America — Get Ready! Get Prepared!

Just in the 20th century alone there have been dozens of riots, marches, and protests.  By far, the most frequent and most violent rioting has been done by Blacks.  Some of the destructive riots, which included people being killed/murdered, have been for reasons that only Blacks would deem worth rioting.  During the riots, much looting has occurred, and it makes me think that, perhaps, some riots are just “diversions” meant to give Blacks opportunities to loot; to steal.

List of Riots

Chicago 1919

Watts 1965

Watts 1965

Detroit 1967

Detroit 1967

Detroit 1967

Chicago 1968

LA Riots

LA Riot 1992

LA Riot 1992

LA Riot 1992

LA Riot 1992

LA Riot 1992 Worst in U.S. History


Oakland, CA

Nike Riot – Probably the MOST STUPID reason to riot…..for some damn tennis shoes.

There are just some examples of the rioting, mostly perpetrated by Blacks.  If you think this Martin-Zimmerman case is now old news, you are either naive or really dumb.  Get prepared, America!  If the verdict in Zimmerman’s case is not agreeable with the Blacks  and don’t give Blacks satisfaction (even though it may be a FAIR and JUST verdict), I fear the rioting will be worse than even the LA riots of 1992.

I’ll tell you how not naive I am:  I have no doubt whatsoever that there are Blacks who are already planning out the rioting that they may conduct following the Zimmerman verdict.  They are already in backrooms smoking crack and planning where, when, how, what, and so forth.  Nationwide.  Make no mistake about it, White America:  Blacks/African-Americans/Colored People (NAACP)/Negroes (United Negro College Fund) are far more racist, filled with far more hatred of whites than whites are of Blacks; and they are far less civilized.

If the situation was reversed and a verdict was determined that did not agree with White America, you would not see whites rioting.  We handle things in a lot more civilized way than those who identify themselves by half a dozen names.

Blacks have two ways to respond when they don’t get what they want, even if they really don’t deserve to get what they want: 1) rioting with the intent of stealing and hurting people, mostly white people, and 2) screaming, “DISCRIMINATION!”  Those are two powerful and evil methods to attempt to get what they didn’t get.

I don’t think Blacks really want equality.  I mean, if equality was ever really a goal that could be reached, the Blacks would lose one of those powerful methods.  If they were 100% equal, the word “discrimination” would no longer be effective.  They couldn’t scream that word and have half the nation come to them, putting an arm around their shoulders and saying, ‘There, there, now, poor Black person.  We will set things right for you.”

Why do Blacks riot when they don’t get what they want or feel some verdict does not meet with their approval?  Do white people riot when they don’t like a verdict?  That was a rhetorical question, because we all already know the answer: No, white people do not riot.  We are a helluva lot more civilized.

I readily admit that some verdicts have been very wrong, especially when the white cops in Los Angeles who beat Rodney King were found not guilty.  That was wrong, and I am on the side of the Blacks—except when it came to them rioting.  I am in disagreement with their choice to riot.

If you think I am a racist, you are entirely wrong.  I love Black people.  I don’t love Black people who are violent, racists, seek to start trouble, who hate white people for no other reason than the fact the white people are not black.

When I was a small toddler, my mother went back to work.  She hired a Black woman, Ruth, to care for me.  Ruth was like my second mother.  I loved her so much and still do today.  I wish I knew where she was buried, because visiting her grave is one of my strong desires in life.

In my twenties I had a Black girlfriend for a while.  She was so much fun, and her family were the nicest people.  I have many Black friends, and one of my best friends in my entire life is a Black man.  I don’t hate races.  I hate bad people in races.  Doesn’t matter what race it is, there are bad people in all races.  It does not matter to me what color your skin is.  It’s the color of your heart that I care about.  Is it a black, evil heart?  Black meaning EVIL, not race.

I also freely admit white people have, in the past, been pretty bad to Black people.  There are so many historical incidents of white people being bad to black people, like the Rosa Parks incident, or the integration of schools back in the 1960’s, and even slavery in the 1800’s, but don’t think every white man that owned black people were evil and mean.  Many Blacks were treated quite well, and were educated, civilized, taught the ways of non-jungle inhabitants.

There exists today two well-known hate groups.  One Black, one white. The white group is called the KKK.  The black group is called the NAACP.  It is a hate group, and even two black men on a TV news program being interviewed stated that exact same thing.  The NAACP is a hate group, and Blacks have become the very same thing they have been preaching against for many decades.

So, Blacks, don’t give me your, “We Blacks are good people and riot only because we are being treated so badly by you white folks.”  When you riot you are just as wrong as any white person you accuse of doing bad things against you.  Just because you “is black” doesn’t also mean you are all right and we are all wrong.

I am man enough to admit the bad things white people have done.  Are you man or woman enough, grown up enough, to admit Blacks also have done some terrible things to whites and society?  Do you go to some Christian church and sing your gospel hymns then when leaving the church building pick up your hatred that you left just outside the entryway?

Where is Jesus in your life? Only inside your church?  When you leave church do you leave Jesus there?  You know, we will all be judged someday.  Ask yourselves, “How does God see me?  Am I doing what God tells me to do?  Will God also put his arm around me and say, ‘There, there, now, poor Black person.  I will make things right for you.'”?

Don’t be a bunch of hypocrites.  We can all live together in peace–if you just make an effort to do so and abandon your racism, your hatred.

Back to rioting:

I advise you to stock up on food, water, first-aid supplies, weapons and ammunition, because I seriously fear if the Blacks don’t like the Zimmerman verdict and riot, it is going to be a very, very bad one.

It’s too bad they are not civilized enough to handle an unpopular verdict in a civilized way.  I really don’t think they could handle it in a civilized way.  I really don’t.

Take a look at this:

As plain a message as a message can be.

Do you need any more evidence than this?  Get ready for a very, very bad time.


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Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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