The Peace, Love & Forgiveness of Islam

I’ve read several blogs that speak about Islam recently.  Not blogs supporting Islam & Muslims, but in criticism of Islam and its prophet Mohammed.  Those blogs quote the Quran (Koran) and the words of Mohammed.  The blogs are very knowledgeable and informative.  At the bottom of some of my other posts about Islam are links to those blogs, so you can read them for yourselves.  What is incredible to me is how hypocritical Islam is and how hateful, how violent, and how evil some of its followers are.

I believe the leaders of Islam tell their followers that they will be “serviced” by 1,000 virgins when they die, in order to persuade them to become a suicide bomber.  I also believe the leaders do not actually believe that themselves, but understand their followers are dumb enough to believe that.

If a Muslim dies (or for that matter when anyone dies) the body is dead and only the spirit lives on.  So, if a person lives in the afterlife as a spirit, what kind of “sex” life would a spirit have?  Could a spirit get a hard-on?  Can a “female” spirit get pregnant?  How would a wispy, non-physical spirit engage in sex? It is just ludicrous to believe “If I become a suicide bomber and kill innocent people I will have sex with 1,000 virgins for eternity.”  How absolutely idiotic is that belief?

From what I read on other blogs about Mohammed, he beheaded people or told his fellow Muslims to behead people who disagreed with him.   Mohammed was a violent man.  The Quran says to kill people who are not Muslims.  Wow.  Those are the words from a religion that claims Allah is a loving and forgiving god?

There is another book that quotes Mohammed outside of the Quran.  I think it is called the hatith or something like that.  That book tells even more about Mohammed than what is in the Quran.  From what I read, Mohammed was just a really angry, violent, and hateful, man.  And Muslims know about this?  Do Muslims ignore this?  What in Allah’s name makes them think Islam is such a loving and forgiving religion?  What makes Muslims think Islam is the religion that everyone should follow?  If everyone was a Muslim, who would the Muslims murder then?  Each other?

No person who is “right” in their minds would want to go blow themselves up.  It is just not the nature of any living thing.  All living things, even bacteria, instinctively have the will to live.  So, if all living things have the will to live, why are there Muslims who are willing to blow themselves up?  So they can screw 1,000 “female” spirits?  What stupidity!

So, a suicide bomber thinks if he murders 300 people (innocent women and children included) on an airplane he will go to Heaven, be welcomed by Allah and given 1,000 virgins to screw?

What kind of god, what kind of prophet would preach killing innocent people? Murdering women and children?  Beheading those who are critical of their religion? Stone people to death?  Stoning people to death has got to be the most gruesome and evil way to kill people, yet they do it all the time in the Middle East, and, perhaps, other places.  Just how cruel, incredibly cruel, is that? I would say incomprehensibly cruel.

What kind of person would want to worship a god that tells his “children” to murder, to kill, to blow themselves up?  What kind of person would believe that such supreme being is the kind of supreme being they want to worship? Is worthy of worship?  I just cannot grasp why people who are not Muslims (Christians and others) convert to Islam.  They must not know as much about Islam as they should know.  What, in God‘s name, motivates them to follow Islam?  It sounds like such a violent, hateful religion, and it sure as hell is not forgiving!

Buddha did not promote murder.  Christ did not promote murder.  The Jewish God (which is the same god as the Christian god) does not tell his followers to go out and murder people.  Confucius did not preach to go out and murder.  Not even atheists “preach” (if they preach at all) to go out and murder.  Gandhi did not preach murder.  There is probably not one religion, other than Islam, that you can think of that preached or preaches today to go out and murder people, innocent people, women and children, anyone and everyone who is not a part of their “religion”.

Mohammed did not do anything like part the Red Sea.  He did not walk on water.  He did not raise the dead or restore sight to blind people.  He did not turn water into wine.  So, what did he do to prove to anyone that he was actually a messenger of Allah and not just some egomaniac and a raving lunatic who wanted to see millions of people murdered?  What miracle did he perform?  What testament did he have/do to prove he was actually Allah’s prophet?  Anyone?  Hello?

Then, how do Muslims think they are going to convince people to become Muslims?  To convert to Islam?  By force?  As an example, did the witch force Hansel and Gretel to come into her cottage?  No, she enticed them.  Did the spider force the fly to come into its parlor?   No, it enticed the fly.  Do car salesmen say, “Buy this car or I will kill you.”?  Do Christians say, “Become a Christian or I will kill you.”?  Do grocers say, “Buy my tomatoes or I will kill  you.”?  You don’t convince people to buy something you are selling by telling them you will kill them if they don’t buy.  You don’t convince people to come to your religion if you threaten to kill them if they don’t.

Why would a person willingly go into a river that was filled with alligators?  Why would a person willingly go into a pit full of poisonous snakes?  Why would a person willingly play on a highway that is full of speeding vehicles?  With that thought in mind, why would a person want to go to a religion that stones people to death? That encourages killing women and children?  That encourages blowing themselves up?  It is ludicrous to believe they would be “enticed” to join and join willingly.

You don’t convince people to do something by threatening to kill them if they don’t do what you want.  Only criminals do that: robbers, murderers, child molesters, rapists, and so on.  It is just stupid to believe you can make someone convert to your religion by threatening to kill them if they don’t convert.

Muslims–if you are reading this, I urge you to do some thinking about this.  Just what kind of god are you worshiping? What kind of prophet was Mohammed if he told his followers to behead, to murder, to kill everyone just because they disagreed with him or had different ideas?  How can you claim Islam and Allah is loving, peaceful, and forgiving, yet murder people just because they are not Muslims like you?

How can you be so incredibly cruel to throw stones at people until they are dead?

How the hell can you expect people to come to your religion when they see every day of the year such cruelty, such hatred, and the murdering of innocent people?  You have got to be really mixed up to think such behavior will convince people Islam is the religion that they should follow.

It is not the instinctive behavior of humans to kill; to murder, although throughout human history much of that has happened; but it is not normal human behavior.  It is instinctive behavior of humans to help other people and live in peace.

I think you Muslims need to collect all your extremist leaders together and knock  them in their heads a few times to get their attention like you would do to a stupid mule, then straighten them out.  Your leaders need to be ‘reprogrammed’.

Please–stop this idiotic behavior of murdering people for your religious beliefs or because one of your leaders tells you 1,000 virgins are waiting for you.  There probably aren’t that many virgins in your distorted idea of Heaven.  If you want to make sure there are any virgins left for you before they are all taken–go kill yourself now before it is too late.

This entire business about Islam and Mohammed is completely insane, and you extremist followers are just as insane.  I pray my God will have mercy on your pitiful souls.


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Disabled Veteran from Vietnam era, 2nd generation Italian-American, conservative, born in PA, raised mostly in Europe. Graduated from high school in France in 1966. Former print journalist, professional photographer. Love animals: dogs, cats, horses, mostly. Current Opinions of News is a blog where I vent my frustrations with Democrats, crime, social issues, and so on.
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