Two Killed by Repeated Drunk Driver

English: Drunk driving safety poster. "Do...

English: Drunk driving safety poster. “Don’t mix ’em”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sadly, very sadly, a young mother and her daughter were killed recently in San Antonio, Texas, by a drunk driver who had two previous convictions of driving while drunk prior to his third offense when he killed the mother and daughter as the mother was changing a flat tire on the side of the road.

I have no sympathy for drunk drivers.  As I stated in an earlier post, there is no driver in existence in the U.S. who has not heard, “Do not drink and drive.”  No driver should be so stupid to choose to drive a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol.  It is incomprehensible to me why a person would drive a car to a place that serves alcoholic beverages, consume alcoholic beverages, then get in their vehicle to drive home or even no farther than out of the parking lot.

Since every driver is aware that driving drunk is against the law and that the possibility is high that they may have a collision and hurt and/or even kill other people, the courts should not allow any drunk driver to have a second chance to kill people.

Even for the first offense, drivers who have been arrested for drunk driving and not been involved in an accident should receive no less than a minimum of one year in a state prison, two years probation without a driver’s license following release from prison, and 1,000 hours of community service.  Perhaps that may convince them their very stupid decision/choice to drive drunk was not worth the penalties levied upon them.

If, on the first offense, the drunk driver has a collision that does not harm anyone, the minimum prison time should be two years.

If, on the first offense, the drunk driver injures someone while driving drunk, the minimum sentence should be five years in a penitentiary.

If, on the first offense, the drunk driver kills someone while driving drunk, the minimum sentence should be 25 years.  Why so stiff a sentence?  1) they already know driving drunk is against the law, dangerous, and very stupid,  so they cannot claim they were not aware driving drunk was against the law, and 2) they have ended someone’s life.  They have killed someone, and that someone will never come back.  They are gone for good.  The death of that person will affect many other lives, perhaps even the victim’s children.  And–that person would not be dead had the very stupid, imbecilic, and ignorant drunk driver had not ignored driving drunk laws.

English: Relative risk of an accident based on...

English: Relative risk of an accident based on blood alcohol levels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If people who drive drunk understand that even a first offense will mandate they spend a minimum of one year in a prison, perhaps that mother and daughter would be alive today.  There is no conceivable excuse for their deaths.  The drunk driver had already been convicted twice before that collision and should have been in prison.

Drunk drivers should be glad that 1)I am not a judge, and/or 2) I am not a politician who would push the passage of a law that would send even first offenders to prison.

I have had several near collisions with drunk drivers, and can only thank God that no drunk driver has ever hit me or my vehicle.

Anyone–EVERYONE–who drives drunk should spend time in a prison and lose their driving privileges.  Driving drunk is one of the most stupid, careless, and callous things a human being can do.  There is no mercy in my heart for them.  Well, maybe there is some mercy.  If there was no mercy at all, I would prefer they be shot, hanged, or beheaded following a first offense.  Maybe all three.


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