.

I support Chick-fil-A for closing on Sundays.  It is the Lord’s day.  It is the Christian Sabbath day.  The Lord’s day of rest.  Money is not more important than God.

I also support Chick-fil-A for taking a stand against homosexuality.  As you have probably heard, God did not create Adam and Steve.

Any homosexuals who wish to comment and give me their perverted accusations that I am wrong to take God’s side will find their comments deleted.  And when it comes to God reviewing the list of who will enter Heaven and who will not, the homosexuals will find their names have been deleted from that list, however, Satan will “warmly” welcome them into Hell for all eternity; an eternity of suffering and agony that will never, never, never, never, never (and so on) end.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

Which side of the fence are you on?  On God’s side?  Or are you so stupid to think taking a stance against God is your best decision?


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