The Hypocrisy of Islam

Christianity originated a little more than 2,012 years ago, whereas Islam (the religion of Muslims) has been around for only about 1,400 years.  Christianity is based on a loving, compassionate God who offers His children forgiveness and salvation through His only son, Jesus Christ.  Salvation is not forced upon people with the threat of “convert or be killed”.   That is how Muslims try to convince people to convert to Islam.

Granted, the Crusaders who invaded the Middle East and slaughtered thousands of people exclaimed “convert or die” in their quest to bring people to the Christian God, and that was just as wrong as what the Muslims are doing today.  The Crusades were a horrific time in Christianity.  By the way, credit given to the people in that region of the world, they kicked the butts of the Crusaders.  In my opinion (and this is my blog used for the purpose of expressing my opinion), the Crusaders were very, very wrong for doing what they did to the indigenous people.

When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life, they acquired free will; freedom of choice.  They could choose God’s way or the highway; the highway to Hell.  Jesus offered salvation, but we are not forced to accept it or Jesus.  God lets us choose.  That is not the way it is with Islam.  Well, that is not exactly true.  You do have a choice with Islam: convert to Islam or be killed.  That is the choice offered to non Muslims.

Throughout history there have been leaders who have tried to dominate the world, and all were successful to a point, but failed miserably in achieving total domination.  There will always be people who will refuse, who will reject, all attempts to shove something down their throats.  There will always be rebels.

It is a fool’s dream to believe Muslims will be able to get everyone in the world to accept Islam.  It just will never happen.  All they will succeed in doing is slaughtering millions of people and hurt their cause and their image.

Islam Terrorist Class

Muslims say their god, Allah, is a loving and just god, yet they see no problem with murdering millions; innocent millions, women and children, using bombs strapped to their bodies, flying planes into buildings, blowing up aircraft full of passengers, buses, trains, subways and employing remotely controlled explosives and improvised exploding devices all in their “righteous” holy war in the name of their god.  If Allah is a loving and just god, then their Muslim Jihad against non-Muslims would indicate someone is a hypocrite.  I doubt Allah is a hypocrite, so perhaps the Muslims are hypocrites.  Have the Muslims corrupted their understanding of what the prophet Mohammad taught?  How are we to know who among the Muslims believe in a Jihad against non Muslims and who do not embrace that ideology of “convert or die”?

Muslims claim Islam is the religion of peace, yet they kill at the drop of a hat.  If someone, especially another Muslim, says or writes things in opposition to Islam, an order to assassinate that individual goes out to all Muslims.  Christians tolerate those who choose to badmouth the Christian faith and pray for them.  They don’t seek to murder them.

A Muslim chat room advertises itself this way: “It’s about love, peace, and forgiveness.” I would give you the link, but it isn’t good anymore.  I wonder why.

When the Quran was accidentally burned by U.S. forces Muslims went on a rampage and sought to kill U.S. soldiers.  That sure doesn’t sound like love, peace and forgiveness to me. Christians would have been upset had the Bible been burned, but they wouldn’t have called for the deaths of those who did the burning.  Christians would have prayed for them and prayed for their salvation.  Christians don’t murder people with bombs; Muslims do.

When harmless cartoons were published in Danish newspapers depicting Mohammad, Muslims the world over went insane, rioted and called for the murder of those people associated with the Danish newspapers that printed the cartoons.  According to Muslims, any depiction of their prophet Mohammad is a sin worthy of death. Really? Death?  Isn’t that a bit extreme? That doesn’t sound like love, peace and forgiveness to me.

Islam’s Imagefvgt

Love, Peace, and Forgiveness? I don’t think so.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

Muslims demonstrate their hypocrisy when they behead hostages, commit “honor” killings, treat women like possessions instead of humans, and when they execute people by one of the most cruel and horrific ways imaginable–more horrific than any method used to execute people in the U.S., and the way the Muslims do it is by stoning people to death.  The following link is to a video smuggled out of Iran of four people being stoned to death.  If you want to watch it, I advise you now it is a gruesome and sickening thing to watch.  People being hit by stones and rocks.  Imagine yourself in their place and the horrendous agony, the pain you would feel being hit by large stones to your head, your body.  And people in the U.S. complain about Capital Punishment here?  I hope some bleeding heart Liberals watch this video.  Maybe it will shut them up for a while.  No living thing should be subjected to such egregious treatment.  It is definitely top on my cruel and unusual punishment list.  You have been warned.  Watch it if you dare:

Islam love, peace and forgiveness?  Such hypocrisy!

When Christians die, they look forward to eternal life in the house of God with an enlightened afterlife that is beyond our physical lives.  It is a spiritual life.  However, Muslim men believe when they die they will be “serviced” by 1,000 virgins. It seems all they can think about is an eternal life of sex, even as spirits with no physical body.  How spiritual and enlightening is that?

I could go on and on, but I believe my message is quite clear at this point.  Islam, as it is practiced today by extremists, has nothing to do with love, peace and forgiveness.  The way it is practiced today by extremists says only that Islam is a religion that does not forgive; that does not tolerate criticism; that sees nothing wrong with killing innocent women and children; and a religion that openly and unashamedly preaches murder.  I have no idea what Muslims to trust.  Perhaps there really are some moderate Muslims who can live peacefully with other religions, including Christians and Jews.  But how are we non-Muslims supposed to know what Muslims can live in peace with other religions and what Muslims cannot? This all tells me Islam is a religion to fear.

Note:  I am sure we have all heard about employees either resigning or being fired for their critical comments about Islam.  I am sure we have all heard about critics of Islam being murdered.  I will not apologize for my comments about Islam.  My comments are me expressing how I feel about things, and the way I feel about Muslims the world over screaming for the murder of people, I fear Islam and Muslims.  I will apologize to particular Muslims who state they do not embrace the ideals/behavior of extremists, but can and will live in peace with other religions.  I would like to live in peace with Muslims, but–are they willing to live in peace with me?  I know nothing is all-encompassing.  I cannot say one entire race is evil, because that is not so.  I also cannot say one entire religion is evil, because I don’t believe that is so.  I hope it is not.  I hope there are Muslims with whom we non-Muslims can live in peace and harmony.

I believe there is one god, and no matter what religion one embraces, I believe we just see him differently.  I also believe when we die we will discover He isn’t exactly like any religion says He is.  I believe it is us, we humans, who have corrupted our ideas about the one God.  We need to live in peace together and if we “do unto others as we would have others do unto us“, we can live peacefully together.  If Muslims want me to consider converting to Islam, all they need to do is tell me about Islam and let me decide.  Do not force me, for I will resist any attempt to force me.  Let me decide then live in peace with my decision.

Muslims: Listen–you will not be able to get every human being in the world to convert to Islam.  It is an impossibility.  We all have different ideas about everything.  Instead of murdering people, blowing up buildings and people, and giving the world reasons to despise you, why don’t you try a new approach?  How about trying to entice people to convert to Islam instead of forcing them?  How about showing the world how loving and forgiving Allah is?  Give us reasons to admire you and your religion.  The way you are acting now, you are only giving non-Muslims reasons to hate you.  We can all live together in peace, if you will allow it. What kind of god would tell his followers to murder everyone who follows a different religion?  Is that a loving and forgiving god?  I think not.

Let’s stop this violence and try to live in peace.  Eh?

Recent Stories of the “love, peace, and forgiveness” of Islam:

Islamic terrorists now dressing as women to sneak in and kill innocent people:

al-Qaida’s new “underwear bomb” plot  (May 2012):

(more updates will follow as they become known)

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