Blame the Testosterone

I’m sure you’ve heard (if you live in the United States) about the children in Chicago that have recently been murdered by Black gang members.  One little girl was at her lemonade/candy stand outside her home, and another little girl was playing in the water from a fire hydrant, trying to stay cool.

And, perhaps, you have heard “experts” (?) state the heat is to blame for these murders.  The heat makes changes in our bodies.  For instance, it increases the level of testosterone in our bodies.  So, that is why Black gang members are killing people in Chicago?

Chicago has had a record heat wave recently, but are these experts(?) saying only Black gang members are affected by the heat?  If that is not what they are saying, then why is not everyone in Chicago affected by the heat?  Why are there not hordes of white men running amok and killing people–and innocent children?

Is this “excuse” for Black gang members running amok killing people going to be their defense if they actually go on trial for the murders?

Scenario: (Defense Attorney) “Members of the jury, you must not find my client guilty of murder, because it was not his fault.  It was the intense heat that caused an increase in his testosterone that changed him into a mindless zombie that killed people.   We are not claiming insanity or temporary insanity.  We are saying the heat turned him into a zombie, unable to control his actions.”

I see.  So, explain why white men are not killing indiscriminately.  The sun is beaming down on all races in Chicago, not just Blacks.  Do light-skinned/fair-skinned men not suffer from an increase in testosterone?  Just Black men?  Just Black men in violent gangs? So, it would seem that logic about the heat increasing testosterone in men and that increase causes men (seemingly just Black men) to murder indiscriminately does not hold up to the questioning of skeptics, of which I am one.

If the heat increased the testosterone, do only Black men have testosterone?  No, all men have testosterone, so that does not explain why only Black men are going around their Black neighborhoods killing people.

Hmmm….perhaps this is an explanation:  You see, most Blacks in the United States, if not all of them, can trace their roots back to natives of African jungles who were kidnapped and forcibly brought to the U.S. for the slave market.  That was barely 300 or so years ago.  So, the Blacks in the U.S. have not been out of the jungle for a very long time.  Perhaps 5 or six generations?  Eight? Nine, maybe?  Blacks in the New World, the United States, have not been here as long as non-Blacks who came from Europe, mostly.  Take for instance Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims came ashore.  That was in 1620.  When did masses of Blacks/African natives start walking on the U.S. continent?  Late 1700’s, for the most part.  That is about 150 years after Europeans started settlements in the New World.

Therefore, perhaps the Blacks who descended from savages/natives from Africa have not evolved, yet, beyond their savage behaviors required to stay alive in Africa.  Whereas, white people have been out of the jungles for thousands of years; plenty of time to evolve beyond jungle savage behavior.

What other explanation is there?  The sun doesn’t discriminate.  It falls on all people in Chicago, so why are not all races running amok in Chicago with an increase in testosterone levels and killing each other?  Only the Black people, Black gang members, are running around indiscriminately murdering people, even children.

This “testosterone” explanation is just plain bull crap and will most likely be used by defense attorneys as an explanation, an excuse even, as a means to convince juries to not convict their clients of murder, but of manslaughter, saving these poor Black temporary zombies from the death penalty.

I personally think the reason is because the jungle is still in the Blacks.  Can you offer a better explanation for why Blacks are murdering in Chicago and not whites or other races?

Come on.  Give me a better explanation.

Oh, and HEY–Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton–how come you two and all your fanatic followers are not protesting and marching in Chicago protesting all these murders committed by blacks?  Do you only protest, march, carry signs, and demand a rope for lynching when the subject, the suspect is a WHITE person?  What are you, Jackson and Sharpton?  Incorrigible racists?!

For those of you who believe I am a racist, you are terribly wrong.  A racist hates an entire race.  I don’t.  I only despise the trouble-makers and those who despise/hate an entire race.  There is no possible way an entire race can be bad, trouble, hateful, and racist.  There are bad people, racists, and trouble-makers in all races.  No one race is entirely bad; not even the white race, for those Blacks who hate whites.  Not all whites are worthy of your hatred.

I don’t hate Blacks as an entire race.  I don’t even hate anyone.  I despise, though.  I despise Blacks who openly and unashamedly profess they hate whites and want to kill them all.  I despise Blacks who refuse to make any attempt to live in peace with white people.  I will freely admit that Blacks have suffered a great deal of discrimination, but ever since Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, major steps, major efforts, major progress has been taken/made to improve the treatment of Blacks in the United States, and anyone who denies that is a liar.

So much progress has been made and so much effort has been made that now whites are suffering reverse discrimination, because everyone tries to appease the Blacks so they won’t scream out, “Discrimination!”

There are millions upon millions of good Black people and good white people.  It is the trouble-makers, the racists, in both races that makes us getting along so difficult.  If I have offended any good Black people, I give you now my apology.  I will say this one last thing, though:

When I have an encounter with a Black person, more often than not that Black person hates me because I am white.  That person has never seen me before.  They know nothing about me except that I am white, yet they immediately hate me.  I have found more Blacks that hate whites than whites that hate Blacks.  I truly believe in my heart that the real problem of racism is a far greater problem in the Black race than in the white race.

Slavery is over, Blacks.  Whites have tried extremely hard to make your life better.  Give it a rest, will you?  Stop throwing slavery into the faces of white folks.  And for those Blacks who claim to be children of God and go to church and sing your hymns—remember: God grants us forgiveness, but also requires that we forgive others.  The next time you recite the Lord’s prayer, listen to yourselves:  “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Don’t be hypocrites.

About thomlucci

Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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