The Trayvon-Zimmerman Case

I probably don’t have to tell you what this case is all about.  It’s been in the national news, and probably international, as well.  If you are not familiar with the Trayvon-Zimmerman incident, look for the story (update) in this blog.

So, where are we now with this case?  Let’s review.  Zimmerman was a neighborhood patrol volunteer, patrolling to protect his neighborhood from criminals in general, burglars in particular.  He noticed a young black man (Trayvon Martin) walking through his neighborhood late at night.  He didn’t live in the neighborhood.  He was wearing a hoodie.  Hoodies are usually a trademark of gangs and robbers, and that is a fact, if you watch all the videos of convenience stores being robbed and/or keep up with the crime reports from TV news and newspapers.  Hoodies seem to be the attire of choice, since they do a good job of concealing faces.

Zimmerman decided to follow Trayvon to see what he was up to.  Looking back, now, that was probably not a good idea, but I can understand his wanting to follow, since I worked armed security for many years and was a Correctional Officer in a maximum security prison shortly after leaving military service.

Zimmerman was armed, and that probably gave him some confidence.  He telephoned the police at 9-1-1 and was on the phone with them most of the time, if not all the time.  According to Zimmerman’s re-enactment of the crime for the police, he lost sight of Trayvon for a minute, then Trayvon came up on him in the dark.  Trayvon asked Zimmerman (remember, this is Zimmerman’s acccount, because Trayvon Martin is dead) if Zimmerman had a problem.  Zimmerman said no, then Trayvon said, “You got one now, mother******.”  That word is a highly favorite word in the Black community. It seems as if they cannot utter a sentence without using that word, and even utter it in their Rap music.  Then Trayvon started an assault on Zimmerman.

Trayvon knocked Zimmerman onto the ground and started slamming the back of Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk.  Zimmerman was calling out for help.  Trayvon saw Zimmerman’s firearm and was reaching for it, but Zimmerman got to it first and shot Travon, killing him.

Zimmerman claimed he was in fear for his life.  Clearly, if you have been keeping up with this news story, the back of Zimmerman’s head had lacerations and was bleeding.  There is no dispute about that.  It is quite conceivable that if anyone was on the ground having their head smashed against concrete, they would be in fear for their life or definitely afraid of very serious bodily injury; concussion, for instance, or skull fracture, or both.

Immediately after the incident, practically every black person in the country began condemning Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon, claiming the shooting was racially motivated.  I didn’t believe that, at all.  I have had many bad experiences with trouble makers when I was an armed security officer and even as a Correctional Officer.

I am not qualified to discuss socioeconomic society, the reasons why, the philosophy surrounding it, the psychology–but I do know that I was assigned to neighborhoods where crime was rampant, and most of the trouble makers were Hispanic or Black.  There were a few Caucasians, but they were a minority.  Rarely does race have anything to do with crime.  Crime is usually based on money (greed) or relationships (jealously, friendships gone wrong, etc.) or drugs, and with drugs we go back to the root of the problem: money.

At first, the Black community was putting forth the idea that Trayvon was an innocent, law-abiding, gentle and good teenager.  Later, however, it was reported Trayvon was not the sweet little angel the Black community wanted everyone to believe.  If you read my “update” about the case in this blog, you will be better informed about this.

From my security experience, Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon used the word mother****** and started the confrontation by asking, “You got a problem?” Then saying, “You got one now, mother******”, is very credible.

Let me interject here, that statistics show blacks are killed by blacks far more often than whites killing blacks or blacks killing whites.  The number of black murders by black murderers is alarming, but do you hear anyone  in the Black community expressing any alarm or fear about that?  I don’t.  If you do, please let me know.

Now, Zimmerman’s credibility was not really in question–until his conversations with his wife were recorded while Zimmerman was in jail.  They both claimed they were broke and could not afford the bail money, but it turns out money was being donated to them on a web site for his legal defense, and the amount donated was around $150,000.00, but they never told the judge about that.  In fact, Zimmerman’s wife is being charged with perjury because she told a judge they were broke and never mentioned the Internet money.

So, now the Zimmermans have created a cloud of doubt about Zimmerman’s story.  Because Trayvon is dead, there is no other side to the story.  All we have is Zimmerman’s account.

It seems to me that Trayvon Martin’s run-ins with the law and the fact he was expelled or suspended from school because of his marijuana use will be brought up to prove Trayvon was not a model citizen, as the Blacks would want the jury to believe.

News reports state that Trayvon was in that neighborhood to visit his girlfriend.  Perhaps he should have just continued to his girlfriend’s address and all would have been fine.  Perhaps you have heard, if you go looking for trouble, the chances are good you will find it.  Trayvon would most likely still be alive had he not confronted Zimmerman; had he not gone looking for trouble.

Zimmerman was not breaking the law by carrying a firearm, since it is not illegal.  He was just observing what Trayvon was up to, and it was not Zimmerman who initiated a scuffle with Trayvon.  It was Trayvon (according to Zimmerman) who began an assault.  Keep in mind, now, the police dispatcher was on the phone the entire time and heard was what going on.

Zimmerman was told by the police dispatcher not to follow Trayvon, but Zimmerman ignored that.  He should have waited for a police patrol unit to arrive.

Although I find fault with Zimmerman for his decision to follow Trayvon and for lying about the money that was donated to him, all-in-all if I was on a jury, I would not be able to say he is guilty of murder or even manslaughter.  He should not have followed Trayvon, but I cannot find fault with Zimmerman for firing his weapon at Trayvon as Trayvon was slamming his head against the pavement.

Just as wrong as Zimmerman was for following, Trayvon was wrong for not just continuing to walk and get out of the neighborhood as soon as he could.  He should have tried to avoid Zimmerman, not confront him.  His bad decision–cost him his life.

If Zimmerman was to be found guilty of either murder or manslaughter, that decision would be a very harmful one for the right of citizens to carry firearms for their protection; for the protection of their homes and family.

I am sure jurors will consider that while in deliberations.  I think they will also consider the fact that Zimmerman was merely following Trayvon, not chasing after him.  Do not forget, Zimmerman did call 9-1-1 and had the police dispatcher on the phone.  I seriously doubt Zimmerman would have the police on the phone if his intent was to just shoot Trayvon.

Zimmerman’s greatest fear, probably, is that he will be found guilty and have to spend some time in prison.  My greatest fear is that the Blacks in the country will do the same thing they always do when a decision goes against them: riot, destroying property, harming others (particularly whites) and causing damage that will total, perhaps, in the millions to repair.  Funny how you never see Caucasians doing that, huh?  Why is that? Because Caucasians are a helluva lot more civilized?

It seems to me Blacks just look for any excuse they can to loot, steal, burn, destroy, and harm others, particularly white people.

I would be so, so pleased if the Blacks in this country showed that they, too, are civilized by accepting whatever verdict the jury decides upon and not go into violent savage mode if the decision goes against them.

There are civilized ways to protest a decision other than just going freaking mad and destroying everything in sight and stealing TV’s from department stores, you know?

How many of you can remember the Watts riots in Los Angeles following the Rodney King incident and trial?  There is no person on the planet who can give me a rational excuse for that display of total madness.

My final comment about this is:  If you want to be treated like civilized people, act like civilized people.

Zimmerman would be wronged if he was found guilty of murder or manslaughter.  It was self-defense.  He should, however, be put on probation and lose his right to carry a firearm for his decision to not follow the police dispatcher’s advice to not follow Trayvon.  Had he not followed Trayvon, Trayvon would probably still be alive and this entire story, this entire incident would be moot.

I wish to express my regret and sorrow to Trayvon Martin’s family for their loss.  Trayvon should still be alive today.  Although I do not know anyone involved with this incident, I truly feel sorrow for the death of Trayvon Martin.


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Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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2 Responses to The Trayvon-Zimmerman Case

  1. Dee Arauj says:

    Travon Martin, god bless his soul may not have been a squeeky clean teenager. He is gone and nothing anyone can do will ever bring him back. George Zimmerman, domestic violence perpetrator, charged with assault on police officers with force is NOT squeeky clean either and he is a grown man. He has charges that have been sealed because his father is a retired judge so please..He is a angry man and there is proof of it. Smoking marijuana does not make you a violent person assault on your wife and police officers on the other hand do make you a violent person and MORE likely than NOT the aggressor.


    • thomlucci says:

      Trayvon Martin, God bless his poor sweet soul (tongue in cheek), certainly was not squeaky clean. I guess you ignored (consciously or subconsciously) the FACT that Trayvon recently assaulted a bus driver, was expelled from school for dealing drugs, and I have some pictures on my computer downloaded from the Internet showing Trayvon with his britches so low his poor taste in boxer shorts show. They are so low that if there was a gap in front of his shorts, his penis would be showing. In that same picture Trayvon is making gang signs with both his hands. The pictures most people have seen is of him looking innocent and sweet in a hoodie, however, there are pictures showing Trayvon was very muscular, tall, and tattooed.

      Trayvon had two choices, and he made the wrong one. He could have avoided Zimmerman, but he chose to confront and attack Zimmerman. He asked Zimmerman, “You got a problem?”, and when Zimmerman replied, “No”, Trayvon said, “You got one now, motherfucker,” then proceeded to attack Zimmerman. Trayvon was much bigger than Zimmerman. It was Zimmerman, not Trayvon, that had cuts and abrasions on the back of his skull.

      The fact that Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin was because Martin was wearing a hoodie, which is used by a huge number of criminals, mostly black and Hispanic, and because he was in a neighborhood where he didn’t belong, and because there was enough crime in that area that people moved out of the neighborhood.

      Do you think Martin was wearing a hoodie because it was the only thing he had to wear? Considering his drug activity and gang signs, his hoodie was just another way of associating himself with the black/criminal community. If he was such an innocent, sweet little boy, he would not have chosen to attack Zimmerman.

      If this incident was between two blacks, the African-American/black community all across this nation would not be acting the way it did and is now acting. If it had been a black man who shot and killed a white man, the African-American community would not be acting the way it is now. Additionally, white folks would not be rioting like the blacks had it been a white man killed—because whites are capable of acting in a much more civilized manner.

      Blacks are murdering blacks by the scores in Chicago, but do you see any blacks in this nation rising up to protest that? BUT——if ONE white guy kills a black guy in Chicago, Oh, My God! The blacks will be up in arms about it.

      This is strictly a race issue with blacks. It is just another excuse for blacks to cry to the public, “Oh, we are just being so mistreated! We are being so discriminated against! We, us innocent black people, are being unjustly treated!” And just another excuse to go out into the streets and act like natives from Africa who know no better way to act than to shake their grass shields and primitive spears while screaming, “Booga Booga!” If the blacks in this nation were much less racist and much more civilized, they would take ALL the facts, even the facts that are against Martin, and accept the verdict of not guilty.

      So, I don’t want to hear any more CRAP about how sweet and innocent Martin was and how “unjust” the verdict was. It was unjust only to the blacks in this nation and to a few others who are just looking for an excuse to run rampant in the streets.


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